French Paper 1 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2021 Past Papers

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Answer the questions as guided.

  1. Passage 1
    1. Dans ce texte, on parle d'un parc de..................................qui propose des différents......................(1 mark)
    2. On peut participer à un.....................raisonnable (1⁄2 mark)
    3. Les employés du parc (1 mark)
    4. À quelle heure est-ce qu'on ferme le lieu ?..............(1⁄2 mark)
    5. Pour quel service faut-il appeler? ..........(1⁄2 mark)
  2. Passage 2
    1. La conversation passe entre Suzanne et son.......................qui est en train d'écrire une.................(1 mark)
    2. L'écrivain décrit sa...................(1 mark)
    3. Nommez le pays où il habitait quand il était jeune :.........................(1⁄2 mark)
    4. L'écrivain a.......................ans. (1⁄2 mark)
    5. Un aspect de sa vie qu'il regrette est qu'il n'était pas......................(1⁄2 mark)
    6. Que fait-il quand il ne travaille pas à l'ordinateur ?  (1⁄2 mark)
    7. Finalement, que font les deux? (1⁄2 mark)
  3. Passage 3
    1. L'évènement dont on parle est le...................(1 mark)
    2. La condition idéale pour juger les voitures classiques est......................(1⁄2 mark)
    3. On pense de changer les dates parce que sont pas favorables. (1⁄2 mark)
    4. Ces derniers mois, il.....................(1⁄2 mark)
    5. Citez une conséquence d'annuler la compétition:  (1 mark
  4. Passage 4
    1. Complétez le tableau ci-dessous avec l'information du texte.  (3 marks)
    2. Les participants vont appuyer sur le bouton...........................(1⁄2 mark)


DICTATION (5 marks)

  1. Ecrivez la dictée ici.


  1. In 150 to 180 words, write in French, one composition in the spaces provided. Indicate clearly whether your choice is 6(a) or 6(b).
    1. Vous avez trouvé, près d'une rivière, une grande somme d'argent dans une enveloppe. Décrivez la suite. (15 marks)
    2. Un jour, vous avez décidé d'apprendre le cyclisme. Racontez la suite. (15 marks)



Question 1: 31⁄2 marks

  1. loisir 1⁄2 mark     divertissements 1⁄2 mark
  2. prix 1⁄2 mark
  3. qualifiés/ chaleureux/ dynamiques *Any 2 x 2 = 1 mark
  4. A minuit 1⁄2 mark
  5. Le transport (personnalisé) 1⁄2 mark

Question 2: 4½ marks

  1. grand-père 1⁄2 mark      autobiographie 1⁄2 mark
  2. enfance 1⁄2 mark                famille 1⁄2 mark
  3. La Belgique                1⁄2 mark
  4. 96/quatre-vingt-seize     1⁄2 mark
    • ... obéissant (à ses parents)
    • ... gentil aux autres               *Any 1 x 1⁄2 = 1⁄2 mark
  6. Lire/Regarder des photos/ Admirer la nature           *Any 1 x 1⁄2 = 1⁄2 mark
  7. Ils se promènent 1⁄2 mark

Question 3: 3½ marks

  1. Concours d'élégance 1 mark
  2. (sous) un soleil brillant/ quand il fait chaud
  3. conditions climatiques
  4. pleut beaucoup
    • Chercher un autre stade
    • Rembourser les billets
    • Persuader les fans à venir
    • Perdre des participants          *Any 1 x 1 = 1 mark

Question 4:  3 ½ marks     

    1. Techniciens 1⁄2 mark
    2. Le 21 septembre 1⁄2 mark
    3. 08.45/ 08h45     1⁄2 mark
    4. Le Centre Culturel    1⁄2 mark
    5. La liste des participants /Le profil des présentateurs/ Le programme   * Any 2 x ½ = 1 mark
  2. vert 1⁄2 mark




Creative Writing (Narrative): Q6

 Categorization of essay   Mark Range  Points of Interpretation
  Exemplary  10; 9½, 9
  • Original approach in adapting given guidance to articulate information and meaning coherently.
  • Wide range of relevant and effective vocabulary used to express emotions, tastes and opinions.
  • Storyline very clean well-structured; use of complex sentences and apt idioms.
  • Some minor errors and slips but in general, candidate has impressive grammatical accuracy and command of the language.
  • Essay generally exceptional (Movielike)
  Very well-written      text  8½, 8, 7½

 The candidate communicates her/his ideas with ease.

  • Adapts guideline to realistic situation but may lack imagination, which provides the feeling in the essay.
  • Good linkage of ideas.
  • Few gross errors as appropriate tenses,conjugation, spellings are used.
  • Merit ticks awarded for exceptional expressions that may occasionally pop up.
  • Grammar and general vocabulary is largely effective
 Good  7; 6½ ; 6  The candidate has significant fluency and case of expression
  • Sticks to the given guideline and through the use of simple sentence forms, communicates clearly
  • Sentences are varied, but not always well- construct
  • A number of errors in tenses and adjectival agreement is problematic
    The essay may have some merit ticks
 Quite good  5½; 5; 4½  Storyline respects the selected guideline
Candidate communicates fairly clearly but in a flat and sometimes hesitant (jerky) manner.
  • Writes simple and varied sentences that contain many errors in tenses, agreement and spelling.
  • Attempt at complex sentences made (clichés, proverbs) but these are often strained and sometimes abandoned altogether. Bits and pieces recalled and often still misplaced
  • Few merit ticks.
 Fair to rough text  4; 3½;  3  The candidate communicates with little consistent clarity.
  • S/he respects guideline provided.
  • Limited linguistic ability in the French language, resulting in some ambiguity. Evidence of direct translation from other languages.
  • Candidate cannot avoid frequent errors/in grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Basic storyline with little variety or originality even in correct sentences.
 Poor/ weak text  2½: 2
  • The candidate's text communicates little consistent meaning.
  • Many gross errors make the flow of thought difficult to follow.
  • Errors are continuous, leading to consistent guesswork of what the candidate wants to say.
  • The subject is undeveloped, arrangements are weak and the flow is very jerky.
 Very poor  1½: 1: ½
  • No verifiable communication at all.
  • Minimal linguistic ability; failure to fit independent French words into meaningful phrases or sentences.
  • The reading process is greatly hampered and even guessing what the candidate wants to say is almost impossible.
Total Maximum Score 10.0  


Mark Conversion Table


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