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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 1 2022

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  1. Which one of the following pairs of diseases is correctly matched with the time of immunization?
      Six weeks Nine months
    Polio tetenus
    B Measles tuberculosis
    C Diptheria pertusis
    D pertusis  yellow fever
  2. Which one of the following components of blood is attacked by HIV?
    1. Red blood cells.
    2. White blood cells.
    3. Platelets.
    4. Plasma.
  3. Which one of the following is a compound fertilizer?
    1. Mono Ammonium Phosphate
    2. Triple super phosphate
    3. Sulphate of Ammonia
    4. Muriate of potash
  4. The importance of fibre in the human diet is to
    1. digestion of food
    2. absorption of nutrients
    3. absorption of water
    4. movement of food
  5. It is true to say that all reptiles
    1. Arecold blooded invetrbrates
    2. Lay fertilised eggs in water
    3. Have scales on their bodies
    4. Lay unfertilized eggs in sand
  6. All the following are safety measures when handling current electricity.
    Which one is not?
    1. Do not touch switches with wet hands
    2. Fitting lightning arrestors on tall buildings
    3. Do not overload sockets
    4. Do not insert sticks ,wires and other materials in sockets.
  7. The rate at which water drains in the soil is mainly determined by
    1. volume of the soil.
    2. size of the soil particles.
    3. humus content in the soil.
    4. air content in the soil.
  8. Which one of the following is a social effect of drug abuse ?
    1. Addiction
    2. Truancy
    3. Withdrawal
    4. Fits
  9. Which one of the following methods will mainly conserve soil moisture and add nutrients after rotting?
    1. strip cropping
    2. Terracing
    3. Mulching
    4. Gabions
  10. Pupils set up an experiment as shown in the diagram below.
    Which one of the following was a correct observation from the experiment?
    1. Water level in the trough increased.
    2. Candle flame brightened.
    3. Water level in the glass jar increased.
    4. Colour of the water changed.
  11. A sample of soil was mixed with water in a transparent container, shaken and then allowed to settle.This was to investigate
    1. Drainage
    2. Capillarity
    3. Composition
    4. Fertility
  12. The following are signs and symptoms of certain diseases:
    1. fever.
    2. severe headache.
    3. violent diarrhoea
    4. severe dehydration.
    5. vomiting.

    Which are for cholera?
    1. (i) and (ii).
    2. (ii) and (iii).
    3. (iii) and (iv).
    4. none
  13. The commonly abused drug in Kenya is?
    1. Tobacco
    2. Glue
    3. Alcohol
    4. Khat
  14. The following are misconceptions about hiv/aids except?
    1. Hiv and aids is a curse.
    2. Sex with a young girl cures hiv aids.
    3. All thin people have aids.
    4. Hiv and aids has no cure
  15. The following are processes that take place in fertization of plants
    Germination of pollen tube
    Pollen tube breaks
    The process that is second is?
    1. Pollination
    2. Fusion
    3. Pollen tube breaks
    4. Germination of pollen tube
  16. Below is an illustration of a food chain.
    Plant —> Antelope —> Lion —> Vulture
    Primary consumers are represented by
    1. plants.
    2. antelope.
    3. lion.
    4. vulture.
  17. While breathing in , the
    1. Diaphragm flattens
    2. Volume of the chest decrease
    3. Diaphgram become dome shaped
    4. Lungs contract
  18. Which one of the following occurs in both adolesence boys and girls
    1. Production of sex cells
    2. Hips broaden.
    3. Voice breaks.
    4. Enlargement of breasts.
  19. When the tail of the a windvane points to the East,the wind must be blowing from?
    1. .East to west
    2. West to east
    3. North to south
    4. South to North
  20. Which one of the following characteristics can be used to identify molars?
    1. one root and chisel shape .
    2. cusps and ridges
    3. one root and cusps
    4. ridges and chisel shape.
  21. The following can be seperated using a magnet ecxept
    1. Iron fillings and office pins
    2. Staple pins and sand
    3. Iron fillings and flour
    4. Iron fillings and copper pieces
  22. Which property of clay soil lead to flooding in a flat land?
    1. Stickness
    2. Fine texture
    3. Poor drainage
    4. High capillarity
  23. Sound moves slowest in ?
    1. Solids
    2. Vacuum
    3. Liquids
    4. Gases
  24. Carbon dioxide during blood circulation is removed from the blood stream in the
    1. Lungs
    2. Left ventricle
    3. Right auricle
    4. Aorta

      The diagram below represents a female reproductive system
  25. Which one of the parts labelled p,q,r and s is correctly matched to its function
      Part Function
    Q site for fertilization
    R site for implantation
    C S egg formation
    • ovulation 
  26. Which part does fertilization take place
    1. Q
    2. R
    3. S
    4. P
  27. Which pair of materials below float because of material they are made of?
    1. Sufuria and bottle
    2. Plasticine and wood
    3. Wood and wax
    4. Wax and sufuria
  28. The best procedure of seperating mixture of salt ,maize flour,and maize husks is
    1. Filtering-sieving-evaporating
    2. Dissolving- filtering-sieving-evaporating
    3. Winnowing-dissolving-filtering-evaporating
    4. Sieving-dissolving-filtering-evaporating
  29. The following are methods of maintaining simple tools:
    1. Cleaning after use
    2. Proper storage
    3. Sharpening cutting edges
    4. Proper use of tools.

    Which pair consists only of methods for safety from accidents?
    1. (ii) and (iv).
    2. (i) and (iv).
    3. (ii) and (iii).
    4. (i) and (iii).
  30. When a force equal to the force of a moving object is applied in the opposite direction,the moving object will
    1. Continue moving
    2. Move backwards
    3. Stop
    4. Decrease the speed
  31. Which property of light leads to the formation of a shadow
    1. Dispersion of light
    2. Light travels in a straight line
    3. Reflection of light
    4. Refraction of light
  32. A component of air used for germination is also required for
    1. burning substances.
    2. preserving soft drinks.
    3. making proteins.
    4. making electric bulbs.
  33. Which one of the following has definite shape,size and mass
    1. Clay, water, nitrogen
    2. Glue,toothpaste,spirit
    3. Stone,oil,water vapour
    4. Flour,chalkdust,cement
  34. Which of the following organs in the human body both produce sex cells?
    1. Testis and penis
    2. Ovary and uterus
    3. Ovary and testis
    4. Penis and vagina
  35. Which one of the following parts of a passion plant is modified to climbing
    1. Branch
    2. stem
    3. leaves
    4. Bud
  36. Which one of the following consists of foods that are mainly for body building?
    1. beef, cassava, potatoes.
    2. mutton, maize, pawpaw.
    3. peas, beans, eggs.
    4. carrots, bananas, tomatoes.
  37. Which one of the following is a storage pest
    1. Aphid
    2. white ant
    3. cutworm
    4. Weaverbird
  38. Which of the plants has root nodules
    1. Maize and potatoes
    2. cabbages and millet
    3. Groundnuts and and pea
    4. Tomatoes and beans
  39. Which one of the following components of blood is correctly matched with its function?
      Blood component Function
    A Red blood cells clotting of blood
    B White blood cells transport oxygen.
    C Platelets fight germs.
    D Plasma transport food.
  40. Which one of the following is advisable when spraying chemicals
    1. Spraying when the temperatures are high
    2. Wearing a gas mask when spraying
    3. spraying against the direction of wind
    4. Wash hands before spraying
  41. The method of grazing that would require the largest piece of land to practice is
    1. herding
    2. stall feeding
    3. tethering
    4. paddocking.
  42. The following are reasons for placing a tap near the bottom of a tank except
    1. to let all water out
    2. increase pressure
    3. making water flow faster
    4. Making gravitational force act on water
  43. Which one of the following statements is not true about commercial feeds?
    1. some are given as the only feeds
    2. they are mainly given to increase production
    3. they are mainly given for protection against diseases
    4. some are given together with other feeds
  44. Which one of the following is a safety measure against lightning when it is raining?
    1. Leaning against walls.
    2. Walking on open areas.
    3. Wearing rubber shoes.
    4. Using an umbrella.
  45. The diagram below represents a set up that can be used to investigate good and poor conductors of electricity?
    Which one of the following materials when used to connect wires at point S would make the bulb not light?
    1. Pencil.
    2. Aluminium foil.
    3. Steel wool.
    4. Rubber band.
  46. Coccaine and bhang share all the following except
    1. Causes depression
    2. Causes hallucinnations
    3. Are all narcotics
    4. Cause addiction
  47. The reasons we are not able to see the stars during the day is
    1. A. they switch off during the day
    2. the sun is too bright
    3. they are never present in the sky
    4. they do not produce their own light
  48. The following are some characteristics of soil:
    1. fine particles.
    2. cracks when dry.
    3. poor drainage.
    4. good capillarity.

    The characteristics are for
    1. loam soil
    2. loam and sand soil
    3. sand soil
    4. clay soil.
  49. Which one of the following soil conservation measures is best suitable on a nursery bed?
    1. Terracing.
    2. Mulching.
    3. Tree planting.
    4. Contour farming.
  50. A farmer practicing stall feeding is not likely to feed animals on
    1. pasture and fodder
    2. pasture
    3. fodder 
    4. concentrates .

Marking Scheme

  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. C
  11. C
  12. C
  13. C
  14. D
  15. D
  16. B
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. B
  21. A
  22. C
  23. D
  24. A
  25. B
  26. D
  27. C
  28. D
  29. A
  30. C
  31. B
  32. A
  33. D
  34. C
  35. B
  36. C
  37. B
  38. C
  39. D
  40. B
  41. A
  42. D
  43. C
  44. C
  45. D
  46. A
  47. B
  48. D
  49. B
  50. B
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