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Reading Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 1 End Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1


    All going to read a story to you and then I will ask you some wiestions, Listen correctly.

    We have a chief. Our chief has a farm. He grows crops. The men trek to visit the chief. He says, "Let us ,buy land and grow crops." The chief grows grains. The men and women can grow grains too.
    1. What does chief have?
    2. Who wants to visit the chief?
    3. What do people want to buy?
    4. What does chief grow in his farm?
    5. What will men and women grow?
    Read the story aloud.

    It was early morning. Mary woke up hungry, she got dressed. Then, she went to the kitchen. She got a small pan and cooked an egg. After that, Mary put a few pieces of melon on a plate and ate them after having a cup of tea.

  3. A learner to read 30 words in one minute.
    (Total =50marks)

Marking Scheme

  • All of the answers should be given orally by the student.

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