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Science and Technology - Grade 5 End Term 1 Exam 2021 SET 2

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  1. Plants can be classified into two. Flowering plant and non flowering plants. Which is a group does not produce flowers?______________________
  2. Mushrooms, yeast, bread moulds and puff balls are all examples of_____________________
  3. One similarity between a bird and a cat is that they are vertebrates which is a group of animals with_______________
  4. _________________is an example of a mammal that lay eggs.
  5. The body of a mammal is covered with ___________and____________
  6. During a science lesson, grade 5 learners were asked by their teacher to mention one difference between a chameleon and a sheep. Amina said that a chameleon is ___________ blooded unlike the sheep
  7. The diagram below show a fish
    A fish ________________which hatch into young ones.
  8. One of similarity between a snake and a crocodile is that they take the temperature of their sorroundings. This is because they are________________
  9. Katana went to the river and saw an animal with the following characteristics 
    it has moist skin
    partly lives in water and on land
    it is a vertebrate
    Which class of animals did Katana see?
  10. Your parent tells you that dinner is ready, You feel the cold water and soap as you wash your hands name the sense organ that you have used_____________________
  11. __________________are also known as voluntary muscles.
  12. Which function of the human skeleton will be affected when a person breaks his or her leg?
  13. _______________is a part of human skeleton that provides support to the body and helps the body to remain upright.
  14. Janice realized that she had the following symptoms
    a cough that may produce mucus
    sweating and shaking
    shortness of breat
    nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
    Which respiratory disease is she likely suffering from?
  15. The diagram below represent a model of the breathing system.
    The part marked f is
  16. After sweeping the classroom, Kamau blew his nose and found dirt in the mucus. Which function did his nose perform?
  17. ______________diseases are infections that are caused and spread through drinking or coming into contact with contaminated water.
  18. Which is the odd one out?
    (stomach    lungs     trachea     nose)
  19. A tomato fruit broke down and started to rot. Eventually it became part of the soil. This is called_____________________
  20. _____________means that you or someone else can use an item over and over again instead of throwing it away.


  1. Non-flowering plants
  2. fungi
  3. bones( internal skeletal structure)
  4. duck-billed platypus
  5. fur and hair
  6. cold
  7. egg
  8. cold blooded
  9. amphibian
  10. touch
  11. skeletal
  12. support
  13. spine
  14. pneumonia
  15. trachea
  16. trap dust and dirt in mucus and nose hairs   
  17. water-borne
  18. stomach
  19. decomposition
  20. re-using
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