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Social Studies & CRE Questions and Answers - Class 7 End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 2

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Study the map of Muluri area and answer the questions 1-7.
map of muluri area

  1. River Mulika flows towards ___
    1. East 
    2. West
    3. South West
    4. South East
  2. The settlement pattern shown in the map is
    1. Nuclear
    2. Linear
    3. Cluster
    4. Sparse
  3. Muruli area is likely to be a
    1. County 
    2. Sub-county
    3. Country
    4. Division
  4. The main economic activity carried out in Muruli area is ____
    1. Quarrying 
    2. Fishing
    3. Lumbering
    4. Trading
  5. The climate to the Western part of Muruli area is ___
    1. Cool and wet
    2. Hot and dry
    3. Hot and wet
    4. Cool and dry
  6. A person found unconsciouos in the shops at Mulika town is likely to be taken where?
    1. Police post
    2. School
    3. Health centre
    4. Post office
  7. What is the distance of the tarmac road approximately.
    1. 12km
    2. 20km
    3. 10km
    4. 27km
  8. Which one of the following is TRUE about Equatorial climate.
    1. It is cold and wet in winter
    2. It has a long dry summer
    3. It is hot and wet throughout
    4. It is cold and wet throughout the year.
  9. Which one of the following lines of latitude is correctly matched with its position?
    1. Arctic circle -66 ½ 0N
    2. Tropic of capricon 23 ½ 0N
    3. Antarctic circle 66 ½ 0N
    4. Tropic of cancer 23 ½ 0S
  10. Which one of the following statements about Africa is NOT TRUE.
    1. Europe is to the North of Africa.
    2. Africa is to the East of Asia
    3. Africa is bordered by two oceans
    4. Mediterranean sea borders Africa.
  11. Rivers Juba, Chari and Shibeli have one thing in common. It is that all
    1. Have their mouths in the India Ocean
    2. Have their sources in Eastern highlands
    3. Have deltas
    4. Are found in dry areas.
  12. Which one of the following plateaus is CORRECTLY matched with the place where it is located?
    1. Lerochi- Samburu
    2. Loriyu – Kajiado
    3. Yatta – Western Kenya
    4. Merti- Turkana
  13. Beaches, sand bars, sandspits and lagoons are features found in which of the following relief regions.
    1. Plateaus 
    2. Highlands
    3. Coastal lowlands
    4. Rift valley
  14. Which one of the following climatic regions is CORRECTLY matched with its conditions.
    1. Desert – hot and dry
    2. Modified tropical climate – hot and wet
    3. Modified equatorial climate of the coast – hot and dry
    4. Modified equatorial climate of the lake basin-
  15. What is the time in Kitale, Kenya on longitude 35ºE when it is 10:00am in Yamoussokro, Code d’ Ivore 5ºE?
    1. 8:00am 
    2. 10:00pm
    3. 12.00 noon
    4. 8:00pm
  16. Areas around the equator receive high temperatures MAINLY because the ____
    1. Area is far from the sun
    2. Sun’s rays reach the area at a right angle.
    3. Area is on a high altitude
    4. Area is affected by warm ocean current.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 17-19.

  1. The part marked XXX is covered by ____vegetation.
    17 auygsuya
    1. Savanna
    2. Rain forest
    3. Bamboo
    4. Health and moorland
  2. What is likely to be the altitude of the region marked YYY.
    1. 2000m
    2. 3500m
    3. 3000m
    4. 1200m
  3. Which of the following communities of Western Africa share a common ancestor with Soninke, Malinke and Mande?
    1. Kwa
    2. Hausa
    3. Bambara
    4. Fulani
  4. Which of the following lakes was not formed as a result of down warping?
    1. Chad 
    2. Victoria
    3. Tana 
    4. Bangweula
  5. Tea is not grown in the coastal lowland of Kenya
    1. Experience low rainfall
    2. Is densely populated
    3. Has high temperatures
    4. Does not have tea factories.
  6. Which one of the following countries in Eastern Africa attained independence after an armed struggle.
    1. Eritrea 
    2. Uganda
    3. Tanzania 
    4. Rwanda
  7. The main tourist attraction in Northern Tanzania is ___
    1. Sandy beaches
    2. Wild animals
    3. Snow-capped mountains
    4. Hot springs of water.
  8. Cocoa in Ghana grows in areas that are __
    1. Cool and wet
    2. Hot and dry
    3. Cool and dry
    4. Hot and humid
  9. The main economic activity of the Tswana people of Botswana.
    1. Livestock keeping
    2. Fishing
    3. Hunting and gathering
    4. Crop farming
  10. The main threat facing the natural forests of the democratic Republic of Congo is _
    1. Frequent drought in the country
    2. Over – exploitation of the forest
    3. Outbreak of fires in the forest
    4. Increase in population of wild animals.
  11. Three of the following statements about river Nile are correct. Which one is NOT?
    1. It loses much of its water through evaporation
    2. It rises from areas of high rainfall
    3. It ends in the sea in an estuary.
    4. It has been dammed to produce hydro-electric power.

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 28-31.
28 aygduia

  1. Which one of the following statements about the area marked T is correct.
    1. It receives less than 250mm of rainfall per year
    2. It experiences high rainfall in winter
    3. It is covered with dense equatorial forests
    4. It experiences cool temperatures throughout the year.
  2. The administrative capital of the country marked S is ____
    1. Lilongwe
    2. Pretoria
    3. Lusaka
    4. Maputo
  3. Which one of the following communities came to Eastern Africa by following the route marked M.
    1. Arabs
    2. Somalia
    3. Ngoni
    4. Swahili
  4. The main economic activity carried out in the shaded area marked A is ___
    1. Cocoa growing
    2. Oil mining
    3. Nomadic pastoralism
    4. Pyrethrum growing
  5. Which one of the following statements about the kings who ruled the Baganda people before colonial rule is TRUE they were ____
    1. Elected by the people
    2. The controllers of trade with neighbouring communities
    3. Appointed by the priests
    4. Leaders of the religion
  6. South Africa is more industrialised than her neighbours in Africa MAINLY because __
    1. There is a large population of white people
    2. There is variety of natural resources
    3. The country receives reliable rainfall
    4. These is abundance of cheap labour
  7. Mohagony and Ebony trees are COMMONLY found in ___
    1. Tropical rainfall 
    2. Savannah vegetation
    3. Mediterranean vegetation
    4. Desert vegetation
  8. Which group of communities consist of Southern Cushites in Eastern Africa only.
    1. Dahalo, Sanye, Sandawe
    2. Rendile, Somali, Gabbra
    3. Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer
    4. Amharans, Tigreans, Falasha
  9. Who among the following early visitor to Eastern Africa was the first to arrive in the region?
    1. Seyyid said
    2. David living stone
    3. Carl peters
    4. Ludwig Kraph
  10. The completion of Aswan highdam in 1970 in Egypt enabled to the country to __
    1. Stop importation of crude oil
    2. Reduce its trade of crude oil
    3. Reduce reliance on hydroelectric power
    4. Grow crops throughout the year.
  11. Below are characteristic of a vegetation zone in Africa.
    1. Plants have small leaves
    2. Trees are scattered.
    3. Trees have long roots
    4. Plants have thick barks and waxy leaves
      The vegetation described above is ___
      1. Equatorial rainforest
      2. Mangrove forest
      3. Mediterranean vegetation
      4. Semi-desert vegetation
    5. The community around a school help in school administration by ___
      1. Punishing pupils who break the school rules
      2. Providing a school with resource persons
      3. Preparing the school routine
      4. Organizing sporting activities
  12. Mombasa experiences higher temperature than Nyeri because it ___
    1. Is at lower altitude
    2. Receives less rainfall
    3. Is next to a large body of water
    4. Is affected by sea breezes
  13. In Kenya, human rights are found in?
    1. Parliament
    2. Constitution
    3. Courts 
    4. Police station
  14. According to the new constitution, Kenya has how many counties?
    1. 47 
    2. 80 
    3. 290 
    4. 210
  15. A change in a section of the constitution is called ___
    1. Deletion
    2. Correction
    3. Remedy
    4. Amendment
  16. Which of the following physical features is found in Cameroon?
    1. Tibesti 
    2. Adamawa
    3. Ras dashan 
    4. Ahaggar
  17. What is the most easterly part of the African continent ?
    1. Cape guardafui
    2. Cape blanco
    3. Cape verde
    4. Strait of Gibrattor
  18. The members of parliament are sworn in by ____
    1. The clerk
    2. The speaker
    3. The attorney general
    4. The chief justice
  19. Bananas are sometimes grown in the same farms with coffee in Uganda because ___
    1. They make the soil more fertile
    2. They provide shade for coffee trees
    3. There is little land for growing crops separately.
    4. They reduce the pests that attack coffee trees.
  20. Which of the following methods is used to mine limestone in Kenya.
    1. Deep shaft method 
    2. Panning
    3. Dredging
    4. Open cast method
  21. Sugarcane in Sudan is grown in a large scheme known as ___
    1. Gezira 
    2. Delta
    3. Kenana
    4. Managil extension
  22. Both traditional Buganda and old Ghana Kingdoms were headed by?
    1. An elective king
    2. Powerful chiefs
    3. Powerful prime minister
    4. Hereditary kings
  23. Which one of the following roads connects Mombasa to Lagos in Nigeria.
    1. Trans Saharan highway
    2. Great North road
    3. Gotonou-Gao-oudja highway
    4. Trans African highway.
  24. The Greenwich meridian passes through all the following countries EXCEPT __
    1. Burkina Faso 
    2. Mali
    3. Egypt 
    4. Ghana
  25. Which one of the following institutions makes laws concerning the affairs of the counties in Kenya.
    1. National assembly 
    2. Senate
    3. Judiciary
    4. Cabinet
  26. The head of the judicial arm of the government is ____
    1. Deputy president
    2. Attorney General
    3. Speaker
    4. Chief justice
  27. Which one of the following colours of the National flag symbolizes peace?
    1. White
    2. Red
    3. Black 
    4. Green
  28. Which one of the following communities is NOT found in Central Africa.
    1. Nyanja
    2. Baluba
    3. Xhosa 
    4. Balunda
  29. Which one of the following is the MAIN crop grown at Perkerra irrigation scheme in Baringo.
    1. Water melons 
    2. Maize
    3. Rice 
    4. Onions
  30. The BEST weather to thresh millet is when it is ___
    1. Sunny and windy
    2. Cloudy and calm
    3. Rainy and windy
    4. Sunny and calm
  31. A person born in Kenya becomes a Kenyan citizen through ____
    1. registration 
    2. naturalization
    3. decent 
    4. adoption
  32. Which one of the following is NOT one of the functions of Nairobi city.
    1. Educational centre
    2. Administrative centre
    3. Sea port
    4. Tourist centre


  1. The main lesson Christians learn from book of Genesis chapter ONE is _____
    1. Human being were created in image of God.
    2. God is the creator of the universe
    3. Man was created to control the earth
    4. Man is the most important creation of God
  2. The fall of man led to the following punishment except.
    1. Crawl on your belly .
    2. Work hard all your life .
    3. Be a homeless wanderer.
    4. Increase pain in giving birth.
  3. Who among the following committed both murder and adultery.
    1. David
    2. Saul
    3. Ahab
    4. Samuel
  4. During the Passover, all the following items were used by the Israelites except.
    1. Wine
    2. Unleavened bread
    3. Roast meat
    4. Bitter harbs.
  5. Joseph became a governor in Egypt mainly because?
    1. He was a great dreamer.
    2. He humbled before Pharaoh
    3. He believed in God
    4. The king Pharaoh loved him.
  6. The main virtue that the children of Israel were required to have during their last night in Egypt.
    1. Patience 
    2. Obedience
    3. Holiness
    4. Tolerance
  7. The main reason prophet Elijah challenged the prophet of Baal at Mt. Carmel was ___
    1. To prove that Yahweh is the true God.
    2. To thank God for the rain.
    3. To provide feast for the Israelities
    4. To reach the agreement with king Ahab.
  8. Which Judge of Israel was led by the spirit to defeat the midianites.
    1. Samson
    2. Joshua
    3. Japheth
    4. Gideon
  9. Who among the following person drank wine and exposed his nakedness.
    1. Solomon
    2. Noah
    3. Samson
    4. David
  10. Who prophesized that the prince of peace will give sight to the blind.
    1. Micah
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Isaiah
    4. Zachariah
  11. How did Mary the mother of Jesus know about the birth of John the Baptist.
    1. Angel Gabriel told her.
    2. The Angel told Zachariah in the temple
    3. The Holy spirit revealed to her
    4. She was informed in a dream.
  12. One of the following books of the Bible was written by Paul the Apostle. Which one is it?
    1. Philemon
    2. Romans
    3. Thesselonians
    4. Jude
  13. Which of the following parables of Jesus encourages Christians to bring members back to church?
    1. The parable of the sower
    2. The parable of the mustard seed
    3. The lost sheep
    4. The rich man and Lazarus
  14. What do Christians learn from the temptation of Jesus?
    1. The devil is a liar
    2. They should do the will of God.
    3. They should pray when tempted.
    4. God is powerful.
    5. Complete the beatitude;
  15. “Happy are the peace mkers for they shall…….”
    1.  Be satisfied fully
    2. Be comforted
    3. Be called children of God
    4. See God.
  16. The following are miracles performed by Jesus. Which one was also performed by Peter?
    1.  Walking on the sea.
    2. Healing of the lepers.
    3. Multiplying fish and bread.
    4. Calming the storm.
  17. Who among the following is a prophet was sent by God to warn King Ahab when he killed Naboth?
    1. Elijah
    2. Nathan
    3. Samuel
    4. Elisha
  18. Who among the following were gifted in all forms of artistic work?
    1. Apollos and Ohaliab
    2. Ohaliab and Timothy
    3. Bezalel and Ohaliab
    4. Silas and Pul
  19. Who among the following anointed Solomon?
    1. Prophet Elijah .
    2. Prophet Elisha.
    3. Prophet Samuel.
    4. Prophet Nathan.
  20. Moses was refugee in the land of ?
    1. Median
    2. Israel
    3. Canaan
    4. Eyypt.
  21. How many days did Jesus lived after resurrection?
    1. 30 days
    2. 40 days
    3. 7 days
    4. 10 days
  22. Who among the following is a laity?
    1. Priest 
    2. Pastors
    3. Bishops
    4. Ushers
  23. Three of the following are gifts of the Holly spirit except one. Which one is it?
    1. Healing
    2. knowledge
    3. faithfulness
    4. faith
  24. The MAIN reason why Christians respect leaders is that?
    1. They are Gods servants
    2. They are here to give services
    3. They have a lot of money
    4. They are chosen or elected by themselves.
  25. Which of the following practices in traditional African communities is similar to baptism?
    1. Birth
    2. libation
    3. marriage
    4. initiation
  26. Who among the following prophets described Jesus as a light of the Gentiles?
    1. Isaiah 
    2. Simeon
    3. Ezekiel
    4. Jeremiah
  27. The best way to spend our leisure time as Christians is by?
    1. Playing games
    2. Visiting the sick
    3. Visiting our friends
    4. Listening to Christians music
  28.  Marion has joined a new school in class seven. Seh tells her mother that she fears going out for break. Her mother should advise her to?
    1. Overcome her fear
    2. Play in the classroom alone
    3. Stay with her class teacher to overcome the fear
    4. Go home for break.
  29. Your deskmate trusts you and tells you that she is HIV positive and seeks your advise. As a Christian, what should you do?
    1. Tell the class teacher .
    2. Advise her to see the doctor.
    3. Advise her to leave school.
    4. Announce to the class to take care.
  30. The main reason why missionaries came to Africa was because?
    1. They were responding to the greatest mission
    2. They introduce their reading culture
    3. They wanted to develop their culture
    4. They were ready to build schools and hospitals.


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