Classification 1 Questions and Answers - Form 1 Biology Topical Revision

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    1. What is meant by the term binomial nomenclature? (1 mk)
    2. Give two reasons why classification is important. (2 mks)
  2. Explain the following terms; (3 mks)
    1. Classification
    2. Taxonomy
    3. Binomial nomenclature.
  3. Ascaris lumbricoides is an example of an endoparasite. The name Ascaris refers to
  4. Black jack (Bidens pilosa) belong to the family compositae. What does pilosa stand for? (1 mk)
  5. Define the term species. (1mk)
  6. Distinguish between Taxonomy and taxon. (1mk)
  7. Give two characteristics that distinguish scientific names of organisms from the ordinary names  
  8. Name the branch of Biology that deals with the study of animals
  9. The scientific name of a rat is Rattus norvegicus
    1. Write the name correctly
    2. Identify the genus and species names 


    1. Binomial nomenclature is a system of naming organisms by giving them two scientific names, the generic and specific names.
      • It makes it easier to identify an organism
      • It is easier to describe an organism as it is based on characteristics of the organism
      • Large number of organisms are divided into smaller groups depending on characteristics
      • The whole world uses the same groupings, so everyone understands each other.
    1. Classification – placing of animals and plants into group according to their similarities in structure, physiological processes and ancestry.
    2. Taxonomy - scientific study of classification.
    3. Binomial nomenclature- system of naming using two names. The first part of the name represents the genus (generic name) while the second part refers to species or is the specific name.
  3. Genus
  4. Specific name
  5. Species – A species is the smallest unit of individual organisms which has hereditary distinction from that of any other group and whose members naturally interbreed to produce fertile
  6. Taxonomy- Scientific study of classification Taxon- Each group of classification
    • Two names i.e first genus and second species;
    • Genus names starts with capital letter while species starts with small letter;
    • Both names are written in italics, when printed or underlined when types or handwritten;
  8. Zoology
    1.  Rottus norvegicus (1mk) (Genus name MUST begin with capital letter and be underlined separately)
    2. Genus – Rattus;
      Species – norvegicus;
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