Alliance High School End of Year Examinations 2011 Biology Form One

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  1. Define the term species

  2. Write down the formula for calculating the magnification of a drawing.

  3. What is an organelle?

  4. State three properties of a plasma membrane

  5. Name the types of bonds that form during condensation between. (3 mks)
    1. Glucose molecules
    2. Amino acids

  6. State two properties of the cuticle in leaves that enables it to function effectively.

  7. How does high temperature speed up the rate of diffusion of particles?

  8. Give one term in each case used for the definitions given below.
    1. The study of grouping and  naming of living organism.
    2. The study of external features of living organisms
    3. The study of parasites
    4. The study of fungi
    5. The study of tissues

  9. Distinguish between essential and non – essential amino acids.

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