English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Kapsabet Mocks Exams 2023

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  1. Answer three questions only
  2. In question one choose either A or B
  3. Question 2 and 3 are Compulsory
  4. Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words
  5. One must answer the question in English


  1. Imaginative composition (COMPULSORY) (20mks)
    1. Write a composition ending with the words:
      “ That was the happiest day of my  life.”
    2. Write a story to illustrate the saying : Jealousy does not pay.”
  2. The compulsory set text
    H.R. Ole  Kulet, Blossoms of the Savannah
    “Self-centred individuals cause a lot of pain and suffering to themselves and other people.” With reference to H.R. Ole kulet’s ‘Blossoms of the savannah’ write a composition in support of the above assertion. (20mks)
  3. The optional set text
    The short story
    Godwin Siundu,  A  silent song and other stories
    “People with admirable traits stand out in the society.” Basing your illustration on Vrenika Pather’s story, Ninema, write an essay to prove the truth the above statement. (20mks)

                                                                                MARKING SCHEME


  • D CLASS (01 -05): The candidate either does not communicate at all or his language ability is so minimal that the examiner practically has to guess what the candidate wants to communicate. The candidate fails to fit English words he knows into meaningful sentences. The subject is glanced at or distorted. Practically no valid punctuation. All kinds of errors are “Broken English.”.
  • D- (01-01): Chaotic. Little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words from it simply copied.
  • D (03) Flow of thought almost impossible to follow. The errors are continuous.
  • D+ (04-05): Although English is often broken and the essay is full of errors of all types one can at least guess what the candidate wants to communicate.
  • C CLASS (06-10): Generally, there is difficulty in communication. The candidate communicates understandably but only more or less clearly. He/she is not confident with their language. The language is often undeveloped. There may be some digressions. Unnecessary repetitions are frequent. The arrangement is weak and the flow is jerky. There is no economy of language mother tongue influence is felt in spelling; there is direct translation.
  • C- (06-07): The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his ideas. He is seriously hampered by his very limited knowledge of the language structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement, spelling, misuse of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and sentence construction.
  • C 08: The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. His linguistic abilities being very limited, he cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is little variety or originality. Very bookish English. Links are weak, incorrect and at times repeated.
  • C+ (09-10): The candidate communicates clearly but in the flat and uncertain manner. Simple concepts and sentences are often strained. There may be an overuse of clinches or unsuitable idioms. Proverbs are misquoted or misinterpreted. The flow is still jerky. There are some errors of agreement, tenses and spelling.
  • CLASS (11-15): Generally, there is fluency in communications. This class is characterized by greater fluency and ease of expression. The candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way expressing himself. Sentences are varied and usually well-constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and even over ambitious i.e. the candidate may use too much vocabulary in an effort to impress. There may be items of merit of the one word or one’s expression types. Many essays in this category may be just clean and unassuming but they still show that the candidate is at ease with the language.
  • B (11-12): The candidate communicates fairly and with some fluency. There may be little variety in sentence structure gross errors are occasional.
  • B 13: The sentences are varied but rather simple and straight forward. The candidate does not strain himself in an effort to impress. There is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom. Some items or merit, economy of language. The candidate seems to express themselves naturally and effortlessly.
  • B+ (14-15): The candidate communicates his ideas pleasantly and without strain. There are few errors and slips. Tenses, spellings and punctuations are quite good. A number of merit of “whole sentence” or the “whole expression” type are evident.
  • A CLASS (16-20): Communication is efficient. The candidate communicates not only fluently, but attractively, with originality and efficiency. He has the ability to make the reader share his deep feelings, emotions, enthusiasm. He expresses himself freely and without any visible constraint. The script gives evidence of maturity, good planning and a tinge of humour. Many items of merit which indicate that the candidate has complete command of the language. There is no strain, just pleasantness, clever arrangement and felicity of expressions.
  • A-(16-17): The candidates shows competence and fluency in using language. He may lack imagination or originality which usually provides the “spark” in such essays. Vocabulary, idioms, sentence structure, links and variety are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.
  • A18: Positive Ability. A few errors that are felt to be slips. The story or arguments has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures A definite spark. Many margin ticks
  • A+ (19-20): The candidates communicates not only information and meaning, but also and especially the candidate’s whole self, his feelings, taste, points of view, youth and culture, this ability to communicate his deep self may express itself in many ways: wide range effective vocabulary, original approach, vivid and sustained account in case of a narrative, well developed and ordered argument in ease of a debate or discussion. A very definite spark. (Very memorable)
  • 1a) Must be a story. If not deduct 4mks AD. Must end with the statement if not deduct AD 2mks rubric. The story must illustrate what led the writer to the conclusion that that was the happiest day of his or her life.
  • b) Must be a story, if not Deduct 4mks AD. The candidate is expected to write a story which will illustrate the meaning of the proverb (saying). Can show how the success of the victim of jealousy led to shame/ guilt or downfall of the character who was jealous or how the jealous person is punished by his or her conscience as others succeeded.

Question 2: The compulsory set text 
Self-Centred people cause a lot of pain and suffering to themselves and other people

There are people who are always driven by their own needs prompting them to completely ignore the needs of other people. Their action end up causing Physical and Psychological pain to other people and also themselves in Blossoms of Savannah, such characters are Olarinkoi, Ole Kaelo and Mama Milanoi


  1. Ole Kaelo who is only interested in becoming rich and be accepted in the Nasilian culture as who is who in the community, willingly engages in Lucrative business deals with Oloisudori in exchange of his daughter Rasian. Ole Kaelo is retrenched (pg1) and has to move to Nasila and make his agricultural business successful where he signs a contract with Oloisudori even after he is warned by his friend Ole Supeyo (pg25-26)
    Oloisudori is known for his corrupt means and blackmail which Ole Kaelo falls into. He demands to marry Resian and if not Ole Kaelo would lose everything (pg107-109 pg165). He sees the material side only if his daughter is married to Oloisudori yet the daughter wanted to go to Egerton University.
    He goes ahead to even plan her kidnapping if Resian refuses and have her forcefully circumcised for the marriage to be successful (Pg. 188,191,194). His betrayal to his own daughter makes Resian go through a lot of pain in the hands of the brute, Olarinkoi while running away from the planned marriage. This does not also spare her psychological being. At the end Ole Kaelo loses both Resian and Taiyo as Resian escapes and Taiyo is rescued from being married to Oloisudori in her place.
    Taiyo also suffers physical damage as she is sexuality is mutilated through. F.G.M

  2. Olarinkoi takes advantages of Resian’s desperate situation to lure her to his home with the intention of marrying her. Ole Kaelo had sold her daughter to Oloisudori at half a million and Resian runs from home to confront her father (pg. 203-210). In frustration, she walks to the Nasila river to clear her mind and Olarinkoi promises to take her to Emakererei(pg. 211) and she believes him as he had once saved her and Taiyo from the vagabonds(pg. 140-143). Olarinkoi takes her to his home where he tries to rape her and Resian fights by biting his finger almost amputating it (pg. 212-220) Resian suffers a lot of psychological torture in addition to the physical pain inflicted to her through being hit and she bled to an extent of losing consciousness/ passing out (pg222). Resian is nursed back to health by Enkaabani (pg230-234) who helps her escape to Emakerererei. Olarinkoi is really reprimanded by his mother because rape was not part of the plan. He is also humiliated and he goes to recuperate in the forest. Eventually, he loses Resian (pg. 232-233). “What was not in prediction is what Olarinkoi tried to do with you. Rape was not part of the programme. For his disobedience and defiance he was rebuked scolded and reprimanded by his mother…bite (pg. 232, pg. 233). Now that Olarinkoi had bugged the job by dipping his dirty finger into the porridge before it was dished out to him he will have to suffer the consequences”

  3. Oloisudori is greedy for wealth and power. He already has six wives and still wants to take Resian as a seventh wife. Being a wealthy businessman who is known to be corrupt, immoral an extortionist as a mugger, a poacher and a thug (pg101, 236). He easily lures Ole Kaelo who wants to be rich and succeed in his business even after being warned by Ole Supeyo to keep him away from his daughters to keep him first time he openly scans her and this makes Resian uncomfortable due to his amorous character pg 91-98107 203)
    As he thrives in extortion (pg110) he threatens Ole Kaelo’s business in exchange of Resian and the father agrees due to his materialistic nature(pg177.178,188) Oloisudori tells her he would marry her and this makes Resian run away from home after a confrontation with both Oloisudori and her father (pg. 203-210) Resian really suffers because her desire is to join Egerton university. In the end, he loses her and his armoured vehicles which are torched by labourers at Miniks farm and he has to escape on foot and save his dear life.
    But not before being “clobbered thoroughly (pg281-284).
  4. Olarinkoi’s mother (mono-eyed woman) selfishly desires her son to marry Resian in an attempt to settle scores with Oloisudori. She had foreseen that Ole Kaelo would move to Nasila and Olarinkoi would marry one of his daughters (pg. 232). Olarinkoi brings her to his home (pg. 217-219) and shamelessly after a drinking spree tries to rape her where Resian bites his finger almost amputating it (pg. 221-222). The plan all along was for Resian to get circumcised and get married to Olarinkoi but he has messed up. Olarinkoi’s mother is very bitter with Oloisudori who abandoned her after the help she accorded him during his poaching days (pg. 236) and she is happy that her son had snatched her from Oloisudori.(pg 228-229). In a way, it is victory to her and she plans as soon as Resian get better she will be circumcised and they will elope to Tanzania where they will stay until the search for Resian over (pg229).  Resian suffers physically and psychologically in the hands of Olarinkoi and his mother Enkaabani who was meant to treat her after circumcision is the one who helps her escape and thus spoils Olarinkoi’s plans (pg. 245-255).
  5. Mama Milanoi cares so much about the interest of her husband to retain her position as the wife and does not realize the pain and suffering she inflicts on her daughters and ends up losing both of them in the end. She welcomes the idea of them relocating to Nasila where her children would be inculcated to the Nasila culture and she is hopeful to bear her husband a son in the long run she does this to please her husband even when he gets into a shoddy deal with Oloisudori to sell off her daughter she is happy after she sees the wealth that her future son-in-law is willing to give her daughter. She doesn’t listen to the cry of Resian who wants to go to the University as she was meant to fight for her when things get to be difficult, she tries seeking help from the women in the society who compare her to the proverbial hyena who is not sure of which culture to follow Resian runs away from home and Taiyo is forcefully circumcised and she loses her. She collaborates with the three Esoit women to trick Taiyo that Resian was in distress and needed help. This was a sure betrayal from a mother. (pg. 272-273). Mama Milanoi loses her two daughters to Minik. They state that their mother was an example of a wife they never wanted to become (pg. 277). Resian was pained by her mother’s betrayal and compared her to a hyena “Even the hyena’s greed spared its own young ones; she reasoned (pg. 231).
    It is futile to only care about one’s interest as in the end, it leads to suffering and pain to oneself and others

QUESTION 3: The Optional Set Text
The short story

People who portray positive or virtuous traits or character are regarded, with wonder and delight. They never go unnoticed. Such a character is Ninema.      (Accept any other valid introduction 2mks)
Ninema is hardworking/ determined as she wakes up at four o’clock on Monday morning to leap the herbs from her garden. The willingness to change her situation makes her to work hard. Her crops are said to be healthy. “She has accepted her lot in life but is not resigned to it “This shows her determination to rise above the challenges she is facing. (pg13). This makes her admirable
Ninema is persevering/ resilient she survives in abject poverty and lacks necessities like hot running water. She washes her face with cold water from the outside tap. To take her weekly bath, she boils hot water on the open fire. She does not allow this lack to the limit her. “She coils her long hair into an uncompromising bun at the nape of her neck” in this way it does not distract her from her business. “She will wash it on Saturday when she takes her bath for now it is neat and out of the way” pg13. She endures the long walks to the market and she has special chum pals. This ability of persevering the challenges makes her admirable.
Ninema is also presented as a principled person. She does not let the behaviours and traits of others change what she believes in. Her business manner is unique only to her and she does not change it to fit or be like others. Although she was one of the traders, something about her was different. She ran her business with an iron fist which made some people like her while others dislike her” The people’s reactions do not affect her as she remains herself. The ladies in the stalls admire her mainly because they had gotten compromised at work and home (pg15). Ninema has become admirable because of this.
In addition Ninema is admirable since she is organized she plans her work early enough, making it easy to run her business. She wakes up early in the morning to reap the herbs that she takes to the market for the day. She organizes her herbs in an appetizing way which draws many customers to her. She does not chat with other ladies aimlessly, which would waste her time. She plans to ensure her stall is organized before she takes her breakfast. Once her stall is ready and only when ready, she takes sips of the tea she had brought. Her meals are packed early in the morning which points to this organized personality, she packs tea and sandwiches that she takes for lunch.
Ninema is also admirable since she is skilful/ wise. She handles different customers masterfully, thus making her earn their loyalty. She can handle Mr. Chinran, infatuated with her, by treating him with respect and appreciation instead of encouraging his infatuation. She also handles Mrs. Singh firmly but respectively thus winning her even though Mrs. Singh is difficult and troublesome. Ninema’s ability to entice a new customer by offering an extra bunch of mint for free shows that she is skilful in business, thus making her an admirable character (pg. 14).
Lastly, Ninema is seen to be courageous/ tough, making her admirable. When a man sexually harasses her, she does not let him go scot-free. She follows the man who pinches her erect nipples and hits him with the only weapon at hand-her chum pal, which makes the man too astounded to react.
The other women hawkers jeer and cheer as Ninema repeatedly hits the man. She even gives him extra hits on behalf of all the women thus depicting her as the fighter of her rights and those of others. By following the man and hitting him with her sandal, Ninema shows her courage (pg16).
From the story, Ninema is genuinely seen to be admirable due to her courageous, determined organized, hardworking and moral nature/ Ninema’s outstanding character makes her to be liked by many of the people she associates with as shown above.
(Accept any other valid conclusion)            (2mks)
Q2 and 3 marking instructions
  1. Introduction (2mks)
  2. Body: Any 4 well illustrated points (with textual details) mark 3:3:3:3 (12mks)
  3. Grammar and presentation (4mks)
  4. Conclusion (2mks)

Conclusion marks

If body score 1-5 conclusion = (½mk)
//   //       //    6-12    //            =  (2/2mks)
Language marks
If body score 1-4 language = (1mks)       ¼
//    //      //      5-6     //         =  (2mks)     
//    //      //      7-8     //         =  (3mks)
//    //      //      9-12   //         =  (4mks)   

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