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Reading Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End of Term 1 Set 1 2022

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Note: Use the assessment rubric to assess Listening and Speaking Task A

Criteria Exceeding Expectation
(Level 4)
Meeting Expectation
(Level 3)
Approaching Expectation
(Level 2)
Below Expectation
(Level 1)
(pronunciation, intonation
and audibility)
Perfect/error- free
 pronunciation and intonation. The learner is clearly heard as the response is logical and very easy to follow.
Good pronunciation and  intonation with very few errors. The learner is 
clearly heard and  understood as the  response is logical instances.
Reads with some hesitations. Makes some pronunciation and intonation errors but meaning is communicated. Not audible in some the responses. Hesitates a lot and  makes numerous  pronunciation and
intonation errors.  Meaning can only be guessed from The learner is mostly inaudible.
(correct responses,
appropriate  vocabulary)
Responds to all questions
appropriately. variety of
vocabulary to respond to
 Responds to most of
Uses the questions
appropriately. Uses the
appropriate vocabulary
in response to
Responds to some questions
appropriately. Use limited
vocabulary but communication is
Responds to very few
questions. Lacks
appropriate vocabulary to
Use of Non-Verbal  Cues
(facial expressions, body
 posture, eye contact,  
Uses a variety of non-verbal cues: appropriate facial expressions, body
posture, gestures, pauses, poise and meaningful eye contact  with the teacher at all  times and speaks with confidence.
Uses non-verbal cues
appropriately:Facial expressions,
body postures and gestures. 
Maintains meaningful eye contact with the teacher most of the times
and speaks with confidence.
Uses some non-verbal cues: Facial expressions, body posture, and gestures. At times makes eye contact with the teacher. Uses non-verbal  cues in very few instances. Keeps
 looking down and away while speaking.



Criteria Exceeding Expectation
(Level 4)
Meeting Expectation
(Level 3)
Approaching Expectation
(Level 2)
Below Expectation
(Level 1)
(number of words read
 correctly per minute)
Reads more than 35 words
correctly, within  1 minute.
Reading is consistently smooth
and natural; pauses are
consistently where they
should be throughout  the reading time.
Reads at least 35 words
correctly within 1 minute.
Reading is  smooth and
natural; pauses are where they
should be most of the reading time.
Reads between 13 to 34 words
correctly within 1 minute.
Reading is  sometimes is halted
and the reader does not pause
effectively at sentence ends and commas
Reads less than 13 words correctly
in a minute. Reading proceeds with difficulty and many words
are repeated . There are many
stops and starts that make
the reading hard to follow. 
Volume and Accuracy
 (loudness, pronunciation)
Reads clearly and loudly.
Pronounces more than
35words in the passage
Reads clearly and  loudly.
Pronounces  all the 35
words correctly.
Reads clearly and loudly
some parts of the passage. Pronounces correctly
13 to 34 words. low to be heard.
Mostly mumbles words and cannot
be understood. Pronounces below 13
words. Volume is too
Reading with Expression
(voice and tone variation and appropriate use of
facial expressions)
Varies the voice  and
tone expressions to
convey  mood appropriately. Observes
all punctuation marks 
when reading. 
Varies the voice and tone, and uses facial
expressions appropriately.
Observes most punctuation
Varies the voice and  tone in some instances. Uses facial expressions appropriately on
some parts of the text. 
Observes some punctuation marks.
Does not vary the  voice or tone.
Facial expressions are not purposeful. Observes very
few punctuation marks.




Listen to the story read by your teacher and answer the questions orally.

Music festival took place in the big community hall. Different school choir presented songs in different languages. Our school choir presented and the crowd clapped and cheered loudly.

  1. Where was the music festival?
  2. What did the schools present?
  3. The choirs was presented in different?
  4. Who clapped and cheered loudly?

Read the given passage loudly.

Chao and Ali like to ride their blue bikes. One day Chao rode the bike fast. He_. did not see the red van coming. The driver stopped the van.“ Are you blind?” The driver asked. I am Chao said. Next time do not ride the bike on the road. Chao and Ali pushed the blue bike back home.

Marking Scheme

  1. big community hall
  2. songs 
  3. languages
  4. the crowd
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