CRE Paper 2 Questions - Kapsabet Boys Post Mock 2023 Exams

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  • This paper consists of six questions. Answer any five questions in the booklet provided.
  • Answer any five questions
  • Each question carries 20 Marks
  • Candidates should answer the question in English



Answer Any Five Questions

    1. Outline six prophecies about Jesus according to Prophet Nathan. (6marks)
    2. Explain four similarities between the role of John the Baptist and that of Jesus. (8marks)
    3. How do Christians emulate John the Baptist today? (6marks)
    1. Give the qualities of true discipleship according to Jesus’ teaching.
      (Luke 6:20 – 49) (7marks)
    2. Narrate the healing of the Gerasene demonic. (7marks)
    3. Identify six ways through which Christians show concern to non-Christians.
    1. Narrate the incident in which Jesus praised the widow who offered two copper coins in the temple in (Luke 21:1-4). (5marks)
    2. What is the significance of the Lord’s Supper to Christians today? (8marks)
    3. How can Christians prepare themselves for the second coming of Christ? (7marks)
    1. Explain the Christian criteria for discerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (5marks)
    2. State the various gifts of the Holy Spirit. (8marks)
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from the activities of the early church? (7marks)
    1. List down seven responsibilities of employers to their employees. (7marks)
    2. Outline seven guidelines that a modern Christian would use to select a leisure activity. (7marks)
    3. Identify six ways of dealing with problems of stress in society today. (6marks)
    1. Give nine roles played by the Church in the political life of a nation. (9marks)
    2. Give five reasons why Christians are opposed to organ transplant. (5marks)
    3. State six ways in which Christians may participate in controlling desertification. (6marks)
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