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I remember vividly studying for my KCSE exams, and I can say with certainty that group studying was what helped me get an excellent grade.

The primary learning and teaching style in Kenya has a teacher in front of you (the students) telling you facts and showing you new concepts. This serves as a good way to get an introduction to new concepts and also serves to clarify difficult points. 

Teacher in class teaching

However, a teacher can only give you so much in the limited time that they have in front of the classroom to teach a certain subject. That's why you have to take the initiative and study.

There are various study tactics that you, as a student, can use in your studies outside of the lessons taught by the teacher, including self-study and group study.

Studying on your own has its advantages, a major one being that it allows you to customize your learning to suit your specific needs.

However, in this final stretch as you prepare to do your KCSE 2022 exams, group studying can be a really effective study technique.

It should be noted, however, that in order to participate in a group study, you must first have read the specific topic on your own. Have at the minimum a general idea of what you will be discussing at a particular time in the study group.

Group Studying Tactic to Pass your KCSE 2022 Exams

As you prepare for your KCSE 2022 exams you have limited time to go through alot of content. That's where group studying comes into play.

The Advantages of Group Studying

  1. Group studying ensures you actually study

Group studying makes it easier to ensure studying actually happens at the scheduled times by creating a feeling of shared responsibility.

If, like me, you find yourself easily distracted or bored when studying alone, then group study is for you. By being in a group, you hold each other accountable, which ensures that you study when you say you will.

  1. Group study allows for easy tackling of difficult materials.

As they say, three minds are better than one, and in a group, the various members can help you clarify points that you find difficult.

Sometimes, you may find that you do not understand a point no matter how hard you try, at least not without clarification.

It's not your fault though.

Everyone has different weaknesses and strengths, and being part of a group allows each member to help others with areas where they may have a better understanding.

If you find yourself in a position where you have to clarify points for other group members, don't feel frustrated or as if they are wasting your time or slowing you down.

Helping others helps you as it provides you with the opportunity to, in essence, teach the rest of the group, which has been proven as an effective way of ensuring that you retain that information.

  1. Ensures that you study the correct things

Group discussions ensure that mistakes and misunderstandings in the material are much less likely to happen as each individual in the group acts as a kind of sieve as the information passes through and between the various members of the group, thus enabling you to clarify points and sort each other's mistakes and misunderstandings.

  1. Group studying is good for moral support

Sometimes you may find yourself thinking that you won't be able to learn something and thus get frustrated and give up, especially when solo studying.

With group studying, though, you may find yourself not getting something and getting frustrated. The other members will support, simplify the problem, and encourage you so that you don't despair and give up.

The various members of the group act as each other's moral support and, with the KCSE exams being as big a deal as it is, I'm sure you need a little bit of that external motivation and encouragement that comes from being part of a dedicated study team.

Preparing for the KCSE 2022 exams is especially stressful.

I know.

First, there is a lot of material that you have to cover (all the materials from form 1 up to form 4), and then there is the short amount of time you have to cover it in. Being part of a group consisting of dependable individuals that you can study with and be vulnerable around can sometimes make all the difference.


For more effective group studying, let your group not be super big. A group of fewer than five individuals is ideal. I would especially recommend a group of 3 individuals as it is easier to manage and organise. Also, make sure that you create a group with individuals who are motivated and have the same goals as you.

Remember to also do some solo studying to supplement and compliment the group studying efforts.

Group studying isn't for everyone, so don't feel like you have to push yourself to do it.

Just because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you, as we all have individual learning styles and study preferences.

All that matters is that you consistently study and improve to pass your KCSE 2022 exams.

If you end up here, I want to say, thank you for reading this article!

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