English Mock Revision with answers 26/09/16

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  1. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the word in brackets. (4mks)
    (i) The winner of the race jogged......proudly......around the stadium waving the Kenyan flag. (pride)
    (ii) The guard was very..........quarellsome.......today. (quarrel)
    (iii) That is not the correct.........definition...........(define)
    (iv) His.........belief....... (Believe) is that only one person can pass judgement on another.

  2. James regrets that he didn’t work harder at school.
    James regrets not working harder at school.

  3. (Rewrite using....working...)
    He said I want to go home. (punctuate)
    He said, "I want to go home."

  4. Supply the correct form of the verb. (2mks)
    i) The dog (bite)...would have bitten.......you if I had fed it.
    ii) I bought a desk that (cost)...costed......a fortune.

  5. Come with me. (Rewrite adding a question tag).
    Come with me, will you?

  6. Arsenal would have scored more goals were it not for the strictness of the referee. (Rewrite beginning; But.)
    But for the strictness of the referee, Arsenal did not score more goals.

  7. “I will be traveling to France next month if all goes well,” remarked Akuom. (Rewrite in reported speech).
    Akuom said that he would be travelling to France the following month if all went well.

  8. Construct a grammatical sentence using: In compliance with
    In compliance with meaning: conformity in fulfilling official requirements
    In compliance with the law of Kenya, I registered as a voter.

  9. Replace the words in italics with a phrasal verb.
    I don’t know what to understand by the recent increase in VAT.
    Make of

  10. Construct a sentence to bring out the meaning of this idiomatic expression.
    a) to split hairs
    Split hairs is look into fine details,
    Mom and dad don't have anything to disagree upon, they are just splitting hairs.

    b) to eat humble pie
    I ate humble pie when he showed me the definition in the dictionary.

  11. She never came late for meals last week (Begin: Not once..)
    Not once did she come late for meals last week.

  12. Replace the word in italics with a phrasal verb
    We cannot tolerate this nonsense (put)
    We cannot put up with this nonsense.

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