KCSE 2011 Power Mechanics Paper 2 Questions with Marking Scheme

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Power Mechanics Paper 2 (447/2)

  1. STATION 1
    The figure below shows a truncated air cleaner assembly. On the drawing paper provided, sketch in good proportion the exploded view of the assembly and label four parts.(10 marks)
  2. STATION 2
    Using the tools, equipment and materials provided, make the support bracket as shown in the figure below.(10 marks)
  3. STATION 3
    1. Identify the substances in the containers labelled V to Z and state the use of each in motor vehicle servicing.(5 marks)
      Substance Name Application in Servicing
    2. Identify the fasteners labelled P to T and state a feature that makes each fastener unique in its class.
      Fastener Name Unique Feature
  4. STATION 4
    Using the tools provided, determine the compression ratio of the given engine. Take the clearance volume to be 30 c.c.(10 marks)
  5. STATION 5
    State the name, class and use of the tools provided labelled A to E as shown in the table below.(10 marks)
      Steel rule  Layout  Measuring linear dimensions 
  6. STATION 6
    Using the tools and materials provided, make the flange gasket to fit the given water pump.(10 marks)
  7. STATION 7
    Name the vehicle parts labelled F, G, H, J and K. For each part, identify one defect, state two possible effects and complete the table below.(10 marks)
  8. STATION 8
    Using the tools, materials and components provided, connect the starting circuit of a vehicle.(10 marks)
  9. STATION 9
    For the tyre provided:
    1. Identify and record the following:
      1. Maximum load
      2. Maximum inflation limit
      3. Type of construction
      4. Tyre size
      5. Rim size
      6. Date of manufacture
        (3 marks)
    2. Identify the defect at the section marked X and state one possible cause of the defect.
      (2 marks)
    3. Demonstrate to the examiner how to measure the following:
      1. inside diameter
      2. height
      3. width
      4. tread depth
      5. tread width
        (5 marks)
  10. STATION 10
    1. Using the multicylinder engine provided, demonstrate to the examiner how to identify the misfiring cylinder.(6 marks)
    2. State:
      1. two possible causes of the misfiring in (a) above.(2 marks)
      2. how each cause in (b)(i) above is determined.(2 marks)
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