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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. The function of the pancreas in the digestive system is to
    1. absorb fats and oils. 
    2. allow passage of food. 
    3. secrete digestive juice.
    4. digest protein.
  2. Which of the following parts of the reproductive system nourish the foetus?
    1. Umbilical cord.
    2. Amniotic fluid 
    3. Birth canal.
    4. Placenta.
  3. During the second stage of HIV and AIDS infection, a person will show
    1. signs and symptoms but test, negative.
    2. no signs and symptoms but test negative.
    3. signs and symptoms and-test positive.
    4. no signs and symptoms but test positive.
  4. Which of the following diseases are both communicable and immunizable?
    1. Malaria and Bilharzia
    2. Tuberculosis and Typhoid
    3. Hepatitis A and Yellow fever
    4. Tetanus and Whooping cough.
  5. Which of the following planets is between Saturn and Neptune?
    1. Jupiter
    2. Uranus
    3. Mars
    4. Venus
  6. Which one of the following pests causes damage of roots?
    1. Cutworms
    2. Aphids
    3. Mole
    4. Weaver birds
  7. The diagram below represents an improvised weather instrument.
    7 adada
    When the temperature increases, the coloured water will
    1. drop in the straw.
    2. contract in the bottle.
    3. make the straw expand.
    4. rise in the straw.
  8. The following are adaptation of plants to its habitat.
    1. Flexible hair- like stem.
    2. Fleshly stem.
    3. Widely spread root system.
    4. Sunken stomata.
    5. Presence of air sacs.
      Which of the adaptations are found in plants in places with adequate water supply?
      1. (iii) and (ii)
      2. (i) and (v)
      3. (ii) and (iv)
      4. (i) and (iv)
  9. Which of the following is a sign of ill health in livestock?
    1. Reduced yield.
    2. Robust growth.
    3. Lower quality of products.
    4. Transmit disease to the consumer.
  10. Which one of the following pairs of animals have carnassial teeth?
    1. Crocodile and hippopotamus
    2. Dog and whale
    3. Cheetah and gorilla
    4. Lion and hyena
  11. Which of the following activities lead to contamination of air?
    1. Releasing untreated sewage into water.
    2. Uncontrolled use of farm chemicals.
    3. Smell from rotting kitchen refuse.
    4. Burning of vegetation in the farm.
  12. In which one of the following activities is water not used in the farm?
    1. Mixing chemicals.
    2. Washing farm implements.
    3. Making fountains.
    4. Watering crops.
  13. Which one of the following methods of maintaining simple tools is only done on metallic tools?
    1. Cleaning after use.
    2. Repairing when broken.
    3. Oiling and sharpening
    4. Proper storage.
  14. The diagram below represent a simple beam balance.
    14 sdada
    The instrument is used in
    1. measuring forces in objects. 
    2. comparing weight of objects. 
    3. measuring mass of objects.
    4. comparing quantity of matter in a substance.
  15. In which one of the following are the uses of the components of air that make 21% and 0.97% correctly
      21% 0.97% 
    A Support germination of seeds  Making bulbs
    B Making food in plants Help in breathing
    C Used in fire extinguisher Germination of seeds
    D Preserve soft drinks Make protein in plants
  16. Which one of the following liquids forms a uniform layer when mixed?
    1. Cooking oil and spirit.
    2. Milk and ink.
    3. Oil and water.
    4. Diesel and methylated spirit.
  17. Which one of the following pairs consists only of substance that have definite volume and no definite size?
    1. Water and kerosene. 
    2. Ice and sawdust.
    3. Water vapour and oxygen.
    4. Milk and stone.
  18. Which one of the following is not a safety measure against electricity?
    1. Do not put objects in sockets.
    2. Avoid sheltering under trees. 
    3. Avoid touching switches with wet hands.
    4. Do not overload sockets.
  19. Which of the following list consists of sources of energy giving foods?
    1. Termites, eggs, milk.
    2. Carrot, apple, pawpaw
    3. Avocado, beans, arrowroots.
    4. Honey, yams, cassava!
  20. During a science lesson, pupils collected the following materials.
    1. Basin
    2. Water
    3. White manilla paper
    4. Mirror.
      The aspect of light likely to be demonstrated was
      1. Refraction of light.
      2. How light travels.
      3. Making of a rainbow.
      4. Reflection of light.
  21. The set-up below was used to investigate heat transfer in solids.
    21 adada
    The pin drops after sometime due to
    1. conduction only.
    2. convection and conduction.
    3. convection only.
    4. radiation and conduction.
  22. Which of the following deficiency diseases are caused by lack of minerals in the diet?
    1. Marasmus and kwashiorkor.
    2. Rickets and anaemia.
    3. Anaemia and marasmus.
    4. Kwashiorkor and rickets.
  23. The main reason why expectant mothers should cat food rich in iron is to help in
    1. development of factus bones and teeth.
    2. formation of the child's blood.
    3. replacing the blood lost during delivery.
    4. development of the foetus brain.
  24. All living components of the environment directly depend on
    1. water and air
    2. water only
    3. soil and water
    4. air only.
  25. Which of the following practices will effectively control the spread of whooping cough?
    1. Proper hygiene.
    2. Wearing mask in crowded places.
    3. Administering vaccination.
    4. Regular washing of hands with soap.
  26. Which of the following statements is not true about plasma?
    1. Transport digested food. 
    2. Transport body hormones. 
    3. It is the liquid part of blood. 
    4. Transport oxygen in all parts of the body.
  27. Which of the following diseases is, correctly matched by the jime on immunization?
      14 weeks  10 weeks
    A Tuberculosis Polio
    B Yellow fever Tetanus
    C Pertassis Polio
    D Measles Diphtheria
  28. The clouds that indicate heavy rain falling soon also
    1. cover the whole sky.
    2. appear white in colour.
    3. appear like bundle of cotton wool.
    4. indicate fine weather.
  29. In a food chain, green plants are the
    1. primary consumers.
    2. secondary consumers.
    3. tertiary consumers.
    4. primary producers.
  30. The chart below shows a simple classification of plants.
    30 sfsfs
    Which of the following plants represents Y and X respectively?
    1. Pawpaw and sisal.
    2. Moss and Algae.
    3. Cypress and maize.
    4. Mushroom and cedar.
  31. Which one of the following characteristics is not common to sli animals? They 
    1. give birth.
    2. move from place to place.
    3. die.
    4. react to environmental changes.
  32. The method of grazing that uses permanent structures is
    1. stall feeding
    2. tethering
    3. herding
    4. paddocking
  33. Which of the following pairs levers have fulcrum between the load and effort?
    1. Wheelbarrow and spade.
    2. Claw hammer and crowbar. 
    3. Spade and claw hammer.
    4. Wheelbarrow and crowbar.
  34. Which of the following activities increase force that opposes motion? 
    1. Greasing moving parts. 
    2. Streamlining bodies.
    3. Making the surface smooth.
    4. Treading tyres.
  35.  Which of the following pairs of materials consist of sinkers only?
    1. Pegs and feathers.
    2. Pins and candle wax.
    3. Cork and bottle tops.
    4. Needles and chalks.
  36. The diagram below represents a set up that is used to investigate a certain aspect of light.
    36 adada
    The pipe shown above should be made of
    1. manilla paper
    2. plastic material
    3. metallic sheet
    4. strong wire.
  37. In an experiment to investigate a certain component of soil, a sample of garden soil was put in a clear basin and added some water. It was then shaken well and allowed to settle. The component of soil investigated was
    1. air
    2. mineral particles
    3. humus
    4. water
  38. The main function of the hairs and mucus found in the trachea is to
    1. keep it open.
    2. absorb the air.
    3. clean the air.
    4. direct the air to the bronchus.
  39. Which one of the following physica! changes in boys and girls during adolescence is correctly matched?
      Girls  Boys 
    increase in height Breaking of voice
    B Wet dreams Hips broaden
    Breaking of voice menstarl flow
    Beards grow Increase in weight
  40. Which of the following statements is true about commercial feeds?
    1. Given only to animals under zero grazing.
    2. Contain a lot of fibre.
    3. Given only when there is no other feeds.
    4. Increase rate of production in animals.
  41.  The following signs and symptoms were observed in a patient:
    1. Skin rashes.
    2. Diarrhoea.
    3. Blood in stool.
    4. Abdominal pains.
      The patient is likely to be suffering from
      1. cholera
      2. bilharzia
      3. typhoid
      4. malaria
  42. The soil that is easily water logged also
    1. has fine particles.
    2. has rough texture.
    3. contains a lot of humus.
    4. has best drainage.
  43. Which one of the following statements describes proper use of medicines?
    1. Medicine that remains should be destroyed.
    2. Always complete the dosage given.
    3. Always store medicine in a dry place.
    4. Store medicines in lockable cupboards.
  44. Which one of the following is not a function of roots in plants?
    1. Storing of food in some plants.
    2. Absorption of mineral salts
    3. Making food for the plants.
    4. Supporting the plants.
  45. The diagram below represents a certain type of human tooth.
    45 sfsfs
    Which statement is true about the tooth drawn?
    1. They are the last to be shed.
    2. It is used for tearing.
    3. They are twelve in an adult.
    4. They are four in each jaw.
  46. Which one of the following pairs of plants nutrients are described as macronutrients?
    1. Zinc and sulphur.
    2. Nitrogen and phosphorous
    3. Boron and copper.
    4. Manganese and potassium.
  47. The purpose of using salt in food preservation is to
    1. remove water.
    2. inactivate micro-organisms.
    3. lower the temperature.
    4. keep off air and bacteria.
  48. The best procedure of separating a mixture of maize flour and salt is
    1. dissolving → filtering → evaporating.
    2. sieving → dissolving → evaporating
    3. winnowing → decanting → evaporating.
    4. decanting → filtering → evaporating.
  49. Which one of the following is not a reason for lighting a house? To
    1. see clearly.
    2. discourage pests.
    3. avoid accidents.
    4. warm the house.
  50. Which one of the following is not a common characteristic between a gecko and a salamander?
    1. Their young ones feed for themselves.
    2. They breath through lungs.
    3. They lay fertilized eggs.
    4. They have varying body temperature


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