Chemistry MOCK Questions

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  1. Water with molecular mass of 18g is a liquid at room temperature while hydrogen sulphide with a molecular mass of 34g is a gas at room temperature.  Explain

  2. A white solid was put in a hard test tube and heated. During heating, a glass rod with a drop of lime water was placed at the mouth of the test tube. The gas given off formed a white precipitate with limewater. The residue left after heating was yellow when hot but on cooling turned white.

    1. Write the formula of the anion present in the white solid.
    2. Write the equation of the reaction that formed the white precipitate
    3. Write the equation for the reaction that formed the white residue.
    4. Write an equation for the reaction that would take place when the residue is reacted with nitric (v) acid.

  3.  An element T has atomic number 16 and mass number 32.

    1. How many protons are there in the ion of T?
    2. Write the formulae of the two oxides of T.

  4. The atomic numbers of x and y are 12 and 17 respectively.  State and explain the electrical conductivity of the compound of x and y in;-
    1. solid state
    2. aqueous state
  5. Study the table below on the effect of heat on metal nitrates.

    Effect of heat on nitrates

    1. Arrange the metals Q,R,S in order of their reactivity starting with the least reactive.
    2. To which group of the periodic table does metal R belong?
    3. Write an equation to show action of heat on ammonium nitrate.
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