Christian Approaches to Work Questions and Answers - Form 4 Topical CRE

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  1. Identify ways in which Christians spend their leisure time to glorify God
    1. Explain four relationship between leisure and work in a Christian context
    2. In what ways can Christians use Leisure to glorify God?
    1. Outline the purpose of leisure to the life of a Christian
    2. Give four factors that may lead to the misuse of leisure
    3. In what ways can drug addicts be assisted to overcome the problem?
    1. Outline seven Christian teachings on leisure
    2. State seven factors that may lead to misuse of leisure in the modern society
    3. Identify six steps Christians should take to support people who abuse drugs and alcohol
    1. State seven ways in which leisure is important to human beings.
    2. Give seven reasons why taking of alcohol as a way of spending leisure time is condemned.
    3. State six reasons why the youths abuse drugs?   
    1. What seven teachings  do Christians emphasize on leisure ? 
    2. Give eight reasons why leisure time should not be abused by people today. 
    3. State five qualities of good leisure for Christians.
  7. Give five ways in which the Africans spent their leisure time.


      • Diligence- commitment/ hard work/ thorough effort on ones work
      • Honesty/ integrity- truthful adjust doing quality work
      • Faithfulness- Being loyal/ trustworthy by performing duty well at the right time according to contract signed
      • Responsibility- being accountable/ working thoroughly without supervision
      • Loyalty- Being faithful to employer, colleagues and organization
      • Tolerance- Bearing with other people weaknesses/ harsh conditions/ decisions made by employer and some behaviors of the other workers though not accepting what is evil like stealing
      • Children are gifts from God and should not be oppressed
      • Retards child growth/ development
      • Child may not develop talents
      • Makes child negative towards work
      • Shows parents irresponsibility
      • Denies formal education
      • Leads to loss of human dignity
      • Promotes poverty which is a social evil
      • Leads to exploitation through underpayment and overworking
    • practicing  justice  in  way  they deal with workers
    • advocating be  for  the right  of the  children
    • teaching others about Jesus attitude  towards the children and calling  them  to be  accountable  in they  way they handle  the children
    • reporting culprits of  child labour/abuse  to the authority
    • rescuing  children  who  are   employed and  neglected by providing  them with  basic  needs
    • educating parents  that  child abuse/abuse/neglect  sinful before God
    • praying for  those who  moles/defile/neglect the  children)
      • Pay them their worth/ give them wages which are commensurate with the work done. Should not exploit the workers or underpay them/ delay payments
      • Provide them with healthy and safe working conditions. Provide clean atmosphere and ensure that their lives and health of the workers are protected
      • Be sensitive and reasonable to the general welfare of employees by showing concern to their needs and problems
      • Employee’s hours of work should be reasonable/ should not work for long hours without rest/ leisure. (If workers are to be productive, they need rest)
      • The work load allocated to workers should not be commensurate with the workers mental, physical and intellectual ability and competence (avoid overtaxing workers)
      • Workers should be allocated to take their leave or observe public holidays
      • Show justice, fairness and practice charity towards employees especially to those who fall sick, who become pregnant during bereavement, old age/ during retirement
      • Should discharge redundant workers fairly and in human manner and do their best to find other employment for them. Ensure job security  (Any 9 points x 1 mark total 9 marks)  
      • To carry out their duties efficiently/ to the best of their ability/ diligently
      • Work for the welfare of the institution/ company/ organization/ promote the success of the organization
      • Show respect and loyalty to the employer
      • To respect/ observe the terms of contract/ agreement/ work according to the expectations of the employer
      • To use the employers property with care/ avoid causing damage
      • To show good will to the employer
      • To co-operate with other workers for the welfare and success of the company/ institution
      • Avoid joining in the strikes and go slow unionists for the sake of non- economic/ reasonable demands
      • To perform ones duty with honesty, diligence and integrity
      • Pray for the success of the institution/ the employer and other employees
      • It is obedient to lawfully institute authority against Biblical teachings
      • It leads to idleness/ laziness which is condemned in the Bible
      • It wastes resources/ time
      • It disrupts peaceful working atmosphere
      • Could lead to destruction of property
      • Could lead to loss  of life which is against the commandment of God
      • It could lead to loss of employment/ suffering of individuals
      • It leads to hatred bitterness/ frustration
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