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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 2



The teacher greets the learner (learner responds). The teacher asks the learner to sit.
The teacher tells the learner:
"Listen carefully to the passage that I am going to read, then you will answer in English the questions I am going to ask you."

Mariana is a Grade six girl. Every time they do a test, she fails terribly. Whenever the results are read to them, she feels ashamed. This has made her think of dropping out of school. Back at home, her guardian is not happy with her because of her performance in school. The guardian calls her names. This makes

Mariana feel like running away from home. However, Mariana's PE teacher noticed her prowess in gymnastics. Now, the only hope Mariana has is the comfort from the PE teacher. Every time exams approach, Mariana goes to her PE teacher who encourages her. (Teacher repeats)

  1.  What can the teachers do to save Mariana from the shame? (Learner responds)
  2. What is the role of Mariana's friends regarding her situation? (Learner responds)
  3. How best can Mariana's guardian be corrected? (Learner responds)
  4. How important is Mariana's PE teacher in her (Mariana's) academic journey? (Learner responds)
  5. What is the moral lesson behind this passage? (Learner responds)

The teacher points the passage and says:
"I would like you to read this passage aloud."

Different families lived in Nyayo estate. They were all hardworkers who believed in barely nothing but hard work which, according to them, was the main
source of success. Nevertheless, they all worked hard to keep their surroundings clean and neat. They were organized in such a way that they took turns to keep their environment clean. There were times that water was scarce. During such times, women were encouraged to re-use their dirty water for cleaning latrines and toilets.

The tall grass was always trimmed and collected in dustbins and later burnt. They also ensured proper drainage. Water flowed smoothly without any stagnation.

Families prepared a duty roster which was to be followed by every family member. This ensured that tall grass was cut to keep away dangerous animals and latrines and toilets were scrubbed clean. The community was clean throughout.




Read the following passages and then answer the questions in the spaces provided

  1.  The Zebra and The Deer
    Once, there lived a zebra staying with a deer and its three young ones. Both the zebra and the deer were fast animals. They could run faster than any lion or leopard in that forest. It hid its young ones in tall grass when they were young, As they grew big, the grass could not hide them. They started grazing with other animals but they were very lazy in running. One day, a lion came and started chasing the animals for food. The deer and the zebra ran very fast and the young ones were left behind. The lion chased the biggest deer but told the young zebras that he would eat them when they will have enough meat for him. They tried hard to hide in the grass. The lion did not catch the deer. The young zebras were never lazy again.

    1. Which animals could not run very fast?
    2. Why couldn't the grass be the best hiding place any more?
    3. Why do you think the lion was chasing the animals?
    4. Describe the lion's feelings towards the young zebras.
    5. Why did the young zebras decide to never be lazy cyduin?
    Munyao used to climb mountains better than any mountaineer he knew. One day, he was happily climbing a mountain using some ropes rather late in the afternoon. Then the unexpected happened. He slipped, fell and started rolling down the mountain. Before long, another unexpected thing happened. His rope got caught by something and poor Munyao was left hanging loosely on the mountain side. "Help! Help!" He shouted, looking at the big rock above him. 'Cut the rope! Cut the rope!" He heard someone shout from a distance. Munyao thought he was dreaming. Looking down, the floor was just two metres below. He cut the rope and landed safely.

    1. What did Munyao use to climb the mountain?
    2. What was the first unexpected thing to happen to Munyao?
    3. Who Ehouted at Munyao to cut the rope?
    4. What does the writer mean by Lcfore long?
    5. Describe Munyao in your own words.
    Hippos live along the shores of lakes, in pools, in deep wide rivers or swampy lakes. Late in the evening, at night or at dawn, they are seen for they searching for grass. There is a limit to the distance they can go must get back to the water before daybreak. They cannot graze in the forest for there is hardly any grass. They seem to believe that their safety is in the water.
    Most of the hippos grazing grounds have no enough grass. This is because of domestic animals and other wild animals like buffaloes, elephants and antelopes which compete for the same food. The grounds become bare through overgrazing. This results in starvation for the hippos and other animals as well. This is the reason why they turn to destroy people's crops in nearby forms.

    1. According to the passage, where do hippos live?
    2. Why don't the hippos graze far from the water?
    3. Why are areas around the shores lacking enough grass?
    4. What causes starvation to hippos?
    5. Why can't the hippos graze in the forest

Use the correct demonstrative determiner to complete the statements.

  1. ______________________one seated there was the lady whose laptop was missing.
  2. "___________________ are not my type of shoes," said Wakanda.
  3. _______________ is my smallest finger.

Fill in the blank spaces using the correct collective nouns.

  1. We saw a ______________ of lions in Wanyama game reserve.
  2. Mr. Mundia's ___________ of  keys is missing.
  3. Wayua brought me a _____________ of flowers for my birthday.

Use "to" or "for" correctly

  1. The basket is too heavy ____________ Masese to lift
  2. The apple was too sweet ___________ be thrown away.
  3. The porridge is too hot ______________ the baby to eat.

State the type of adverb underlined.

  1. It mostly rains in April and December. ______________________
  2. The lizard hid inside the hole when it saw the cat. _________________
  3. We shall meet the visitors later in the evening.___________________

Use the correct interrogative in each sentence.
When    Who    How     

  1. _______________ was the last time you visited your grandparents?
  2. _______________did you do the sum that quickly?
  3. _______________ was the first president of Kenya?

Re-write the following sentences in plural.

  1. The room was furnished with new furniture.
  2. I shall take care of my bedding.
  3. The luggage was too heavy for her to carry.
  4. A slasher is a farm equipment.
  5. I have a nice pair of goggles.

    Write the short forms of the underlined words.
  6. The lion said that he would be the king of the jungle.
  7. Kanini, "I am going to buy a new smart phone!"
  8. You will not be able to travel with the ticket.
  9. I will also make my kitchen garden at home.
  10. Had I seen him drown, I ivould have helped. him.



The following is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your own words making it as interesting as possible.
I arrived earlier than everybody else in school because I was very excited about joining a new class. The gate was wide open but all the classrooms were locked. Then....

Marking Scheme

Section A
Task 1: Listening and Speaking

1-5 - Student should answer approriately

Task 2
Learner should be able to ready a loud

Task 3

  1. Young Zebra
  2. Young zebras grew
  3. For food
  4. Learn to describe
  5. So as to not be caught by predators
  6. Ropes
  7. He slipped, fell and rolled
  8. Soemone
  9. Suddenly
  10. Learner should be able to describe
  11. aloong lakes, in pools and rivers
  12. They must get to water before daybreak
  13. Grass has been eaten by other animals
  14. Lack of grass
  15. There is hardly any grass

Task 4

  1. That
  2. Those
  3. this
  4. Pride
  5. bunch
  6. bouquet
  7. For
  8. to
  9. for
  10. frequency
  11. place
  12. time
  13. when
  14. how
  15. who
  16. The rooms were furnished with new furniture
  17. We shall take care of our beddings
  18. The luggage was too heavy for them to carry
  19. Slashers are farm equipment
  20. We have nice pairs of goggles
  21. he'd
  22. I'm
  23. won't
  24. I'll
  25. I'd

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