COMPUTER Paper 2 Questions - KCSE 2022 Past Papers

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    1. Open a word processing program and creat the following documents as it appears . save it as network .


Net working to as connecting computers , electronically for the purpose of sharing information . Resources such as files , applications  ,printers and software are commonly shared in network .

Computer network can be categorised based on size and topology s follows;

  • Local Area Network 
  • Personal Area Network(PAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • A WAN is composed  of LAN ,MAN AND PAN connected through the internet . 



 Fast performance with few nodes and low network trafic

 All data flows in one direction , reducing the chance of packet collission 

 Hub can be upgraded easily   A network server  is not needed to control network connectivity between each workstation
Easy to troubleshoot . Data can transfer between work stations at high speed .


 The nodes  are connected to the central hub or router  Every node is connected  to its left and right  side nodes.
 The hub is failure point   Every node are failure point 
 The information travels from central hub or router to all the nodes.  The information  travels from  node to node in a ring manner in one direction .
    1.  Apply each of the following formats on the documents created  
      1. 1.27cm page margins at the top and bottom of the page .  (1mark)
      2. 2 cm  hanging indent on the bullet text under the  tittle Ring Topology .(1mark)
      3. 1.5 line spacing on the bulleted text under the tittle star topology.(1mark)
      1. Insert the text COMPUTER NETWORK  as a footer .  (1mark)
      2. Format the footer created as follows;
        1. Alignment ; right  (1/2mark)
        2. Fornt size ;9 (1/2mark)
        3. Font style ; italics  (1/2mark)
    3.  Print out the document .(1mark)
  1. The management of a care hire company intends to maintain its records using a database . You have been tasked with creatiing  the database .
      1. Open a database  program and creat a database named Carhire . (1mark)
      2. Create the table named Customer Drivers ,Vehicles and Expenses in the database created in 2(a)(i). (21marks)
        Customera Table 
         Field  Name    Data Type    Field  Properties 
         Customer ID   Text  Field Size 4
         CustomerName  Text  Field size 25

        Drivers Table 
         Field Name   Data Type  Field properties 
         DriverID  Text   Field size 4
         Driver Name   Text   Field size 20

        Vehicles Table 
         Field Name   Data Type   Field Properties 
         Vehicle ID   Text   Field size 6
         Vehicle Description   Text   Field  size 20

        Expenses Table 
         Field Name   Data  Field Properties 
         Vehicles   Text   Field size6
         Customer ID   Text    Field size 4
         Driver ID   Text    Field  size 4 
         ExpensesIncurred  Currency   Fixed  
         Expense Desc  Text   Field size 20 
         Date  Travel   Text   Format: short Date  
         Distance Coverred  Number    
      3. Apply the appropriate primary key fieds in the  Cusromers , drivers and  vehicles tables.  (3marks)
      4. Create  appropriate relationship among the table .(11/2marks)
      5. Create a form name EXPENSES FORM   that would be used to enter data in the Expenses table and perform the following in the form .
        • modify  the tittle "Expenses Entry "
        • Bold the tittle 
        • Italicse the fields     (3marks )
    2. Enter the followins data into respective tables ,    (91/2marks)
                                  CUSTOMERS TABLE
      Customer ID  Customer Name  
        C001 ROSE 
        C002 JOEL  
       C003  MARION  
      C004   JOHNSTORNE  

       Drivers Table   
       Drivers ID  Drivers Name  
      V001  ANTONY 
      V002  HURRYSON 
      V003  LENNY 
      V004  PATRICK  

      Vehicle  Table 
       Vehicles ID  Vehicles Description 
       VW67 WISH 
       VF92 FIAT 
      KM13  MAZDA  
      VH84  HARRIER 

      Expenses  Table 
       Vehicles   Customer  ID Drivers ID   Expenses incurred    Expenses Desc   Date Travel   Distance  Covered  
       VW67  C001   V001  3000.00  Tyre replacement   7/14/2020  445 
       KM13 C004 V001   2000.00 

      Tyre replacement  

      7/21/2020  550 
       KM13 C001  V002  2000.00  Shocks   7/10/2020  380 
       VW67  C003  V002  1500.00  Shocks  7/5/2020  180 
       VF92 C002  V003  2000.00  Shocks  7/7/2020  600 
       VH84 C003  V003  3000.00  Bushes   7/24/2020  230 
       VF92 C001  V004  1500.00  Engine check   7/6/2020  425 
    3. Given that a customer is charged ksh 15 per kilometre for the distance covered by a vehicle ,create a query that would display the fields ;CustomerName ,DriverName,ExpenseDessc,(in km ) and a calculated field named charges,(hint;charges =distance ×15 +ExpenseIncurred). save the query as vcharges.      (51/2marks)
    4. Create a report that would display the fields ; CustomersName,DriverName,ExpenseDesc,ExpenseIncurred and the accumulated amount of all the expenses incurred. Save the report as exxpense vreport.     (21/2 marks)
    5. Print out later each of  the following ;
      1. Four Tables
      2. vcharges query 
      3. vreport report.       (3marks)


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