KCSE 2019 Home Science Paper 1 Questions with Marking Scheme

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 Home Science Paper 1 (441/1)

SECTION A (40 marks)
Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided!

  1. List four separating tools used in the kitchen.(2 marks)
  2. State two functions of Vitamin B, in the body.(2 marks)
  3. Identify four uses of carrots in cookery.
  4. Give two factors that determine the choice of a cooking method.(2 marks) 
  5. Differentiate between chemical and biological raising agents.(2 marks)
  6. Give four ways of preventing skin diseases.(2 marks)
  7. State two measures to be taken in preventing bed sores on a bed-ridden patient.(2 marks)
  8. Highlight three benefits of play to a toddler.(3 marks)
  9. Identify two factors that may influence the cleaning of the kitchen.(2 marks)
  10. Highlight two ways of preventing falls in the home.(2 marks)
  11. State two reasons for using curtains in the living room.(2 marks)
  12. Name six pieces of information that should be indicated on a certified product label. (3 marks)
  13. State two reasons for ironing garments in laundry work.(2 marks)
  14. Differentiate between spotting and sponging in laundry.(2 marks)
  15. State two qualities of a tape measure.(2 marks)
  16. List two self neatened seams.(2 marks)
  17. Name four ways of finishing the top edge of a patch pocket before attachment.(2 marks)
  18. State two limitations of using silk in garment construction.(2 marks)
  19. Highlight two points to consider when fixing fasteners on a garment.(2 marks)

SECTION B: (20 Marks
Answer question 20 in the spaces provided.

  1. You are expecting your classmate to pay you a visit over the weekend. Describe the procedure you would follow to:
    1. special clean a broom that you will use to sweep the bedroom.(5 marks)
    2. clean the bedroom your classmate will use.(7 marks)
    3. launder an acrylic sweater you will wear. (8 marks)

SECTION C (40 marks)
Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided after question 23.

    1. Outline four ways you would avoid wastage in the kitchen when assisting your aunt to prepare dinner.(4 marks)
    2. Explain four factors to consider when buying green leafy vegetables for the dinner.(8 marks)
    3. Describe four problems that a consumer may face while planning to purchase a deodorant.(8 marks)
    1. Describe three uses of trimmings in garment construction(6 marks)
    2. Explain three advantages of knitted fabrics.(6 marks)
    3. Describe four activities carried out in preparation for the family wash.(8 marks)
    1. Describe four suitable qualities of a container for storing drinking water at home.(8 marks)
    2. Explain three hygiene practices that a ten year old child needs to observe in order to maintain good health.(6 marks)
    3. Describe three activities carried out during cleaning of a food store.(6 marks)



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