ENGLISH Paper 1Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Past Papers

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  1. Imagine you are the school captain. The school is holding its annual prize giving day and you are required to make a speech during the occasion. Expected guests include the County Director of Education, parents and members of the School Board of Management.
    Write down the speech. Ensure your speech addresses issues of discipline, academic performance, co-curricula activities and students' welfare. (20 marks)
  2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word. (10 marks)
    There are many times in life when we experience stress. In many cases before (a) .................... can respond mentally our bodies react (b).................. Not only do we experience a sudden rush (c).............. adrenaline  but doctors tell us that our breathing quickens (d) ................more  oxygen  is pumped through our blood to our muscles. in (e)............... the the heart speed up as blood is pumped at (f)............... inncreased rate through the body . however  some finctions of the body (g)...............slowed down  during stressful times . if the stress which (h) ............... these reactions is relived our body soon returns to (i)..................  .However , continued stress is likely to result in permanent health problem , As(j)................ we must learn to recognise and minimise harmful stress in our lives
    1. The Quarrel by Eleanor Farjeon
      I quarrelled with my brother,
      I don't know what about,
      One thing led to another
      And somehow we fell out.
      The start of it was slight,
      The end of it was strong,
      He said he was right,
      I knew he was wrong!

      We hated one another
      The afternoon turned black.
      Then suddenly my brother
      Thumped me on the back,
      And said, "O, come along!
      We can't go on all night
      I was in the wrong."
      So he was in the right.
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem and explain its function. (4 marks)
      2. How would you perform the following lines in the poem? (4 marks)
        1. I knew he was wrong!
        2. So he was in the right.
    2. For each of the following words provide two other words that are pronounced the same way. (6 marks)
      1. by
      2. gnu
      3. pare.
    3. Underline the stressed part in each of the words in bold (3 marks).
      1. After the accident he was an in. val. id for nearly six months.
      2. Compare and con. trast the two oral narratives.
      3. Ask the secretary to or. gan. ise for tea and snacks.
    4. Attentive listening is an important communication skill. Name three non-verbal cues that can show someone that you are paying attention to what they are saying. (3 marks)
    5. Imagine that you are a first year university student looking for accommodation outside college. You have just been shown vacant flats and you have gone to see the land-lady. Complete the conversation below.
      You:       (1 mark)
      Landlady: Good afternoon to you. What can I do for you? (2 marks)
      Landlady: So the caretaker has shown you the three vacant flats? Which one did you choose?
      You:   (1 mark)
      Landlady: Oh, I see. Many tenants like the corner flat because of the balcony. Did the caretaker tell you it comes at an extra cost
      You:  (2 marks)
      Landlady: I am sorry, the rent is fixed. Ten thousand is way below the rent for that flat.
      You:  (2 marks)
      Landlady: Three years occupancy guarantee is good enough reason for a discount. Just add one thousand to your initial offer.
      Landlady: You can move in as soon as you have paid the deposit and signed the agreement. (2 marks)


  1. Expect a speach , if not deduct 4 marks 
    organisation   (3marks)
    • A speach is very similar to an eassay; it should have an introduction , body  and conclusion .
    • The introduction should grab the audience's attention and the focus of the speech /disclosure of topic .
    • Body- Expect points with suppiting details .
    • The conclusion should let the audience know that the speech is over/give audiencce something to think about or call the attention to act .
      Acknowledgements in expected order 
      The issue specified in the task should be highlighted ;
    • Disciple 
    • Academic performance 
    • Co-curricular activities 
    • Student 'welfare 

      style     (2marks)
      Check for features of spoken language , regular direct addressto the audience used for first person point of view
    • Language and mechanics of writing 
      Description of language  at different levels if proficiency are given below . Thr examiner should place each candidate's work accordingly.

      Group D (01—02 marks)
    • Candidate does not communicate and their language  ability is so minimal that the examiner  has to guess what they intended to write .
    • Poor use ofexpressions
    • Poor use of punctuation marks 
    • Hardly any correct sentences 
    • Spelling errors 

      Brocken usage must be identified to justify the given score 

      1. Group C(03  -  04)
      2. Lack of confidence in language  use;
      3. verysimple sentences 
      4. All manner of grammaticall errors 
      5. mother tongue
      6. poor organization of ideas 

        GROUP B (05  -06)
      7. Comminication fluently ,with ease of expression ;
        • well-constructed sentences 
        • Correct punctuation and spelling
        • Good use of vocabulary 
        • some errors of grammars 

          Group A (07 - 08)
      8. Ease of expression 
        • no errors of punctuations , spelling and grammar
        • Good planning/organization of ideas
        • Clevers use of vocabulary and maturity in language use
        • Define  spark -
    1. we
    2. physically
    3. of 
    4. as
    5. addition
    6. an 
    7. are/get
    8. triggered/caused
    9. normal
    10. such
      1. The rhyme scheme of the poem is ; 
        • abab cdcd for the first stanza 
        • acac dcdc for the second stanza     (1mark)
        • it is a regular rhyme scheme  (1mark)
        • it creates rhythm/musicality/poesy  |(1mark)
        • Draws attention to key words   (1mark)
      2. " i knew he was wrong "
        • louder, 
        • angry facial expression 
        • Head movement and punching the air for emphasis,
        • a rissing -falling intonation .
        • faster                      (any two =2marks)
      3. "So he was in the right "
        • slowly
        • softly
        • falling intonation ,
        • reconcilling tone .
      1. bye   -     buy 
      2. knew  -   new
      3. pear   -    pair 
      1. In.val.id
      2. Con.trast
      3. Or.gan.ise
      1. maintaining eye contact
      2. nodding 
      3. leaning forward
      1. You : Good afternoon , madam.   (1mark)
      2. You: The caretaker  has shown me some vacant flats (1mark) and i am interested in one (1mark) 
      3. You : I like the one at the conner , madam .(1mark)
      4. You : yess  he told me , (1mark) but i would like to ask for a discount (1mark)
      5. You :The caretaker said that (1mark), but i thought you would consider that i will stay in the flat for three years or more(1mark)
      6. You : Thank you very much , madam (1mark) when can i move in (1mark)

        Accept reasonable responses that capture etiquette in conversation ,negitiation skills and anticipationin turn talking .
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