Drawing and Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Mock Exams Set 1

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 Instructions to candidate.
  • You should have the following materials for these exams.
  • 4 sheets of drawing papers size A3.
  • Drawing instruments.
  • This paper has ONE COMPULSORY question.
  • This paper is to be issued to the candidates 30 minutes before the examinations starts.
  • Candidates are advised to spend this time understanding the design problem and planning the work on one of the drawing papers provided.
  • Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that both pages are printed as indicated and no questions are missing. 


Due to limited spaces between buildings in urban areas, there is need to relax and sunbed outside a house. 
There is need to have a collapsible chair to be used in such places.
 Design a collapsible chair with the following considerations. 
  1. Should be collapsible/foldable when not in used.
  2. Should have a means of adjusting the height.
  3. Should have a mechanism for tilting the head and the back to a convenient angle.
  4. Should be moved with ease.
  1. Make two rough sketches of the possible solutions.  (6mks)
  2. Make a refined pictorial sketch of the best solution in (a) above. (12mks)
  3. Make detailed drawing s of considerations (1,2,3 and 4) (16mks)
  4. List three methods of joining and state where used.       (3mks)
  5. List three materials used and give a reason for the choice.  (3mks)


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