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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 2 Exams 2022 Set 2

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Read the following conversation and then answer questions 1 to 3.

Kadzo: Hello Katana. How was the competition? Mkala told me that you met your match.

Katana: Hello Kadzo. Yeah, Mkala is right. I used to think I am the best runner in this county until I met one Kobole from Makongeni.

Kadzo: Well, I think Mr. Maloba will have to do something extra in his coaching, else, it may get stiffer and stiffer.

Katana: We have time. The best thing is that I was the second after Kobole. The first three are to represent the region nationally.

Kadzo: I wish you all the best as you plan to train for the same. I shall encourage Mr. Maloba to try new coaching methods on you.

Katana: Thank you so much Kadzo. I am looking forward to emerging the best nationally.

  1. Possibly, which sports activity did Katana take part in?
    1. Javelin
    2. Athletics
    3. Shotput
    4. Kabaddi
  2. According to this conversation, who is Mr. Maloba?
    1. An athlete 
    2. A trainee
    3. A teacher
    4. A coach
  3. Which one of the following describes Katana's character? 
    1. Accepts defeat and plans to be better. 
    2. Stubborn and never allows competition.
    3. Lazy and plans to practise more and more.
    4. Hardworking but never plans to better himself.
  4. From this conversation, it is true to say that the competition was 
    1. easy. 
    2. stiff. 
    3. noble.
    4. hard.
  5. Who was the first runner-up? 
    1. Kobole. 
    2. Katana.
    3. Kadzo. 
    4. We are not told. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 6 to 2.
The schools were closed and everyone else was at home. One Monday morning, we were going to our farm with my two siblings. On our way, we came by a crowd of people by the road very busy watching something we did not know. Immediately we saw them. we ran as fast as our thin legs could carry us so as to see what was going on.
On reaching that spot, we were astonished to find out that on the ground, lay a young man who was badly beaten by an angry mob. My youngest sister could not hold back her curiosity "What happened to him?" She asked one old woman.
"The young man snatched one lady's handbag and in the process of running away with it, an angry mob caught up with him and did all this to him," the old woman explained.

  1. When they saw the crowd, what did the writer and her siblings do? They
    1. decided to run away. 
    2. did not do anything. 
    3. went their way. 
    4. went and saw what had happened.
  2. How many children were going to the farm?
    1. Two
    2. Four
    3. Three
    4. One
  3. Who narrated the story to the writer's youngest sister? 
    1. The young man.
    2. An old woman. 
    3. The angry crowd.
    4. Her elder brother.
  4. The young man who was lying down was 
    1. dead. 
    2. crying. 
    3. injured. 
    4. stealing. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 10 to 12.
Our city, Bumaye, spent a harsh period of eight months without proper supply of water. During that period, everyone in the city had a hard time. Some even had to travel over very long distances to get a drop. Livestock was no better. Beautiful plantations along the highways had to die oft. However, the residents never gave up. They prayed and prayed for another six months. There was no sign of rain. Many of them gave up and let Him do His will. At the beginning of the seventh month, God listened to His people. There were dark clouds up there. Soon, the problem was over.

  1. For how long did Bumaye operate with the water shortage?
    1. One year 
    2. Six months 
    3. One year and two months 
    4. Eight months
  2. In the passage, livestock was no better has been underlined. What does it mean? Cows, sheep and goats.
    1. did not suffer. 
    2. also suffered.
    3. were not good.
    4. survived.
  3. Why do you think the residents had to pray? They
    1. were tired of rain. 
    2. loved their God. 
    3. liked praying.
    4. wanted rain. 

Read the passage and then answer questions 5 to 1.
There are many possible reasons why you may be fat. Some people are fat because of the way their glands work in their bodies. Other people are fat because of eating too much of the wrong foods. Some foods which fatten when eaten include cakes, biscuits, chocolates, crisps and many others.
A healthy body requires a diet of four main groups which contain proteins, carbohydrates. vitamins and minerals every day. There is proteins in legumes, milk, flesh and eggs. It is difficult to give the best advice on becoming slim. A doctor who knows a person's medical history is the best. The doctor is the one who is able to decide what factors have caused a person to be overweight. He advices which diet to take and which exercises to do.

  1. According to the passage, how many groups of food does the body need to be healthy? 
    1. Five
    2. Four
    3. Three
    4. Two
  2. To know the reason why someone is overweight, it is important to get the person's
    1. friends.
    2. teacher.
    3. medical history.
    4. records.
  3. Eating too much of wrong foods leads to
    1. slimness. 
    2. overfeeding. 
    3. hunger.
    4. fatness. 

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given

The education sector in our country                        16                        that every child must attend school since education is the key to success. While in school, learners are expected to work                        17                         so as to                         18                        and succeed in life. However, some learners are extremely lazy. They never want to scratch their heads but instead, they become                         19                         on others who are smarter for almost everything including answering their                         20                         oral questions.

    1. consists
    2. insists
    3. insist
    4. consist
    1. hardest
    2. slowly
    3. smartest
    4. tirelessly
    1. conceal 
    2. excel
    3. councel
    4. excess
    1. independent
    2. dependence
    3. dependent
    4. independence
    1. teachers' 
    2. teacher's
    3. teacher
    4. teachers 

For questions 21 to 23. choose the alternative that best completes the sentences.

  1. They woke up early and                        to their camp. 
    1. go
    2. went 
    3. goes
    4. going
  2. Did they                            the bags with them?
    1. carried
    2. carrying
    3. carries
    4. carry
  3. The young girl                              her blouse before hanging it on the line.
    1. wrong
    2. wring
    3. wrung
    4. wringed

For question 24, choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated. 

    1. "What is your name!" he asked me.
    2. What an awesome day? 
    3. "Lie down!" He barked.
    4. She likes washing on tuesdays.

For questions 25 to 27 choose the opposite of the underlined words.

  1. My uncle is very tall.
    1. feeble
    2. small 
    3. short
    4. long
  2. Our teacher of English is ill.
    1. sick
    2. well
    3. beautiful
    4. pretty
  3. The road was wet yesterday.
    1. dry
    2. narrow 
    3. soggy
    4. dirty

For questions 28 to 30, choose the best word from the alternatives to fill the blank spaces.

  1. We have been studying                         eight o'clock.
    1. at
    2. for
    3. on
    4. since
  2. Every citizen                             the right to free speech. 
    1. have 
    2. is
    3. get
    4. has
  3. She had never been to Nakuru before,                      she?
    1. had
    2. has
    3. hadn't
    4. haven't


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