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Energy - class 8 science revision notes

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Energy Transformation.

The law of energy conservation statesthat, energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed to other forms of energy.

Forms of energy   Sources
Potential energy (stored) Possessed by objects at rest.
Found in fuels, dammed, water, elastic rubber.
Kinetic energy (motion) Possessed by moving objects.
Found in running water, wind, moving stone, moving car etc.
Chemical energy Found in chemicals, fuels, food, car battery, dry cells, candlewax and all fuels
Heat energy Main source is sun.
Other sources include; friction, burning fuels, electricity and food.
Light energy Main source is sun.
Other sources include; stars, electricity, lamps et
Magnet energy Found in magnets, loadstones and electromagnet
Sound Energy Produced when objects vibrates.
Sources include; pianos, guitas, drums etc
Mechanical energy Produced as a result of potential energy and kinetic energy.
Examples include; rotating turbines, hammer stricking a gong, between a bicycle and road
Elastic potential Found in streched rubber band or compressed spring.


Energy Conservation.

Energy conservation means protecting, preserving, restoring and managing energy resources.

Ways of Conserving of Energy.

  1. Using energy sparingly by:
    1. Switching bulbs off when not needed.
    2. Using public transport instead of private vehicle.
    3. Using bicycles or walking for short distance.
    4. Using vehicles with low fuel consumption.
    5. Using thermosflask and hot pots to keep food hot.
    6. Using energy saving bulbs.
  2. Using energy efficient devices.
    1. Modern jiko/improvised jiko
    2. Clay cookers.
  3. Using renewable forms of energy.
    Renewable forms of energy refers to forms that are inexhaustible like wind, water, sunlight, food, biogas and forests.
    Non-renewable sources of energy are those that can get exhausted when use like petrol, diesel, kerosene, natural gas

Advantages of Renewable Energy.

  • Are cheap.
  • Do not pollute the environment.
  • Help to conserve non renewable forms of energy.
  • Readily available and in abundance.
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