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English Questions and Answers - Class 7 End of Term 2 2021 Set 1 with Marking Schemes

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  1. You have been given this question paper and a separate answer sheet. The question paper contains 50 questions.
  2. Make sure that you have written on the answer sheet.
    (i) Your name (ii) Name of your school


Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1-75. For blank spaces choose the best alternative from the choices given
"Where is the rest of the change?"__1__Tony's mother."___2_to the shops this minute 3 bring my money. I often_ 4_ whether you _5_learn
at school." Tony 7 back to the shops feeling upset and confused. He was the_8_ pupil in his class and his teacher was very proud_9_ him,__10 his mother was always finding 11 with him. It was not his his fault that they did not 12 real money at school. He was _13_ good at counting with stones and bottle-tops. He__14__they_15_ learn about those things that his mother wanted him to know. He really did not like to annoy her. 

    1. screamed
    2. ordered
    3. asked
    4. said
    1. Return
    2. Ran
    3. Shuffle
    4. Return back
    1. as well
    2. too
    3. or
    4. and
    1. wondered
    2. wonder
    3. wander
    4. wandered 
    1. never
    2. ever
    3. least
    4. did
    1. anything
    2. something
    3. any thing
    4. some thing
    1. strolled
    2. skipped
    3. run
    4. ran
    1. most good
    2. better
    3. best
    4. more better
    1. in
    2. with
    3. to
    4. of
    1. yet
    2. since
    3. moreover
    4. lest 
    1. error
    2. mistake
    3. fault
    4. issues
    1. hand
    2. handle
    3. catch
    4. touch
    1. quite
    2. so
    3. too
    4. such
    1. prefferred
    2. wished
    3. hoped
    4. thought
    1. will
    2. should
    3. can
    4. could

For questions 16 - 18, choose the correct alternative to fill the blank spaces.

  1. Kitty wore a ....................jacket.
    1. tight, black, silken 
    2. silken, tight, black 
    3. black, silken, tight
    4.  black, tight, silken 
  2. I cannot remember anything ....................was said in the seminar. 
    1. what
    2. which 
    3. that
    4. who
  3. .........................she cooked chapati, I was sweeping the compound too.
    1. since
    2. while 
    3. when
    4. if

For questions 19 to 20, choose the correct question tag. 

  1. Kindly assist me carry this bag.
    1. won't you .
    2. is it 
    3. will you
    4. can you 
  2. I am the heaviest boy in class, 
    1. am I not
    2. amn't I 
    3. aren't I
    4. isn't it

For question 21 to 23, choose the best phrasal verb to fill in the blank space.

  1. The fire fighters fought hard and long to..............................the raging fire.
    1. put out
    2. put off 
    3. put on
    4. put in 
  2. He was asked to............................... the sweater as it was too hot. 
    1. put out
    2. take out 
    3. back out
    4. take off
  3. By failing to buy me the bicycle, he simple went ................................his word. 
    1. back on
    2. back in
    3. back out
    4. back off

For questions 24 and 25, choose the opposite of the underlined word.

  1. The meeting commences at noon today
    1. starts
    2. ends
    3. begins
    4. continues
  2. Dave the butcher sold me some tender meat.
    1. strong
    2. rugh
    3. tough
    4. hard

Read the passage below to answer questions 26-38
It had been a rather long day. As Tim walked from away the hum of machines, a wry smile played at the corner of his mouth. It was the end of the month, and he had overheard his colleagues saying that their paycheques were ready. Going to the bank had become one of his most treasured moments, and he usually saved his best smile for the bank tellers when they pushed him a wad of notes across the counter.
Working for Regency Printers was not a bed of roses, and as Tim found his way out of the Design Department, a twinge of worry crossed his mind. His net salary had consistently failed to satisfy his family's growing needs. His debts were piling up, and meeting his basic requirements was a nightmare. But he was glad he was able to meet his three children's educational needs. Although his wife kept nagging him for a better life, Tim's priority was his children's needs.
Twenty minutes later, he was queuing at the bank, ATM card in hand. Tim calculated how much rent he would pay, and just like last month, the landlord would have to do with half the rent. His wife would demand a third of the salary for her monthly beauty treatment. Tim shuddered to think what would happen if he were to pay fees for his children in primary school.
"Everybody down!" It was a blood-curdling, authoritative voice.
Like tens of other clients, Tim hit the floor fast, sending his card flying from his hand. Suddenly, gunshots rent the air as four masked men, three of them toting rifles, took control of the banking hall. All were heavily built and towered over everyone else. Their dark coats fluttered as they pointed their guns from the bank workers to clients, their evil eyes taking in everything at once.
"You raise your head and I'll blast it oftl" one of the robbers shouted. As he walked between the people lying on the floor, he stepped on some fingers with his heavy boots. Everybody lay face-down, and an eerie silence filled the air.
Tim could remember seeing a security vehicle outside the bank and concluded that the robbers had either come for that loot, or were using the van for their daring mission. Please God, don't let them take my card, he thought, as the heavy boots trudged out of the bank, mission accomplished. Suddenly, there were confused noises as people got up.

  1.  According to paragraph one, it is clear that
    1. Tim was happiest at the end of the month
    2. Tim would give some bankers some of his money
    3. Tim had had an easy at work
    4. Tim's colleagues were paid before him
  2. Working for Regency was not a bed of roses means that
    1. It was not a flower farm
    2. It was not fragrant at all 
    3. It was not easy
    4. It was not too difficult 
  3. Why did Tim seem worried as he left the design department 
    1. It was endinonth 
    2. He was very tired 
    3. His colleagues seemed happier
    4. He was thinking about his meagre salary
  4. Tim's financial problems included all the following except 
    1. many debts
    2. children's educational needs
    3. meeting basic family requirements
    4. meeting his wife's expectations
  5. His wife kept nagging him means that
    1. She kept pleading
    2. She kept complaining
    3. She kept fighting
    4. She kept shouting 
  6. During the previous month,
    1. Tim paid the full rent
    2. Tim used half his salary for rent
    3. Tim paid half the rent
    4. Tim did not pay any rent
  7. Tim's landlord would normally refer to him as
    1. his client
    2. his landlady 
    3. his customer
    4. his tenant
  8. It is clear in paragraph three that
    1. Tims wife paid for the children's education
    2. Tim's children were yet to join school 
    3. Tim's children were in secondary school
    4. Tim did not pay school fees for his children 
  9. When the robbers struck, Tim
    1. had not withdrawn any money
    2. had withdrawn some money 
    3. was on his way home
    4. was outside the banking hall
  10. The bank robbers, according to the passage
    1. were all huge men
    2. were all armed with rifles
    3. were not all marked
    4. all shot in the air
  11. How many clients were in the bank?
    1. ten people
    2. about ten people 
    3. many but less than a hundred
    4. over a hundred people
  12. The robbers mission was accomplished
    1. with a lot of confusion 
    2. in record time 
    3. after taking Tim's card
    4. with death and destruction
  13. What would be the best title for the passage
    1. Tim's salary 
    2. A harrowing experience 
    3. Regency printers
    4. Tim and his colleagues

Read the passage below and answer questions 39-50
Africa is billed as the last frontier in feeding the world. But even with its vast fertile lands, massive rivers and amenable climate, it is a food-deficient continent as opposed to a rich food exporter. Africa has gained the dubious reputation of a drought and hunger-stricken continent. Meteorologists regularly issue warnings that the climatic conditions for farming will become harsher, hence poorer harvests. That begs the question of our true standing in the looming severe food insecurity.
The once-predictable seasons are changing and the future of food security in Kenya is bleak.
The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) recently reported that Kenya is experiencing its worst drought in 38 years. The rainfall deficit would plunge the country into a crisis that could see food insecurity and malnutrition undermine the economy.
Officially, more than 10 million Kenyans are food-insecure, with a majority often relying on relief. Also, the majority of the population has no access to food in the right amounts and quality. Households incur huge food bills due to the increasing food prices, fuelling inflation.
Agriculture is the engine of economic growth and a valuable source of income for most Kenyans. USAID reports that about 75 per cent of Kenyans derive all or part of their livelihoods from the sector, accounting for 18 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).
Sadly, the sector is shunned by financial institutions. Farmers are traditionally hugely underserved by most financial institutions, given the perceived risk associated with the business. Bank loans have strenuous conditions, locking the majority out of the credit system and forcing them to
funding a mode of starting a business without external help or capital. However, in the past decade, agriculture has seen an increased interest in boosting its productivity as public and private sector institutions recognise the sector as a promising investment that addresses a national challenge.

  1. According to paragraph one. It's true to say that 
    1. Africa should be producing enough food to feed the world
    2. Africa is the only place in the world with food 
    3. Africa is a rich food exporter
    4. Africa's climate is harsh
  2. Three of the following are true about Africa except 
    1. the land is quite productive
    2. There are immense rivers 
    3. It is a food-rich continent
    4. The climate is responsive 
    5. Paragraph three states that
  3. Kenya faces serious challenges on food security in future
    1. Kenya's food security is rosy 
    2. Kenya's food security will improve in future
    3. Kenya's food security will be predictable
  4. Kenya's rainfall deficit will have the following outcomes
    1. food insecurity 
    2. food insecurity and malnutrition 
    3. Insecurity and proper nutrition
    4. food security and proper nutrition
  5. After how long did Kenya experience its worst drought 
    1. about a century ago
    2. about half a century ago
    3. about two decades ago 
    4. about four decades ago
  6. How many Kenyans are food insecure according to the passage 
    1. ten million Kenyans
    2. . more than five million Kenyans
    3.  less than ten million Kenyans
    4. at least ten million Kenyans
  7. For Kenya to do well economically, it has to
    1. buy more food abroad 
    2. improve and support agriculture
    3. ask Kenyans to eat less
    4. use less money in buying food 
  8. According to USAID reports
    1. a minority of Kenyans depend on Agriculture 
    2. only 18 per cent of Kenyans do not depend on Agriculture
    3. majority of Kenyans are dependent on Agriculture
    4. only 25 per cent of Kenyans are dependent on Agriculture 
  9. The word shunned as used in the passage means 
    1. avoided
    2. assisted 
    3. supported
    4. aided
  10. Financial institutions
    1. offer many loans to farmers
    2. . think it's too risky to offer farmers loans
    3. offer no loans at all to farmers
    4. offer flexible credit terms to farmers
  11. The national challenge mentioned in the last paragraph is 
    1. lack of credit from banks 
    2. food insecurity
    3.  population growth
    4. climate change
  12. The best title for this passage would be
    1. Effect of famine 
    2. Financial institutions 
    3. Improving agriculture to spur economic growth
    4. Small scale farmers


eng ms


Write a compositon with the following heading. Make you story as interesting as you can.
A Wedding I Attended


The composition will be assessed according to the following general guidelines.

  • The maximuin mark will be 40 and the minimum mark 01.
  • Does the script show that the candidate can communicate accurately, fluently and imaginatively in English?

Accurency (16 marks)

  1. Correct tenses and agreement of verbs (4 marks)
  2. Accurate use of vocabulary (4 marks) 
  3. Following a sequence (4 marks)
  4. Correct punctuation (4 marks)

Fluency (16 marks)

  1. Words in correct order (4 marks)
  2. Sentence connection and paragraphs (4 marks)
  3. Correct spellings (4 marks)
  4. Ideas developed in logic sequence (4 marks)

Imagination (8 marks)

  1. Unusual but appropriate use of words and phrases (4 marks) 
  2. Variety of structure (4 marks)
    NB: Please, teachers are requested to scrutinize this marking scheme before use, its worthy.
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