Biology Paper 3 - Alliance High School Pre-Trial Examination 2018

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MAY 2018



  • Answer all questions
  • You are required to spend the first 15 minutes of the 13/hours allowed for this paper, reading the whole paper carefully before commencing your work.
  • Candidates should answer all the questions in English.
  1. You are provided with a plant tissue labelled Q. Peel and cut the tissue into small pieces. Macerate the pieces using the mortar and pestle. Prepare a smooth paste. Transfer the paste into the visking tubing using a spatula. The visking tubing is to be half filled. Use the strings to secure the tubing ends tightly so that the paste doesn't flow out. Wash the outside of the visking tubing using distilled water and immerse it in solution V, in a beaker. Allow the set up to stand for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, retrieve and observe the contents of the visking tubing on a white tile.
    1. Define the physiological process being investigated. (1 mk)
    2. State and explain the observation made on the contents of the visking tubing. (2 mks)
    3. Account for the observation made in (b) above. (2 mks)
    4. Explain how the following changes to the set up would affect the rate of the process being investigated. (6 marks)
      1. Warming solution V
      2. Reducing the solute concentration in solution V.
      3. Using a wider visking tubing.
    5. Explain the expected observation:
      1. Had the paste been mixed with amylase and placed in solution V maintained at 38o C (2 mks)
      2. If 5 drops of dilute hydrochloric acid are added to the mixture in i (above)(2 mks)
  2. The photograph below is of a plant organ. Photographs b and c are magnified parts of the organ in photograph a.

    magnigied organ

    1. State its role on the plant. (1 mk)
    2. Give two economic importance of such organs to man. (2 mks)
    3. Name the class of the plant from which the photograph was taken. (1 mk)
    4. Using observable features on the photograph, give two reasons for your answer in (a) above. (2 mks)
    5. Name the agent of pollination for organ in the photograph. (1 mk)
    6. State two observations on the photograph to support your answer in (c) above. (2 mks)
    7. Name the part labelled E. (1 mk)
  3. The photographs labelled K, L, M, N and P below are of bones obtained from a mammal. For each of the bones K, L and M, two views are shown.



    1. Identify the bones and name the part of the mammalian body from which each was obtained. (5 mks)
    2. Name the parts labeled 1,2,3,4 and 5 (5 marks)
    3. Name the bones that form a joint with bone K at its anterior and posterior end and in each case name the type of joint they form.
    4. State the function of the structure labelled 6 in bone P. (1 mk)
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