Christian Religious Education Questions - Alliance Boys High School Post Mock KCSE 2020

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Answer any five questions in the toolscap provided
All questions carry equal marks

    1. Outline the activities which took place when the angels visited the shepherds on the night Jesus was born. (7marks)
    2. Describe the incident in which Jesus was dedicated in the temple at the age of 40 days. (7marks)
    3. Give six reasons why many people are attracted to the church. (6marks)
    1. Give six reasons why Jesus was rejected in Nazareth. (6marks)
    2. State the activities which took place during the transfiguration of Jesus. (7marks)
    3. Identify lessons Christians learn from the transfiguration of Jesus .. (7marks)
    1. State the accusations which were made against Jesus during his trial. Luke 22:66-23:23 (6marks)
    2. Give reasons why the Jesus appeared to his disciplines after resurrection. (7marks)
    3. Why should Christians be discouraged from taking part in mob justice. (6marks)
    1. Explain how unity of believers is expressed in the vine and the branches. (6marks)
    2. Explain the teachings of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit. (8marks)
    3. State six ways in which Christians are able to identify those who possess the Holy Spirit in the church. (6marks)
    1. State the traditional African understanding of male/female relationships. (6marks)
    2. Give reasons why Christians condemn abortion. (7marks)
    3. Why do some people choose to remain unmarried today? (7marks)
    1. Give seven ways in which the church is rehabilitating wrong doers in Kenya today. (7marks)
    2. State seven reasons why there is need for cooperation between the church and government in Kenya (7marks)
    3. State ways in which the Church is eradicating poverty in Kenya (6marks)
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