Account Deletion Procedure

Want do delete your account? No worries, we are here to help. The following are the steps to follow to permanently delete your account

NB: When you delete your account, you will lose your profile, subscriptions, elimu points and transactions. This action is permanent and irreversible.

  1. Navigate to the home page of the app and click on the Menu icon
    deletion menu 1
  2. On the Menu click on My Profile
    profile menu 1
  3. On My Profile page click on the Delete Account button. 
    my profile 1
  4. A dialog will appear asking whether you are sure about deleting your account. If you are sure, click on the Yes, Delete button. If not, just click on the Cancel button and the dialog will disappear.
    confirm deletion 1

    Your account will be deleted permanently and you won't be able to access the app again. However, you can as well create another account.
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