KCSE 2010 English Paper 3 Questions with Marking Scheme

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Answer any three questions only.

  1. Imaginative composition (compulsory) (20 marks)

    1. Write a composition illustrating the fact that crime does not pay.

    2. Write a composition explaining how young people can overcome tribalism in Kenya.

  2. The compulsory set text (20 marks)

    Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People.

    Write an essay supporting the proposition that: “Katherine Stockmann is the embodiment of the reason in the Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People."

  3. The Optional Texts (20 marks)

    Answer any one of the following three questions.

    1. The Short Story
      Macmillan (Ed), Half a Day and other stories
      Using Howana’s short story ‘Hands of the Blacks’ for illustration, write an essay on racial prejudice.

    2. Drama
      John Ruganda. Shreds of Tenderness.
      “Sibling rivalry should never be allowed to get out of hand.”
      Using the characters in John Ruganda’s Shreds of Tenderness write an essay in support of this.

    3. The Novel
      Velma Pollard, Homestretch
      “East or West, home is best.”
      Drawing illustrations from the lives of Edith and David in Homestretch, write an essay illustrating the truth of this statement.


  1. Introduction should not be definition of terms (2mks)
    • Mrs Stockmann indeed is the embodiment of reason in the play An Enemy of the People. She alone says the most reasonable things and acts as she ought in every situation we find her.
    • She provides the support and moderating influence on her husband.
    • She affirms her husband p. 3 "Yes, that's just what Thomas says."
    • She is dutiful serves husband and visitors pp. 1,11.
    • She makes a point of knowing what her husband is working on "yes, that is what Thomas is always saying p. 4
    • Contradicts Mayor when he suggests Thomas has not 'mettle' to put ideas into practical use p.6
    • Mrs. Stockman is respected by both her husband and his brother the Mayor.
      Accept any other relevant introduction
      1. She is able to appraise the situation and advise accordingly.
        She warns the husband against fighting with the authorities as it would lead to his dismissal and misery for the family. Pg. 32, 41, 43, 63, 71, 76, 87, 89, 93, 94, 106, 107, 109. (relates to Vola situation, appropriate advice)
      2. She knows what is good for her husband and for her family and sets out to fight for it p. 41-43; She goes to the press and confronts Hovstad et al of misleading her husband p 61-62, 90, 107-108. (relates to husband and child)
      3. She uses tact "But Peter dear..." p 5 and tactifully withdraws the boys to protect them from vulgar / wicked talk p. 15 and Petra to allow Thomas and Peter to talk freely P. 32 and agreeable to both the warring parties and even the press representatives. Peter says "Kathrine, I imagine you are the most sensible person..." p. 40, p 73 (acts tactifully to deal with situations).
      4. When her husband and family are assailed, she opts to stand by them and bravely supports her husband. "But this too shameful (betrayal) ... I am going to stand by you Thomas” p. 66, 69, 91, 92, 94
      5. She maintains peace - she attempts to placate the Mayor "surely you can share the credit -as brothers" pg 5, 21, 39, 40, 41 separates the brothers when about to come to blows p. 41 restrains Petra p. 39-40
    • Conclusion (2mks)
      • Mrs. Stockmann can be said to be one of the most admirable characters because of her ability to adopt the most reasonable stand
        Accept any other relevant conclusion
        Expect any four well developed points 3:3:3:3
        Grammar & Presentation - 4mks-mark as a whole
    1. Introduction (2mks)
      • Candidates must know their understanding of the term "racial prejudice". Racial prejudice refers to unfair unjustified distorted... opinion held about a group of people belonging to a certain race. It is normally an unfavourable opinion based on predetermined attitudes towards certain races.
        There are numerous illustrations of racial prejudice against black people in Honwana's short story. Accept any other relevant introduction
      • Black people were slow in evolving from animals to homo sapiens - "the palms of the blacks' hands are much lighter... because only a few centuries age they walked on all fours" (P. 116) mention the sun
      • Black people are dirty, but God made them to serve white people as their servants. To protect white people against the dirt of these servants, "God made their hands lighter like that so they wouldn't dirty the food they made for their masters, or anything else they were ordered to do that had to be kept clean" (P. 116).
      • Black people are "creatures" (P. 116) not humans.
      • Black people are scum; there was no room for them in the heavenly kilns so they were hung in the chimneys - "smoke, smoke smoke - and there you have them, black as coals (P. 116).
      • Blacks are not people in the sight of God when God made people He told them to bath in the heavenly lake "the people were nice and white" (P. 117).
      • This could also imply Blacks are not beautiful - they are dirty and ugly when they were told to bathe they only wet the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. (P. 117)
      • The author's attitude Blacks are beasts of burden - their hands are like this because they spend their time gathering cotton and washing (P. 117).
      • He is against black people being exploited / he is against prejudices which are used to justify exploration of black people.
      • The mother's explanation is the author's voice - God had no purpose for blackmen
      • That there is no justification for white people to exploit black people, therefore there is no justification for white people not to work for themselves 
        • White people have white hands like black people, therefore there is no justification for white people not to work for themselves.
        • Black people have white hands, just like white people; therefore black people are equal to white people before God.
      • Father Christianos version
      • Blacks were even better than us, their hands were lighter. Their hands were bitter...
        Expect any 4 well developed points mark 3:3:3:3
    2. Introduction (2mks)
      • The three main characters in John Ruganda's play, Shreds of Tenderness, are motivated and driven in whatever they do by the one single factor.... Sibling rivalry taken to excessive proportions, even murderous proportions
        Rivalry must get out of hand dangerous / murderous - proportion
        Accept any other relevant introduction (2mks)
      • Content
        1. Odie informs on Wak and causes his fight into exile. (p 118; 122-124; 127; 132 - 133) 
          • SRB can kill 
          • betrayal to SRBS 
            (the above 2 actions Puts Waks in life to risk)
          • Edie fabricates stones to incriminate Wak
        2. Odie dispossesses Wak of the inheritance. Odie publishes a false obituary about Wak in order to dispossess him (p. 18-22; 75 -- 76; 118; 126)
          • Puts the picture in the Aigus - bribes the ** office
          • didn't put the picture of father though dead
        3. Odie's hostility on Wak's return. For fear discovery, Odie becomes hostile (p. 8-16; 35; 52 - 54; 59; 73-75; 77) (P 13) Pest - parasite p 53
          • Violent when told Wak had called 
          • Bloody and unforgivable brother 
          • should be shot, denies Wak snare Mr. Hero, vulgar about
        4. Struggle for leadership in the primer (p 59-72). Odie rejects the results of the elections, grabs the Chair and goes ahead to physically assault Wak. 
          • Sibling rivalry has gone so far that even after losing the election **
        5. Odie's bid to woo Stella to his side against Wak. When he fails, he intimidates and blackmails her (p. 29-33; 49-50) 
          • He reminds her of Gen. Alia details expected .
          • Reminds Stella of nasty things intended to hurt her deeply 
          • Raped by the soldier
            Expect any 4 well-illustrated points
            Mark 3:3:3:3 = 12 marks
            Grammar and presentation = 4 marks
      • Conclusion (2 marks)
        • One can rightly conclude that had there been no sibling rivalry, the entire play might not have had a foot to stand on. This is because the rivalry triangle triggers and feeds the action and binds together the plot of the play.
          Accept any other relevant conclusion (2mks)
          (20 marks)
    3. Introduction
      • Many immigrants from the Caribbean to the Americas and England especially, soon discover that they do not quite fit in the lands of plenty. Sooner or later, they start to long for the realize that they must return to their homeland. The case of David and Edith is typical of this category of emigrants (Accept any other valid introduction)
        1. Greener Pastures They sell off what they owned in the Caribbean and set out to seek prosperity in England. Edith quits her teaching job and trains as a nurse in anticipation of the plentiful jobs. She, indeed, lands one immediately they arrive. David who was a carpenter back home finds it a little more hard going. He settles for factory jobs (P. 5, 6, 7). Contrast: Warm reception from friends / David even opens up to charley and even agrees to go to milk River / There is laughter and joy: "It was enough to be in Jamaica... drinking coconut water on a Sunday moming with her long-time friend" (P. 11) / Ease with which they do their work at home (community service). (P. 33, 35, 112-115).
        2. Healing Process The healing at home psychologically and physically is faster e.g in England the baths were not meant for blacks and did not seem to be effective (P. 15, 16, 45). The working environment and the people were also very hostile. Contrast: The baths in England. David therefore enjoys the baths at home and he heals faster/ the friendly and relaxed working environment which is also voluntary makes David heal faster even to the surprise of Laura (P. 16, 17, 32, 45). Hostile people P. 30 - 31.
        3. Friendship and relations In England they do not have friends or relatives to make their lives comfortable. David workmates are pretenders (P. 20, 31) Contrast. In Jamaica there is friendship and warmth / "Charley is the best thing that could happen to David, better than any doctor medicine." To the milk River with friends: (P. 9, 10, 11, 34) The get-together party organized by Laura (P. 46, 47).
        4. Scenery The beauty of the landscape and attractive sites: The milk River / The canefields / Mt Ranges Cashew trees/ (P. 12, 13). Contrast. England is cold and grey (P.7, 16). Mountain scenes, Mango tree, lining the wad - England - cud and grey - rad and cold
        5. Homecoming and attachment In England when he fell sick, he was dependant on Edith on everything / and even before the situation was hard (P. 4, 7) Contrast He never forgot his background: always sent money back home to take care of his parent's grave. (p. 22) / when he fell sick he says that when he died they should use his savings to send his body home (P. 31) / when he went back home alive he felt so stronger and even heals faster"...almost as if just being back in this country was medicine...." (P. 31) / they never sold their house (P. 45).
        6. Restoration of their Marriage In England their relationship was estranged because of pressure of worm, weather, etc (P. 7) Contrast: In Jamaica it is restored e.g they are happy together like the restopection on Brother Stramm/ reading and sharing jokes (P. 26, 27, 31-32, 33, 42-44).
        7. Lifestyle In Jamaica their situations is changed. They have a new life e.g they have a house help and even have time for good breakfast. (P. 41)/They have time for part-time handwork (P.45)/ initiated community service in the church and school. (P. 33, 35, 112, 113, 114, 115) Contrast: In England they did not have time for themselves / even having breakfast in Birmingham was difficult (P. 41, 94)
        8. Culture They enjoy the celebrations at Mento Yard and St. Ann's Bay. It reminds them of their past and they are happy (P. 116, 117, 120-121). Contrast: The same celebrations in England lacked the special and local flavour. They never enjoyed. (P. 122)
          Mark 4 well developed contrasts
          David health is restored and their lives improve their marriage is revamped. They are once again able to renew their old acquaintances and to play a useful role in their society. It is true. East or West, home is best/Any valid conclusion.
          Mark 2 marks
          Grammar 4 marks
          Total 20 marks
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