Discuss the various ways in which anaerobic respiration is utilized in industries and homes - KCSE Biology Essays

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Bread making; yeast is used to ferment sugar in wheat flour into carbon (IV) oxide and energy; the carbon (IV) oxide is produced in form of bubbles that causes the dough to rise and become porous; Beer making; yeast is used to ferment sugars in malt/grapes/fruits; to form beer, wines and spirits; Sewage treatment; anaerobes break down raw sewage and harmful industrial effluents; to harmless products of water, energy/heat and carbon (IV) oxide; Silage formation; vegetation is fermented by bacteria to produce nutritious and goodscented/flavoured animal feed that increases production/yields; Production of acids and strong liquors; special bacteria and fungi ferment food products; to produce acids such as citric acid, oxalic acid and vinegar; the products are used as food preservatives and flavouring agents; Manufacture of dairy products; under controlled environments;
anaerobes help in fermentation hence manufacture of milk products such as butter, cheese, ghee and yorghurt; Production of fuels such as biogas; and gasohol; cane sugar is fermented by yeast; to produce gasohol for running engines or operating machinery; animal wastes such as guano and cow dung; can be used to produce a mixture of methane and carbon (IV) oxide gas; by exposing it to fermentation agents; methane is used to run simple machines such as water pumps and for cooking; Production of fermented porridge and milk; maize or wheat flour and milk is exposed to microbes in the air which ferment it; to produce sour and sweet tasting porridge or milk; Max. 20 mks

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