Meaning of Christian Religious Education Questions and Answers - Form 1 Topical CRE

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  1. Give seven reasons why C.R.E as a subject is incorporated into curriculum in Kenyan schools today
  2. State six contributions of Christian Religious Education to the development of a student
    1. Explain four reasons why Christian religious education is important in the Kenya educational curriculum.   
    2. In what five ways can teaching of C.R.E enhance national unity in Kenya?
    1. Define Christian Religious Education.
    2. Explain importance of learning Christian religious education.
  5. Give reasons why Christians religious education is taught in Kenyan schools          
    1. State why C.R.E is included in the teaching curriculum in our Kenyan schools
    2. Give six reasons for studying Christian Religious Education in Secondary schools.


    • To make us ware of our religion and culture
    • To improve our understanding of the Bible/know the character of some personality in the Bible to emulate them (e.g. Abraham/Moses/David e.t.c
    • For career development leading to employment 
    • to appreciate God’s creation
    • To acquire skills and knowledge so as to make social/moral/spiritual decision
    • To develop our faith in Jesus / to lead a holy life
    • To assist the student to achieve the National goals of Education (i.e. equality/unity)
    • To help one to analyze the mystery of life (e.g. why people die /what happens after death)
    • Creates awareness of God/ spiritual development
    • It leads to moral development of career related suit i.e. law
    • Develops positive attitudes to other youths
    • Offers solutions to daily problems/ source of guidance
    • Promotes social interactions
    • Cultivate in a student respect of God’s creation, environment and life
    • Helps a student to understand/ achieve national goals of education
      • Helps the leaner to understand and appreciate the saving power of God.
      • Helps the leaner to develop spiritually.
      • Helps in making choices appropriate to Christian living.
      • Development of positive attitude and values.
      • Positive contribution to improvement of quality life.
      • Helps the leaner to develop international consciousness.
      • Educates leaner on cultural background.
      • It is a career subject
      • Answers questions about origin
      • Promote Christian values
      • Universal brotherhood through Adam and eve
      • Develops oneness in Christian unity
      • Teaches equality of human kind before God
      • Imparts the virtue of love which begets unity
      • Teaches about the destiny of man.
    1. It is the study of God’s self revelation to human beings through the person of Jesus Christ, scriptures and the Holy Spirit
      • It makes students appreciate their Traditional African cultural heritage
      • It promotes international co-operation regardless of people’s gender, tribe e.t.c.
      • It equips learners with spiritual knowledge enabling them make right decisions in life
      • It enables the student pursue careers e.g. law, clergy, teaching e.t.c.
      • It enables the student understood the mysteries of life e.g. death, evil e.t.c.
      • It contributes to achievements of national goals e.g. nationalism, patriotism e.t.c.
      • It teaches moral values e.g. honesty, diligence e.t.c. that lead to economic development
      • It helps the student to take care of the environment knowing that it is God’s creation
      • It creates the spirit of brother hood and sister hood as human beings have the same origin and destiny
      • It fosters tolerance of other religious believes without being judgement    
    • It  enables  students  get a  better  understanding of God
    • It enables  students  acquire  principles  of Christian  living
    • It  enables  students  appreciate  their own religion  and that of others
    • Enable  students contribute  to the  achievement  f the national goals of  education
    • Helps  students form a bridge  for  further  studies and  career development
    • Enables  students  have a better  understanding of the  bible
    • Helps students identify  answers  to  some  life’s  questions  for  instance why people die
    • Enables students contribute to  the development  of the  whole person  i.e.  Spiritual, moral, emotional and  physical development.
    • To enable students to use the knowledge and skills acquired to think critically and make appropriate decisions in life
    • CRE is a carrier subject 
    • The skills and knowledge acquired will enable one to go for further studies
    • It prepares one for his/ her final destiny
    • One acquires basic principles of living e.g. prayer, forgiveness
    • It promotes cultural integration- one learns to appreciate those of other culture
    • Helps one to develop self- works and identify, thus being stable citizens of this nation
    • Enables one to appreciate those of other religions
    • Promote international consciousness- the human race after all had a common origin we are one in spite of our massy differences
    • It contributes in the development of the whole person ( makes one to be complete )
    • One is able to identify answers to some life’s questions 
    • It contributes in the achievements of national goals
    • Values learnt will assist one to respect oneself and other 

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