How can I revise for KCSE exam?

Ever heard that it is easy to pass your KCSE exams? Well, it's not. People who tell you that getting a good grade on your university entrance exams is easy are lying to you and taking you for a ride for whatever reason.

To get good grades, you have to work for them, and here on this page we are giving you a guideline list for what you can do to get the grade that you want in your KCSE. But remember, you will not get the grade that you want if you don't work for it. Rather you'll get the grade that you deserve.

Do you know why revision is important for exams?

To understand how you can revise to get that good grade in your KCSE exams you first need to understand the purpose of revision.

We revise to:
  1. Link related topics together to understand how the subject as whole fits together.
  2. To help you remember the subjects or concepts you have forgotten.
  3. To boost your understanding.
  4. Figure out where your knowledge is lacking and fill those gaps.
  5. Check your understanding of concepts.

Revision Techniques

There are many revision techniques, some of which are more effective than others.

The most ineffective revision method

One of the most ineffective ways of revising for exams is reading and re-reading notes over and over again. Reading notes is well and good as it allows you to understand the topical concepts that you need to know. However, reading through your class notes over and over again does not allow you to practice or identify gaps in your knowledge.

Take, for example, the compulsory subjects like maths, English, and Kiswahili.

It's not only hard to read notes for these compulsory subjects over and over, and then you assume that you have all the knowledge at your fingertips.

You have to practice again and again to really understand the concepts, and even then you still have to do a gap analysis to be self-aware of what you know and what you do not know. That way, you can revise harder on what you don't know. 

That does not only apply for compulsory subjects but all categories. The point is, while reading notes is a good initial first step, it should not be your only step.

Effective revision method steps

  1. Read your notes
    Easy Elimu provides summarized notes for all subjects from pre-primary, primary and high school levels which you can get here. All the notes are updated and follow the new and updated CBC curriculum.

  2. As you read through your notes summarize the materials and make a Mwakenya or index cards.
    For the Easy Elimu notes, each subject topic and subtopic has summarized notes, so you won’t have to stress over writing that mwakenya, which makes passing that summative entrance exam easy. No matter the entrance exam—KCPE or KCSE—these free revision notes which are summarized will get you an A.

  3. Using revision materials like past papers and topical revision questions to test yourself.
    In that way, you can identify the concepts that you got and what you did not get. Identifying these problem areas is important so that you can know what areas need more work.

    Get all the quality, relevant and unlimited past papers and topical revision questions at Easy Elimu.The topical revision question can be found in specific topical under the various subject.

    You can access all these materials for free on the Easy Elimu Study App. Download the app NOW and pass that KCSE or KCPE exam.

  4.  Discuss the materials with other people
    Talking about what you have learned in discussion groups helps you internalize the various concepts and understand them better.

    Let me give you an example.

    In high school, I was particularly interested in chemistry. However, despite that love, I found it especially hard to work out the mole. You know that topic in Form 3 where you have to write down and calculate formulae and chemical equations? Wueh! I worked so hard to understand the concepts, but I simply wasn't.

    Working alone proved ineffective. So I decided to ask for help and started working with a group, and let me tell you, I was able to get the mole completely. I also started applying this concept to other subjects and carried the habit to form 4. I believe that if I hadn't done that, I would not have gotten the grade that I got in my KCSE.

    Are you interested in knowing what I got in my KCSE? Contact us on Facebook at Easy Elimu Educational Services and I'll tell you. I hope you pass too :)

    If you are having a hard time finding people to discuss the materials with, don't stress. Easy Elimu has got you. We have various social media groups, including Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups, where you can ask questions and discuss any concepts you find to be challenging. Join us and we'll help you help yourself to learn more.

    Read the article: The Advantages of Group Studying and How it Can Help You Pass Your KCSE 2022 Exams HERE
  5. Consistently rework the materials.
Quick Tips
  1. Start revising early.

    Remember, the sooner you start preparing, the better off you'll be when the D-day comes. It doesn't matter if you haven't always been the best student, if you typically do not do well at school, or if you never pay attention to the teacher. The point is, regardless of how bad your results have formerly been, you can change all that, but first you have to be bothered.

    You need to want to become a better student so as to have more options in the future. Life is tough, and having good grades gives you many options. First decide that you want to get those good grades, then put in the work.

  2. Make a revision timetable to avoid time wastage.
  3. Use past papers.
    They help you revise and also help you identify the concepts that you need to brush over.
    For each topic, identify the key points. Understanding and writing down these key points helps you get those marks in your KCSE exams.
  4. Consistency is key.
    Whether you are at home or at school, avoid distractions and devour your books.


Practice with the Easy Elimu past papers and notes to help yourself understand the concepts.
Use these KCSE 2022 prediction papers to better yourself today

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Quotes on Revising:

  • Remember, practice diligently and smartly and you will succeed.
  • If you're totally convinced you'll fail, you'll struggle to succeed. But if you believe you'll succeed, you'll stand a much better chance.


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