Drawing and Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Past Papers

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During rainy seasons, some people use different types of tools to remove mud from their shoes before getting into a house or a building.
Design a device that can be used to remove mud from the sole of a shoe considering that it should:

  1. be able to scrape off the mad from the sole of shoes with ease.
  2. be stable when in use.
  3. have provision for collecting the mud.
  4. be easy to remove the collected mud for quick disposal.
  5. be easy to remove the mud that is stuck from the device.
  6. have an adjustable and a collapsible hand support.


  1. Make free-hand pictorial sketches of two possible designs of the device. ( 6 marks)
  2. Select one of the design in (a) above and make a refined pictorial drawing. ( 12 Marks)
  3. Make detailed sketches to show each of the following:
    1. Consideration 4 (5 marks)
    2. Consideration 5 (5 marks)
    3. Consideration 6 (7 marks)
  4. List two materials used for making the device and state one reason for the choice of each. (3 marks)
  5. Name one method of joining the parts and state where it is applied. (2 marks)


  1. Freehand pictorial sketch of two possible designs
    1 10
    Functionality = 2 marks for each
    Proportionality=% mark for each
    Drawn in pictorial➡1⁄2 mark for each
    Total 3 + 3-6 marks

  2. b 2
    Refined sketch of the chosen design
    Pictorial drawing-2 marks
    Proportionality I mark
    Stability -2 mark
    Mud scraping-2 marks
    Mud collection 2 marks
    Collapsibility-2 marks
    Linework = 1 marks
    1. Consideration 4
      Functionality-2 marks
      Frame-1 mark
      Proportionality- 1 mark
      Total 5 marks
    2. Consideration 5
      consideration 5
      Functionality-2 marks
      Blade/flat iron 1 mar
      Frame - 1 mark
      Proportionality1 mark
      Total = 5 marks
    3. Consideration 6
      consideration 6
      Realistic hand support-1 mark
      Proportionality =1mark
      Stopper/equivalent - 1 mark
      Collapsibility-2 marks
      Adjustability-2 marks
      Total - 7 marks
  4. Two materials used in the device
    1. Square tube or L section M.S for the frames
      Reason: Strength
    2. Aluminum sheet or stainless steel
      Reason: For the tray-Does not rust
    3. Rubber or leather or hardened plastic for the handle Reason: Comfort
      Material - Any 21-2 marks Reason 1 × 2%1⁄2-1 mark 3 marks
  5. Methods of joining
    • Welding the frames
    • Brazing the frames
    • Riveting the tray
    • Use of bolts and nuts for support to the frame
      Methods of joining-Any 1 x1-1 mark Where applied
      Any 1x1 = 1 mark
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