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    1. Outline Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the Messiah according to Isaiah 61:1-2            (7mks)
    2.  Describe the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist Luke 1:5-25                     (6mks)
    3. State seven ways in which a Christian couple should respond to childlessness            (7mks)
    1. Describe the incident when Jesus was rejected at Nazareth in Luke 4: 16 – 30            (8mks)
    2. Identify reasons why Jesus faced opposition from the Pharisees in Galilee in Luke (5: 12, 6, 11) (6mks)
    3. Identify six problems Christians face while spreading the gospel in Kenya today                                  (6mks)
    1. Outline seven instruction that Jesus gave to the seventy two disciples when He sent them on a mission        (7mks)
    2. Identify six methods used by Jesus to spread the gospel           (6mks)
    3. State ways in which the government is contributing towards evangelization process in Kenya        (7mks)
    1. State seven teachings about Jesus from Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost              (7mks)
    2.  Identify the teaching of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit (8mks)
    3. Outline ways in which Christians promote unity in Kenya today      (5mks)
    1. Outline seven responsibilities of Employers to their employees         (7mks)
    2.  State seven consequences of denying employees’ rights               (7mks)
    3. State factors that contribute to unemployment in Kenya         (6mks)
    1. Give reasons why it is important to have laws in a country      (7mks)
    2.  List seven rights of a Kenyan citizen (7mks)
    3. State six roles of Christian youth during a National Election (6mks)


    1. Outline Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the Messiah according to Isaiah 61:1-2                   (7mks)
      He should be filled with the holy spirit
      He would be anointed by God
      He would preach good tiding to the afflicted
      He would bind the broken hearted
      He would set the captives free
      He would proclaim the day of vengeance of our God
      He would comfort who mourn
      He would proclaim the year of the Lord.
    2. Describe the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1: 5 – 25) (6mks)
      The birth of John was announced by the Angle Gabriel during the reign of King Herod, the Great
      The angle appeared to Zachariah in the Temple as he performed his priestly duties
      Zachariah was filled with fear, but the angle told him not to be afraid
      The angle informed Zachariah that his prayer had been heard and that his wife would bear a son named John
      The angle told him the qualities of John
      Zachariah did not believe the angle’s message because he was old and his wife Elizabeth was barren
      He was struck dumb for his disbelief until the day God would fulfill His message. He left for home and after sometime His wife conceived.
    3. State ways in which Christian’s couple should respond to childlessness (7mks
      Pray to God to bless their marriage
      Seek guidance and counseling
      Seek medical advice
      Be patient and less anxious
      Seek advice from experience couple with children
      Uphold the church doctrines on marriage
      Adopt children.
      Remain faithful to each other
    1. Describe the incident when Jesus was rejected at Nazareth (Luke 4:16-30)                        (8mks)
      Jesus came Nazareth where he was brought up
      He went synagogue as he usually did on the Sabbath day
      He was given book of prophet Isaiah when he stood up to read
      He opened the book, found the place that was written about him and read it to the people
      After reading he closed the book and gave it to the attendant and sat down
      Everybody in the synagogue looked at him
      He told them that the scripture he has read was fulfilled in their hearing
      All the people were happy with what he had spoken
      People wondered aloud saying “is this not Joseph son?”
      Jesus told them that they would ask him to do in his own country things he had done in Capernaum
      Jesus told them that a prophet is not accepted in his own country
      He told them that there were many widows in Israel during the time of Elijah but God sent the prophet to widow in Zarephath/God only healed Naaman the Syrian of lepolsy during the time of prophet ElishaThey were filled with anger/wanted to throw him down the cliff
      Jesus passed through the midst and went away.
    2. Reasons why Jesus faced opposition from the Pharisees in Galilee (Luke 5:12, 6: 11) (6mks)
      Jesus touched a man with leprosy which was against the Jewish law
      He forgave sins which the Pharisees knew only god could do/healed the paralyzed man
      He missed/ate with the tax collectors which were known to be sinners
      Jesus made it clear to them that he had come to call the righteous but sinners to repentanceHis disciples did not fast, like those of the John the Baptist which annoyed the Pharisees
      He challenged them to move from the old traditional order to the new one which he had brought
      The disciples of Jesus plucked and ate grains on the Sabbath day which was unlawful/he healed a man with a withered hand on a Sabbath
      Jesus’ popularity
    3. Challenges faced by Christians while spreading the gospel (6mks)
      Traditional practices that are not biblical acceptable e.g. polygamy
      Inadequate funds for evangelization
      Science and technology innovations that may erode Christians faith
      Denominational differences
      Lack of adequate faith/courage in God and congregation
      Political instability/interference
      Political in the church/wrangle
    1. Instructions given by Jesus to the 72 disciples when He sent them on a mission      (7mks)
      They were not to carry any purse/bag/sandals
      They were not to salute anyone on the road
      They were to say peace to any house and not go from house to house
      They were to eat and drink whatever was provided
      They were to tell the people that the kingdom of God has come near
      They were to wipe their feet against the people if not received 
    2. Six methods used by Jesus to spread the gospel (6mks)
      Preaching the good news/giving sermons
      Healing miracles/exercising evil spirits/raising the dead to life/miracles of nature
      Using parables/wise saying
      Visiting people’s homes
      Being a role model
      Question and answer method
      Giving private tuition to the disciples
    3. Ways in which Government is contributing towards the evangelization process in Kenya (7mks)
      Guaranteeing freedom of worship in the constitution
      Providing a peaceful environment by maintain law and order
      Allowing CRE to be taught in Kenyan schools and hospitals
      Providing infrastructure for ease of accessibility
      Training and employing CRE teachers
      Providing financial support in the construction of Churches, schools and hospitals
      Allowing church sponsor and control their sponsored institution|
      Setting aside land for church construction
      Allowing government institutions to be used as venues   for seminars and workshop for churches
      Permitting evangelists from other countries to come and preach in Kenya
      Incorporating Christian holiday in the national calendar e.g. Easter/Christmas
      Inviting Christians leaders to pray at official functions
      Allowing the use of state owned media to popularize Church activities
    1. Teaching about Jesus from Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost                         (7mks)
      Jesus will come again as judge of mankind
      Jesus death was according to Gods will
      Jesus was descendant of David hence the Messiah
      Jesus of Nazareth is son of God
      God raised him from the dead hence had victory over death
      He is exalted to God in glory
      The death and resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecy
      God made Jesus both Lord and Christ
    2. The teaching of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit (8mks)
      Giving Christians all truth
      Convicts the world of sin and righteousness
      The Holy Spirit reveals to believers the mind of God
      The Holy Spirit would give the disciples power
      The Holy Spirit testifies of Christ in a believer
      The Holy Spirit intercedes for the believers
      The Holy Spirit is a helper
      Teaching and reminding believers of all things
      The Holy Spirit is a counselor
    3. Way Christians can promote unity in Kenya today (5mks)
      Preaching peace and unity
      Organizing inter-denominational crusades- reconciling warring parties
      Admitting children from different faiths in the schools
      leaders whom will promote discriminative
      Forgiving one another
      Advocating for laws which are not discriminative
      Encouraging inter-ethnic and inter racial marriages
    1. List down seven responsibilities of employees      (7mks)
      Employer should treat employee with respect and dignity
      Employer should carry out business so that it benefits employee/organization and community
      Employer should reward employee by sharing profits of the organization
      They should motivate employees by providing equal promotion opportunities
      They should take care of workers welfare e.g. pension scheme, medical cover, leave etc.
      They should provide the necessary tools and training for maximum production
      Employer should cultivate personal relationship with employees
      They should pay just wages to employees
      give workers reasonable hours of work to maintain production
    2. State seven consequences of denying employees rest (7mks)
      It may lead to poor working relations
      The organization may realize low output
      The workers may results to a strikes
      Some of the employees may lose their jobs through sacking/resignation
      It can lead to poor health/death
      It may lead to break up of families
      It can lead to labour conflicts between the employer and employee
      Mistrust may arise leading to close supervision
      Employees may develop negative attitudes towards work
      Accidents are likely to occur
    3. Factors contributing to un-employment in Kenya (6mks)
      High population whereby there are too many people for the available jobs
      Lack of enough capital to start a business
      Lack of skills so as to be absorbed in the job market
      Rural-urban migration too many people move to towns and jobs are limited
      Many Kenyans prefer white collar jobs as education system its geared towards that
      Negative attitude towards work-some Kenyans lack initiative
      Unequal distribution of wealth- some regions have more resources than others
      Introduction of new technology like computers leading to retrenchment
      Bribery/corruption leading to people getting jobs they are not qualified
      Poor economic policies by the government which hinder job creation
      Insecurity/increase in crime discouraging local and foreign investors
      Selfishness and greedy people taking more than one job.
    1. Give reasons why law and order are necessary         (7mks)
      Laws safeguard people’s rights
      People’s property are protected
      It protects customers from exploitation
      It allows economic growth
      Individuals are able to enjoy freedom of worship
      They control taxation and collection of revenue
      It ensures political stability
      It determine punishment for crimes done
      The law acts as a check for those in authority
      Enables the government to protect its citizens
    2. Rights of a Kenyan citizen (7mks)
      Right to life
      Right to education
      Right to employment
      Right to have needs/food/shelter/clothing
      Right to marry/raise a family
      Right to freedom of speech/expectation
      Right to own property
      Freedom of worship
      Right to work/earn a living
      Right of the child not to be employed before an appropriate minimum age
    3. The role of a Christian youth during a national election (6mks)
      Should pray for free, fair and peace election
      Avoid situation of confrontation with their competitors/different political affiliations
      Preach peace and be role model by maintaining peace
      Create public awareness/sensitize the masses by composing songs, skits, on peaceful campaigns and their right to vote
      should exercise their democratic right by casting votes
      seek employment at various levels in and out of polling stations
      report those who are out to incite others/out to cause chaos during elections
      Mobilize people to vote/assist the elderly and the sick during voting exercise.                                          




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