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Creation - CBC Grade 5 CRE Revision Notes

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My purpose.

Identifying talents and abilities.

  • A talent is a natural skill or ability to do something well. Ability is a talent or skill in a particular area.
  • It is important to identify and use our talents and abilities. This will help us to grow and help others.
  • Purpose is the reason for which something is done or was created for; purpose is why something exists.
  • God created each one of us with a purpose.
  • What we want to do in the future is our plan. Plan helps us to do what God created us for. These plans are our purposes.
  • The plans that God has for us are His purpose for our lives.
  • We should live according to God’s plan in order to fulfill His purpose for our lives.

The parable of the talents.

  • A parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.
  • The parable of the talents is also known as the parable of the three servants.
  • The first and second servants used their talents well and were rewarded. 
  • We should use our talents to serve God and others.
  • When we use our talents to serve God and others, we fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.
  • God rewards us when we use our talents well.
  • Human beings as co-workers with God.
  • A co-worker is a person who does the same job as another. Human beings are co-workers with God.

Responsibilities given to human beings by God.

  • Read Genesis 1;26 and 2;15
    • Taking care of fish.
    • Taking care of birds.
    • Taking care of domestic and wild animals.
    • Cultivating the land.
    • Good stewardship of God’s creation.
  • It is important to take care of God’s creation. This helps us to live in a clean environment.

My roles at home, school and in church.

  • These are duties and responsibilities of individuals in a society set up. They include;
    • Cleaning around the house.
    • Washing of clothes at home.
    • Collecting litter in the compound at school.
    • Wiping of seats before people sit it the church.
  • It is important that we share duties as this helps us to have unity.

The causes of child labour.

  • Child labour is work that deny children of their childhood, their potential and dignity.
  • It is any work that is against the right of children.
  • Child rights are freedoms and privileges that children must have.
  • They are the rights of a child to live free from hunger, abuse, neglect and other cruel conditions.
  • Child rights include;
    • The right to life.
    • The right to health.
    • The right to education.
    • The right to play.
    • The right to protection.
  • Some of the causes of child labour are;
    • Poverty.
    • Need for cheap labour.
    • Death of parents.
    • Irresponsible parents.
    • Drug use or abuse.

Effects of child labour.

  • It affects the physical and mental growth of a child.
  • It prevents a child from fulfilling his or her purpose.
  • It may lead to school dropouts.
  • It leads to having a poor relationship with children of the same age.
  • High risk of getting ill.

NOTE; You should report any form of child labour to your teacher, parent or guardian, church leader or to the police.

The fall of human beings (Adam and Eve).

  • The disobedience of the first parents led to the fall of human beings.
  • The first parents disobeyed God when they ate the fruits of the tree that they had been warned not to eat.

Reasons for the fall of Human Beings.

  • The first people to be created were a man and woman. Adam and Eve.
  • They ate the fruit of the tree they had been warned not to.
  • Eve had a conversation with the snake.
  • Eve accepted to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden and gave some to Adam.
  • That evening they heard God coming to the garden and hid from him. The Lord and the man (Adam) had a conversation.
  • The man (Adam) blamed the woman (Eve), while the woman blamed the snake.

Lessons learnt from the fall of human beings.

  • We should be obedient.
  • We should keep away from sin.
  • God is unhappy with us when we sin.
  • We should be honest.
  • We should take responsibility of our wrongs.

The Family Unity.

  • A family member is anybody from your father, mother and siblings (brothers and sisters.)
  • At large, the extended members are also considered as family members, these include your grandparents, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Importance of family unity.

  • Families should live together in peace.
  • They should also be united
  • When families are united, they are happy.
  • Unity in the families is important because it helps members to live peacefully.
  • Performing responsibilities, praying and spending time together help to contribute to a happy family.
  • God will bless each family that lives in peace.

Challenges faced by families in practicing family unity.

  • Challenges are difficulties or problems we face.
  • Most families face challenges in their day to day lives, these challenges include;
    • Lack of food.
    • Lack of clothing.
    • Lack of good shelter.
    • Illness.
    • Lack of money.
    • Arguments between members.
    • Family conflicts and disagreements.

Ways of contributing to a happy family.

  • Sharing responsibilities.
  • Helping with house chores.
  • Praying and reading the bible together.
  • Always showing respect to family members.
  • Loving and caring for other family members.
  • Parents ensure they provide for the daily needs of the family.
  • Appreciating and thanking parents for providing our needs.
  • Performing my duties well.

Ways of solving family challenges.

  • Asking for forgiveness. Praying together.
  • Sticking together even in difficulties.
  • Politely talking to each other over these challenges. Seeking help from family members.

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