Biology Paper 1 Questions - Kapsabet Boys Post Mock 2023 Exams

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  •  Spelling errors especially of biological terms shall be penalized
  •  Answer ALL questions
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English



Answer all Questions

    1. Name the antigens that determines human blood groups. (2mks)
    2. The diagram bellows shows the reb blood cell
      1b 1
  2. The figure below is a diagram of a cell as seen under the light microscope
    State three structures that show that these is a plant cell. (3mks)
  3. Why is it more advantageous to breath through the nose than through the mouth. (3mks)
  4. State three characteristics of members of Bryophyta. (3mks)
  5. State three characteristics of a population (3mks)
  6. The diagram below represents a section through a plant part.
    6 8
      1. Name the part of the plant from which the section was obtained. (lmk)
      2. Give a reason for your answer in a(i) above. (1mk)
    2. On the diagram, label X to indicate the part which would be stained if the plant was left to stand in colored waters for 30 minutes before the section was made. (lmk)
    3. State the function of the part labeled Q. (lmk)
  7. The diagram below shows two organisms of the same species (2mks)
    7 5
    1. State the sex of organism A and B. (2mks)
    2. Name the disease caused by the above organism. (1mk)
  8. Identify the physiological process involved in the following
    1. Feeding in venus fly trap ( insectivorous plant) (1mk)
    2. Absorption of mineral salts by plant roots. (1mk)
    1. Obesity increases the risk of a person developing cardiovascular disease and losing weight can reduce the risk of this disease occurring. Explain why exercise can cause weight loss (2mks)
    2. Figure 3 below shows a gastric band fitted to a stomach
      Explain how a gastric band helps a person to lose (2mks)
  10. Sulmac secondary school biology student used a microscope with x40 objective lens and x5 eye piece lens which had 2mm radius.
    1. Calculate the area of the field of view in micrometers. (2mks)
    2. What is the average size of the cell in micrometers (2mks)
    1. Name the parts of a mammalian ear which carry out the following functions.
      1. Balance and posture. (lmk)
      2. Hearing. (lmk)
    2. State the importance of presence of glands in auditory canal. (lmk)
  12. Body temperature of two animals A and B were taken over the increase in environmental temperature. The results are shown in the diagram below.
    12 3
    1. What name is used to describe group of animals represented by
      A.................................................................................. (1mk)
      B................................................................................. (1mk)
    2. State two advantages of the group of animals represent by A over that of B. (2mks)
  13. Briefly explain how the following affect the rate of transpiration (2mks)
    1. Sunken stomata (2mks)
    2. Hairy leaves (2mks)
  14. The illustration below represents an eye defect.
    14 3
    1. Name the eye defect (1mk)
    2. How can the defect be corrected? (1mk)
  15. A form four girl uprooted a young plant and laid it horizontally on the ground. After one week it was observed that the shoot of the same plant had bend upwards while theroot downwards as shown below.
    15 3
    Account for the observations made. (3mks)
  16. The figure below shows some of the stages of blood clotting.
    16 2
    1. Complete the figure by filling in the two empty boxes. (1mark)
    2. State two roles of blood clotting. (2marks)
  17. The diagram shows a timeline of a woman’s menstrual cycle, which lasts for 28 days. (1mk)
    17 4
    On which days of the menstrual cycle is a woman most likely to become pregnant?
  18. The scientific name for a domestic cat is felis catus. Outline the rules that were never followed in writing the name (3mks)
  19. Name the part of an ovule that develops into each of the following parts of a seed after fertilization. (2mks)
    1. Testa
    2. Endosperm
  20. What happens when a young herbaceous plant is well watered with strong salt solution. (2mks)
  21. Name the cell organelles that would be found in abundance in
    1. Skeletal muscles (1mk)
    2. Palisade cells (1mk)
  22. State one role of the following elements in the human body. 
    1. Iron (1mk)
    2. Chlorine (1mk)
    1. What is mean by the term assimilation. (1mk)
    2. State two ways in which end products of lipids digestion are assimilated. (2mks)
  24. Enzyme + substrate24 1 enzyme + products from the above equation name two properties of enzymes exhibited in the equation. (2mks)
  25. Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow (2mks)
    25 1
    What process takes places in A and B. (2mks)
  26. Use the graph below to answer the question that follow.
    26 1
    1. Calculate the difference in nitrate concentration between the highest and lowest. (1mk)
    2. How can increase in nitrate concentration in the river lead to death of fish? (2mks)
    3. Suggest two possible sources of nitrate that lead to the pollution in river. (2mks)
  27. A man of blood group A (heterozygous) marries a woman of blood group O. What are the possible blood groups of their children? (2mks)
  28. During germination and early growth the dry weight of endosperm decreases while that of the embryo increases. Explain. (2mks)
  29. State two importance of the placenta during pregnancy (2mks)
  30. State one function of water in a germinating seed. (1mk)
  31. Explain the following terms
    1. Test cross (1mk)
    2. Phenotype (1mk)
  32. Haemophilia is a sex – linked disorder caused by a recessive gene located on the X – chromosome. Give the genotype of a make haemophilic individual. (1mk)
  33. Distinguish between divergent and convergent evolution. (2mks)
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