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Listening, Responding and Appreciation - CBC Grade 5 Music Revision Notes

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Element Of Music

The following are musical instruments

Pitch – the highness or lowness of sound. The combination of varied pitches produces a melody e.g pitch pipe
Melody – should be done keenly as it is difficult to correct once mastered. Use melodies or songs familiar for the start.
Dynamics – relates to the volume of sound. This can either be loud or soft. Dynamics influence the expressiveness in a performance.
Beat /Pulse – regular through of music. The following activity helps in identifying beat.

  • Clapping/tapping
  • Chanting the words of familiar songs rhythmically
  • Conducting learners

Tempo – refers to pace or sped of music.
Activities such as clapping, tapping, marching can be use when teaching about tempo
Responses to tempo are communicated through by running, walking jogging, or skipping.
Mood- this involves feeling about the songs, whether happy or sad
Form – is the structure or shape of piece of music, it is dictated by the melody. The rhythms and repetition on the piece
It is always shown with letters such as //A// OT //B// or //AB//
Grade 5 focuses on //ab//. The part is always the stanza while the B part represents the chorus.


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