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  1. A firm keeps its details in a computer database. The information below contains details obtained from two tables of the database. Study the tables and answer the questions that follow.
    Employees Table
    employee table
    Department Table
    department tables

    1. Create a database that can be used to store the above data and save it as MACAL in the disc provided. Create the tables and name them appropriately. (6 marks)
    2. Using appropriate primary and foreign keys, create a relationship between the two tables. Enforce referential integrity between the tables. (4 marks)
    3. Validate the primary key entry to exactly four and two characters for the Employee ID and Dept Code fields, respectively. (4 marks)
    4. Create a form for each table and use it to enter the records shown in the tables above. Save the forms as Employ Form and Depart Form, respectively. (11 marks)
    5. It is required that the dates on which the employees were hired be included in the database. Koech was hired on 10/06/1998, Meme on 15/08/1996, Mohamed on 16/03/1996, Onyango on 09/03/2003, the rest were hired on 13/03/2004. Insert a new field, name it Date of Hire in the Employees table and enter the field. (5 marks)
    6. Create a query that displays employees who were employed after the year 2000. Save the query as Latest Employees
    7. Create a Report that displays the Employee Name, Job title, Department name and Salary, grouped according to location. Save the report as Employee Report. (4 marks)
      1. Create a query to display the employees, their job description, and locations. Save it as EMPTYPE. (3 marks)
      2. Create a pie chart based on the query in h (i) above to display the proportions of the employees in various job descriptions. Save the report as CHART. (4 marks)
        Print: (5 marks)
        1. Employees and Department table designs.
        2. Employee and Department forms.
        3. Latest Employees Query.
        4. Employee Report.
        5. The Chart


  1. Singlen Clean Limited is a waste management company. They have new services which they would wish to introduce to their clients through a letter. An invoice for previous services offered will be attached to the letter.
    The following is a letter and an invoice to one of their clients.
    Ref: PB/SCL/A234

    Mr. Peter Mkubwa
    P. O. Box 3789 - 4444 Mtaa Street
    28th February 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Re: New Waste Management Services
    Singlen Clean Ltd , a leading company with expertise in waste management, is pleased to inform you that it has expanded their services. We are now offering disposal of electronic waste at the following reasonable fees:
    We are happy to have you as one of our esteemed customers and we promise that we shall always strive to remain competitive in this emerging area.

    Enclosed, find your invoice for the services offered last month.

    Yours faithfully,
    Beatrice Lembele
    General Manager

    1. Using a wordprocessing package, create a document with the following as they appear
      1. The letter
      2. The invoice on the next page.
      3. Save the document as Singlen (42 marks)
      1. Copy the content of the document named Singlen into a blank document Save the document as Newsinglen(1 marks)
      2. Convert the data in the columns, code, item description and fee per unit into a table without retyping.(2 marks)
    3. Use wordprocessing formulae to calculate the following in the invoice on the document named Newsinglen.
      1. Total amount for each item.(1 mark)
      2. Grand total(1 mark)
        Save your work.
    4. Print each of the following on both sides of the printing paper.
      1. Singlen.(1 mark)
      2. Newsinglen.(1 mark)
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