Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE 2009) CRE Paper 2

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    1. Outline the describe of Prophet Isaiah about the Messiah. (8 marks)
    2. State six activities that took place when Jesus was called. (Luke 2: 6 – 20) (6 marks)
    3. Explain the importance of singing in a Christian service. (6 marks)

    1. Describe the incident when Jesus was rejected at Nazareth. (Luke 4:16 – 30) (7 marks)
    2. Give four reasons why Jesus faced opposition from the Pharisees in Galilee. (Luke 5:12- 6:11)
    3. State five ways in which church leaders ca respond to those who oppose them in their work. (5 marks)

    1. Identify five teachings that Jesus made to the Pharisees house. (Luke 14:1 – 4) (5 marks)
    2. Give four reasons why Jesus used the parable of the great feast in his teachings. (Luke 14: 1 – 14) (5 marks)
    3. Write down seven reasons why Christians take place in the Lord’s Supper. (7 marks)

    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples after his ascension. (7 marks)
    2. Identify four teachings of Saint Paul on the similarities between the church and husband-wife relationship. (Ephesians 5:21 – 32)
    3. State five ways in which Christians are able to identify those who possess the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (5 marks)

    1. Outline eight Christians teachings on work. (8 marks)
    2. State the role of professionals ethics in a work place. (6 marks)
    3. Identify six ways in which the church is helping to reduce the rate of unemployment in Kenya today. (6 marks)

    1. State four negative effects of the introduction of money economy on traditional African communities. (8 marks)
    2. Outline six teachings of Jesus on wealth. (6 marks)
    3. Give six reasons why Christians should not involve themselves in gambling. (6 marks)
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