KCSE 2016 Art and Design Paper 1 Questions with Marking Scheme

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SECTION A (20 marks)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

      1. State another term for value.(1 mark)
      2. Name the two techniques used to create value.(2 marks)
      3. Explain the difference between the two techniques.(1 mark)
      1. The illustration below represents a colour triad. Fill in the missing colours.(2 marks)
      2. Explain the terms recede and advance as applies in colour. (2 marks)
    3. Study the visual symbol below
      1. Identify the symbol(1 mark)
      2. State the function(1 mark)
      3. Classify the symbol(1 mark)
    4. State two characteristics of mosaic(2 marks)
    5. Explain the term "pendant' with reference to ornaments.(2 marks
    6. Study the picture below. Identify the most outstanding principle of Art and Design(1 mark)
    7. The pictorial composition below was created by pasting cut out pictures and photographs on the surface. Identify the technique used to create the picture and state a possible title for it(1 mark)
    8. Name the technique of fixing cut out shapes onto a ceramic form(1 mark)
    9. Differentiate between slip and press mould in sculpture
    10. What is the difference between human figure drawing and portraiture?(1 mark)

SECTION B (25 marks)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spuces provided.

  1. Study the picture below.
    1. Identify the type of texture portrayed in the picture.(1 mark)
    2. State four roles of texture conveyed in the picture.(4 marks)
  2. Use a biro or pen and ink on the figure below to create a silhouette.(5 marks)
    1. The illustration below represents an activity in a printing process. In progression. describe the three main steps to complete the process.(3 marks)
    2. The illustration below represents a block ready for a design transfer. In upper case transfer the name abigail' onto the block for scooping and printing.(2 marks)
  4. The illustration shows a tool used in an Art technique.
    1. Identify the technique.(1 mark)
    2. Name the tool.(1 mark)
    3. Explain three functions of the tool.(3 marks)
  5. What is meant by the following terms in pottery?
    1. Stamping(1 mark)
    2. Burnishing(1 mark)
    3. Slip trailing(1 mark)
    4. Incising(1 mark)
    5. Excising(1 mark)

SECTION C (15 marks)

Answer any one question from this section Write your answers in the space provided after question 9.

    1. State and define the three types of relief sculpture(6 marks)
    2. Explain the process of producing a relief sculpture using clay.(9 marks)
    1. What is meant by the term design process? (1 mark)
    2. State and describe the aspects to be covered under the following sub-topics in design process.(14 marks)
      1. Brief
      2. Research
      3. Layout
      4. Client Presentation
  3. With the use of an illustration, explain how aerial or atmospheric perspective is achieved.(15 marks)

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