Time - Mathematics Form 1 Notes

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Units of Time

1 week = 7 days
1 day = 24 hours
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 minutes = 60 seconds


How many hours are there in one week?


1 week = 7 days
1 day =24 hours
1 week = (7x24) hours
= 168 hours


Covert 3h 45 min into minutes
1 h = 60 min
3 h = (3x60) min
3h 45min =((60x3) + 45) min
=(180+45) min
=225 min


Express 4h 15 min in sec

1 hour = 60 min
1 min= 60 sec
4h 15 min=(4x60+15) min
=240 + 15 min
=255 min
=255 x 60 sec
=15300 sec.

The 12 and the 24 hour Systems

  • In the 12 hour system, time is counted from midnight. The time from midnight to midday is written as amwhile that from midday to midnight is written as pm.
  • In the 24 hour system, time is counted from midnight and expressed in hours.

Travel Time Table

  • Travel timetables shows the expected arrival and departure time for vehicles. Ships, aeroplanes, trains.


  1. The table below shows a timetable for a public service vehicle plying between two towns A and D via towns B and C.
    Town Arrival time Departure time

    10.40 P.M
    2.30 P.M
    4.00 P.M
    8.20 A.M
    11.00 A.M
    2.50 P.M
    1. What time does the vehicle leave town A?
    2. At what time does it arrive in town D?
    3. How long does it take to travel from town A to D.
    4. What time does the vehicle takes to travel from town C to D?


  1. 8.20 A.M
  2. 4.00 P.M
  3. Arrival time in town D was 4.00 p.m. it departure from town A was 8.20 a.m.
    Time taken= (12.00 − 8.20 + 4h)
    =3 h 40 min +4 h
    = 7h 40 min
  4. The vehicle arrived in town D at 4.00 p.m. it departed from town C at 2.50 p.m.
    Time taken = 4.00 − 2.50
    =1h 10 min

Past KCSE Questions on the Topic

  1. A van travelled from Kitale to Kisumu a distance of 160km. The average speed of the van for the first 100km was 40km/h and the remaining part of the journey its average speed was 30km/h. Calculate the average speed for the whole journey. (3mks)
  2. A watch which looses a half-minute every hour was set to read the correct time at 0545h on Monday. Determine the time, in the 12 hour system, the watch will show on the following Friday at 1945h.
  3. The timetable below shows the departure and arrival time for a bus plying between two towns M and R, 300km apart
    Town  Arrival Departure
    M   0830h
    N 1000h 1020h
    P 1310h  1340h
    Q 1510h  1520h
    R 1600h  
    1. How long does the bus take to travel from town M to R?
    2. What is the average speed for the whole journey?
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