Primary CRE Schemes of Work Class 7 Term 3 2020/2021

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                         CRE  SCHEMES OF WORK       STD 7          TERM 3 2020/2021
1 1-3                        Opening and Revision
2 1-3 The teaching of Jesus. Christians in action in development and education

The learner should be able to:
Describe the contribution of the early missionaries
Describe the activities of the church in education.
Describe the work of a Christian training center.
Appreciate the contribution of the church in education and development.

Describe early missionaries.
State activities of the church.
Name development projects.
Story telling
Reading the Bible.
Note taking
Historical books
Primary CRE pg. 97-118
Quick reading pg. 27
Written questions Port folio Assessment  
3 1-3 The teaching of Jesus. Christians in action in health care and social welfare. Describe the activities of the church in health care. 
Describe the work of the church in training the clergy and laity.
Explain involvement of Christian in  the church in Africa. Desire to be an active Christian. Appreciate contribution of church in health care 
Discuss activities of the church in health care. State the work of the clergy and the laity. Appreciate the church and its work.
Read the Bible Note taking.
Photographs. Chalk board illustrations
Primary CRE pg. 119-146
Quick reading pg. 27-28
Oral questions Written questions
4 1-3 Neighbors Friendship and love Describe how Jesus Christ is an example of loving family members
Desire to control his or her emotions.
Accept himself/herself and others.
Desire to develop true friendship.
Desire to promote good relationships in the home.
Reading the Bible.
Discuss ways of promoting good relationship at home, school and neighborhood.
Note taking Story telling
Bible pictures
Pictures in pupils book
Primary CRE pg. 149
Quick reading pg. 43-45
Oral questions
5  1-3  Neighbors Friendship and love.  Describe ways to copping with emotions. Explain how they can accept themselves. Describe ways of maintaining friendship. Explain the activities he/she does happily with others. State what he or she can do to contribute to a happy family. State how parents contribute to a happy Family. Describe the effects of good and bad relationships in the family. Define emotions. Discuss ways of copping with emotions. Demonstration Explaining Dramatizing ways of maintaining friendship. Reading the bible Story telling  Pictures with people expressing different emotion. Bible Chalk board Drawing Charts  Primary CRE pg. 147 – 172 Quick reading pg. 40 - 45   
6  1-3 Discipleship Civic responsibility  State the meaning and purpose of authority in the society. State ways of showing respect to people in authority. Explain how love peace and unity help us to build a better society. Explain how he/she cares for personal and public property. State the activities carried out during the harambee youth week. Explain how Christian festivals are celebrated. Explain how Christians can help others learn how to read. State meaning and purpose of authority in the society. Dramatize how love, peace and unity brings about a better society. Read the bible Story telling Discuss activities in a harambee.  Bible Chalk board illustration. Pictures in the pupils book Chart.  Primary CRE pg. 145 – 182 Quick reading pg. 47 - 50  Written test Oral question s 
7                                            Mid Term Exams and break        
8 1-3 Discipleship Civic responsibilities  The learner should be able to:
List activities in the community which Christians can do. Describe how national days are celebrated. Respect people in authority. Participate in nation building Thank God in the work of the church in community and nation building
Reading the Bible. 
Discuss activities in the communities which Christians can do.
Describing how national days are celebrated. Thank God for the  Nation. 
Bible  Charts Pictures in pupil’s book.  Primary CRE pg. 183 – 193 Quick reading pg. 51 - 53  Port folio assessment Written test  
9&10  1-3 Christmas God's purpose for every child

The learner should be able to:
State what his/her fears are.
Explain how he/she can overcome fear. Describe which career they want to engage in their adult lives. State the purpose of God for every child. Describe the life of Jesus Christ as a refugee in Egypt. 

State what the hopes of Jesus Christ are for human kind. Give reasons why Jesus Christ was born. State ways of celebrating Christmas Rely on God to overcome fear. 
Thank God for Jesus Christ.

Stating ones fear
Stating ways of overcoming fear.
Discuss various careers in adult life. State the purpose of God for every child. Read the bible Discuss Jesus Christ as a refuge for human kind. Discuss reasons for the birth of Jesus Crist
State ways of celebrating Christmas 
Note taking
Bible pictures in pupils book. Charts Pictures of Jesus Primary CRE pg. 193 – 197 Quick reading pg. 55 - 58   
11  1-3                                     KCPE WEEK
12-13  1-3                           Revision and Preparations for End Term Exams
14                                           End Term III Exams and Closing
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