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English Questions and Answers - Class 7 End Term 3 Exam 2022 Set 2

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces 1 to 15.
Choose the best alternative from the choices given.
__1__ man accused __2__ stealing electronic goods __3__ Kshs 5 million yesterday walked out of __4__ a free man due to lack of __5__. He had been charged __6__ breaking into Mr. Edward’s house __7__ April 5th at his Solio ranch and stealing the electronic __8__. Mr. Edward’s watchman and house keeper, who were co-accused __9__ their case __10__after the investigating officer said there was no sufficient evidence to __11__ them. The magistrate ruled that the investigations carried __12__ were inadequate to __13__ a conviction. The magistrate, __14__, said the investigating officer had a good story but it was all hearsay which __15__ not support the charge.

    1. The
    2. Some
    3. A
    4. An
    1. of
    2. with
    3. by
    4. in
    1. cost
    2. selling
    3. over
    4. worth
    1. cell
    2. prison
    3. court
    4. house
    1. witness
    2. evidence
    3. judge
    4. prosecution
    1. of
    2. with
    3. at
    4. on
    1. in
    2. at
    3. above
    4. on
    1. equipments
    2. equipment
    3. trophies
    4. cups
    1. had
    2. have
    3. has
    4. have been
    1. sustained
    2. forgetten
    3. withdrawn
    4. reduced
    1. arrest
    2. imprison
    3. release procecute
    1. out
    2. in
    3. on
    4. with
    1. convince
    2. show
    3. sustain
    4. allow
    1. moreover
    2. and
    3. but
    4. however.
    1. Would
    2. could
    3. will
    4. can

In questions 16-18, choose the alternative which means the same as the underlined expression.

  1. The pupil with albinism looked forward to a new pair of glasses.
    1. enjoyed
    2. expected
    3. thought about
    4. lived for
  2. The girl took after the mother.
    1. Followed
    2. behaved
    3. resembled
    4. took care of.
  3. Owino gave up lifting the heavy boxes after a few attempts.
    1. failed
    2. succeeded
    3. stopped
    4. lost

In question 19-21, choose the correct question tag.

  1. They will make terraces tomorrow, ____?
    1. Would they
    2. Will they
    3. Wouldn’t they
    4. Wont they.
  2. Shem needs to trim his hair, _____?
    1. doesn’t he
    2. need he
    3. neednt he
    4. does he
  3. Pass me the rice, _____?
    1. wont you
    2. will you
    3. isn’t it
    4. is you

 For question 22 and 23 select the alternative that BEST completes the sentence.

  1. She works very hard ___ her parents always let her down.
    1. and
    2. because
    3. but
    4. since
  2. It was ____ cold that we switched on the heater.
    1. too
    2. very
    3. really
    4. so

For question 24 and 25 choose the correct word that can replace the underlined words.

  1. An armed group of people attacked them on their way home.
    1. A crowd
    2. a mob
    3. a gang
    4. a team
  2. During her wedding she was given chair, tables, beds and cupboards as gifts.
    1. luggage
    2. things
    3. furniture
    4. necessities.

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow number 26 to 38.
The recent flash floods in the country have caused a lot of destruction and loss of lives. One incident reported in a local television station yesterday said that two children drowned in Baringo County. The deceased were heading to a nearby shopping centre. They were from school when the incident happened. The flash floods was due to heavy rains up in the country.
“The children were caught by surprise. It rained heavily in the upper part of the hills, this led the massive flash floods flowing downhill,” said an eye witness. The area chief said that the villagers heard the children’s distress call and rushed to the scene as quickly as they could. However the entire area was flooded and it was thus impossible to rescue them. The area residents are still coming to terms with the incident.
“It was around 5pm when the residents in the area called me. They said that two children had been swept away by floods. Unfortunately. It was too late to save any of them,” the chief said. Local leaders led by the area Member of Parliament and village leaders urged residents to exercise caution during the rainy season to prevent loss of lives and property. They also advised resident to avoid crossing swollen rivers to avoid being swept away.
In the second incident, a twenty – five year old man was swept away by flash floods in Ngong town. The man drowned on Tuesday after floods swept him into a river as he was going home from work. This was caused by heavy rains that had been pounding the rains flooded some sections of the town before the incident occurred. The police retrieved his body a kilometer away from the scene of the incident. His body was taken to the district hospital mortuary.
In Kiambu County, a three-month-old toddler was washed away by floods. The incident occurred when her mother had left the house briefly to pick vegetables from the garden for the evening meal. The body of the minor was recovered a few hours later.
The Red Cross society said the number of people killed in the flash floods was twenty five. The Red Cross society coordinator therefore asked residents to stay indoors during the rains. The official said they were doing everything possible to evacuate the three hundred families displaced by the floods. They would also provide any possible humanitarian assistance needed. To overt disaster, residents were also urged to move the higher grounds until the rains subsided.

  1. The word deceased has been used in the first paragraph to mean the
    1. Neighbour
    2. Parents of the children
    3. Dead children
    4. Witnesses.
  2. How did the children in Baringo die?
    1. They were swept by the water while swimming.
    2. They drowned in flash floods.
    3. They died through electrocution.
    4. The children were in the rain playing.
  3. According to the passage, all the following are true a part from one. Which one is it?
    1. The children were three
    2. There was heavy rain downhill.
    3. The children were caught with the floods unaware.
    4. It had rained heavily in the upper part of the hill.
  4. How did the villagers realize that there was trouble?
    1. The chief informed them.
    2. A whistle was blown
    3. One child came to call them.
    4. They heard the distress call of the children.
  5. Why could the villagers not rescue the children?
    1. The floods were heavy
    2. The children were already dead by the time they arrived.
    3. They did not realise what was happening
    4. They did not see the children.
  6. According to the passage at what time was the chief called by the residents following the death of the children?
    1. At dawn
    2. At sunset
    3. In the afternoon
    4. In the evening
  7. According to paragraph three, all the following leaders arrived at the scene of the accident except one. Who is the leader?
    1. The member of parliament
    2. The chief
    3. The village elders
    4. The governor.
  8. It is true to say that the man who drowned in Ngong town.
    1. Was going home after a drinking spree
    2. Was driving home
    3. Died of Tuesday
    4. Had been rained on for about four hours.
  9. What is the number of deaths according to the red cross society?
    1. Over twenty five
    2. About twenty five
    3. Exactly twenty five
    4. less than twenty five.
  10. The words overt disaster have been used in the passage to mean?
    1. Prevent disaster
    2. To fight disaster
    3. To settle elsewhere
    4. To welcome disaster
  11. What does it mean to evacuate the three hundred families affected?
    1. To support them materially
    2. To remove them from the dangerous place.
    3. To stay with the three hundred families
    4. To rebuild.
  12. From the last paragraph, it is true to say that
    1. The toddlers body was never recovered
    2. The toddlers mother had left the house briefly
    3. The toddler had been left under the care of its sibling.
    4. The toddler was about three years old.
  13. The best tittle for the passage is__
    1.  Floods strike like a thunderbolt.
    2. Children die in Baringo
    3. Flash floods in the country cause death.
    4. The red cross society.

Read the passage below and answer the questions 39 to 50.
Allan and his brother Mike left school for home one evening. Initially it was sunny but as they walked slowly, they saw some heavy clouds gathering in the clear sky. It did not take long before the dark clouds covered the whole sky and the sun disappeared. It grew darker and darker and strong winds began to blow. The trees swayed dangerously around them as papers and dust flew all around them. Suddenly, it become extremely windy and they knew there jwas going to be a storm.
“Let us hurry up” said Allan. They started running but Mike was left behind. He was not as fast as his brother. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him but could not keep up. The first droplets touched their cheeks in blobs, then in spurts and finally with ferocious intensity. Within two shakes of a lamb’s tail, it was raining in torrents.
Mike pushed himself forward but felt like he was standing still. “Allan I cant run faster! Wait for me,” he called. “I cant see well. It is misty. We should shelter under these trees.” Allan came running back. “No, no we have to keep moving. At least it is not very foggy,” he said wiping water from his eyes, “It is very dangerous to shelter under trees in a storm. The lightning may strike a tree and kill us. there is a hut just around the corner. We can shelter there.”
They began to run again. Mike had regained more strength and this time, kept up with his brother. By now the rain was falling fast. Soon they were soaked to the eyeball with their shirts plastered on their backs. Their books inside their polythene bags were also dripping lighting flashed and thunder roered. The sky was suddenly full of brilliant light and as bright as a sunny day. They could make out houses as far as the horizon. The lighting lasted five seconds. Then, there was a loud crash and the ground shook violently. Mike stopped and covered his ears with his hands. Allan put his arm around him and helped him hurry into the hut. They sat in the middle of the floor. It was dry there.
“Don’t be frightened, “Allan said.” The thunder can not hurt you. Do you remember what grandmother told us? She said that thunder is the noise made by an irritated goddess throwing cans, kettles and plates at her husband.” Mike laughed excitedly.
When rain had abated, Allan and his brother quickly walked home. They were still soaked in water. They could not wait to put on some dry clothes and drink grandmother’s sweet porridge.

  1. According to the first paragraph, Allan and his brother left school when.
    1. It was almost raining
    2.  It was sunny
    3. Sky was darkening fast
    4. There was lightning.
  2. Allan knew there was going to be a storm because of _
    1. Brilliant flashes of lightning
    2. The heavy dark clouds
    3. The strong wind
    4. The darkness.
  3. It started raining in _____
    1.  Big drops
    2. Small drops
    3. Drizzles
    4. Spurts
  4. From the passage, it is evident that _
    1. Allan was knowledgeable
    2. The two boys were very young
    3. The boys were hungry
    4. Mike was an athlete.
  5. Mike stopped and covered his ears. The best explanation for this is that.
    1. There was a lot of lightning
    2. There was loud thunder
    3. He was scared of thunder and did not want to hear it.
    4. He had reached the hut
  6. What do you think made the two boys sit in the middle of the floor.
    1. They knew it was comfortable there
    2. It was dry
    3. They were frightened
    4. It was safe for them.
  7. Allan narrates the story of the goddess to show ___
    1. His sharp memory
    2. His courage
    3. His concern for his brother
    4. His story telling skills.
  8. What reason does Allan give for not sheltering under the tree.
    1. Trees are dangerous during a storm
    2. Lighting can strike both the tree and the person sheltering under it.
    3. People sheltering under trees are struck by lighting
    4. Trees do not provide proper shelter when it rains.
  9.  When Mike heard the story of the goddess he laughed. This implies that he __
    1. Liked funny stories
    2. Livened up 
    3. Was no longer frightened
    4. Enjoyed story.
  10. The expression soaked to the eyeball means
    1. Completely soaked
    2. Soaked at the eyeballs
    3. Very worried
    4. Desperate
  11. The word abated as used in the last paragraph means _____
    1. continued 
    2. stopped
    3. disappeared 
    4. resumed
  12. From the passage we can conclude that Allan___
    1. Knew something about electricity
    2. And his brother were in the same class
    3. Was cautious but unwise
    4. Was older than his brother.


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