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Instructions to candidates

  • Answer all questions in this question paper.
  • Answers to three questions must be written in the spaces provided in this booklet.
  • This paper consists of two printed pages.
  • Candidates should check to ascertain that all pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.
  • Candidates should answer three questions in English
  1. Creative Composition. (2 marks)
    Write a composition ending with the following statement
    1. ……….a final look at her made me realize that choices have consequences.


    2. Write a composition expressing the validity of the saying: Let sleeping dogs lie.
  2. Novel (Compulsory) (20 marks)
    “Selfish interest is a vice that whoever engages in it is bound to fail. Using Blossoms of The Savannah, write an essay to support the assertion.

    1. Short-story
      Wanjala Chris (Ed): Memories we lost and other stories (20mrks)
      The greatest casualties of any civil war are the civilians. Write an essay in support of the above assertion drawing your illustrations from Mariatu Kemara’s ‘ The president’


    2. Drama
      David Mulwa: Inheritance
      Artistically, David Mulwa has criticized the folly of poor leadership in any given society. Using his text the Inheritance, write an essay to validate this statement.


    3. The novel
      John Steinbeck: The Pearl
      Drawing your illustrations from John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write a composition that portrays man as helpless in a fateful world.



    1. It must be a story. If not deduct 4 marks. 
      It must end with the given sentence, if not deduct 2 marks. 
      The candidate must show an understanding of the statement and detail events that occurred to arouse a deep sense of remorse that ignorance has cost him/her.
    2. It must be a story. If not deduct 4 marks. AD
      The candidate must show an understanding of the saying that one should not interfere with a situation because they are likely to cause trouble and problems. It is best to leave something alone if it may cause trouble.
  1. Self-interest is a vice that whoever engages in it is bound to fail.” Using Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay to support this assertion. (20 marks) 

    In ole kulet’s novel, Blossoms of the Savannah, a character who only cares about themselves in the end doesn’t succeed. This is brought out clearly by characters such as Ole Kaeelo and Olarinkoi.
    • Ole Kaelo who is only interested to become rich and be accepted in the nasilan culture as who and who in the community, willingly engages in lucrative business deals with oloisudori in exchange of his daughter, Resian. Ole Kaelo is retrenched(pg 1) and has to move to Nasila and make his agricultural business successful where he signs a contract with oloisudori even after he is warned by hi friend Ole Kaelo(pg 25-26). Oloisudori is known for his corrupt means and blackmail which Ole Kaelo falls into. He demands to marry Resian and if not Ole Kaelo would lose everything(pg 107-109,165). He sees the material side only if his daughter is married to Oloisudori yet the daughter wanted to go to the university. He goes ahead to even plan her kidnapping if Resian refuses and have her forcefully circumcised for the marriage to be successful(pg 188, 191, 194). His betrayal to his own daughter, makes him lose both Resian and Taiyo as Resian escapes and later Taiyo is rescued from being married to Oloisudori in her place.
    • Olarinkoi takes advantage of resian’s desperate situation to lure her to his home with the intention of marrying her. Ole Kaelo had sold her daughter to Oloisudori at a half a million and Resian runs from home to confront her father(pg 203-210). In frustration she walks to the Nasila river to clear her mind and olarinkoi promises to take her to Emakererei(pg 211) and she believes him as he had once saved her and Taiyo from the vagabonds(pg 140-143). Though that does not happen as he takes her to his home where he tries to rape her and resian fights by biting his finger almost amputating it(pg 212-220). Due to shame Olarinkoi has to hide and Resian is nursed back to health by Enkabaani(pg 230-234) who helps her escape to Emakererei(pg 245-255). Olarinkoi eventually loses Resian.
    • Oloisudori is greedy for power and wealth as he already has six wives and still wants to take Resian as a seventh wife. Being a wealthy businessman, who is known to be corrupt, immoral, an extortionist, a smuggler, a poacher and a thug(pg 101, 236)’easily lures Ole Kaelo who wants to be rich and succeed in his business even afterrr being warned by ole Supeyo to keep him away from his daughters(pg 26). When Oloisudori sees Resian the first time, he openly scans her and this makes Resian uncomfortable due to his amorous character(pg 91-98, 107, 203). As he thrives in extortion(pg 110), he threatens Ole Kaelo’s business in exchange of Resian and the father agrees due to his materialistic nature(pg 177,178, 188). Oloisudori tells her he would marry her and this makes resian run away from home after a confrotation with both Oloisudori and his father(pg 203-210). In the end he loses her and his armoured vehicles which are torched by labourers at Minik’s farm and he has to escape to save his dear life. (pg 281-284)
    • The mother to Olarinkoi(mono-eyeed woman) selfishly desires her son to marry Resian in an attempt to settle scores with Oloisuduri. She had foressen that Ole Kaelo would move to Nasila and Olarinkoi would marry one of his daughters(pg 232). Olarinkoi brings her to his home(pg 217-219) and shamelessly after a drinking spree tries to rape her where Resian bites his finger almost amputating it (pg 221-222). The plan all along was for Resian to get circumcised and get married to Olarinkoi but he has messed up. Olarinkoi’s mother is very bitter at rich people especially Oloisudori who abandoned her after the help she accorded him during his poaching days(pg 236) and she is happy that her son had snatched her from Oloisudori.(pg 228-229) In a way it is victory to her and she plans as soon as Resian gets better she will be circumcised and they will elope to Tanzania where they will stay until the search for Resian is over(pg 229) Enkaabani who was meant to treat her after circumcision is the one who helps her escape and thus spoils Olarinkoi’s mother’s plans. ( pg 245-255)
    • Mama Milanoi cares so much about the interest of her husband to retain her position as the wife and does not realize the pain and suffering she inflicts on her daughters and ends up losing both of them in the end. She welcomes the idea of them relocating to Nasila where her children would be inculcated to Nasila culture and she is hopeful to bear her husband a son in the long run. She does this to please her husband even when he gets into a shoddy deal with Oloisudori to sell off her daughter. She is happy after she sees the wealth that her future son-in-law is willing to give to her daughter. She doesn’t listen to the cry of Resian who wants to go to the university as she was meant to fight for her. When things get to be difficult, she tries seeking help from the women in the society who compares her to the proverbial hyena who is not sure of which culture to follow. In the end her daughter Resian runs away from home, Taiyo is forcefully circumcised and also loses her.
      It is futile to only care about one’s interest as in the end it leads to misery
      Introduction 2mks
      Body (any 4 well illustrated points – 3:3:3:3)
      Conclusion 2 mks
      Language 4 mks
    1. Drama: the inheritance.
      Robert and Goldstein represent the colonialists. They work with the leader, Lacuna because they want to fleece him and his subjects. They make him think that they are for him yet they know his rule is oppressing the people. However, as long as they benefit, they do not care.

      L(I) The colonialists want to benefit from the people and get as much profit as possible without giving the people much. They advise Lacuna to privatize companies and reduce employment and thus increase the poverty so that the people struggle for basic needs. They set the stage by giving hefty loans to Lacuna at the expense of the people. The money does not trickle down to the people yet they are the ones forced to pay.

      (L(II) When Lacuna is unable to pay the loan which is now at one hundred and twenty-two billion, he imposes a curfew from dawn to dusk. He then freezes salaries, charges a hundred percent tax on profits and all profit is appropriated to the national kitty for safe custody.

      L(III) Lacuna's personal accounts are frozen when he is unable to repay the loans and he has to recover the money lost from the citizenry. Thus he introduces martial law. He is commander- in-chief and assumes all control. He abolishes all positions except army ranks and fires those who dare oppose him. The colonialists' denial of money makes Lacuna's dictatorial tendencies fully fledged. In a way the people suffer because of Robert and Goldstein.

      L(IV)The natives live in fear because any fallout with Lacuna could lead to their death. They dare not oppose his rule like Bengo and Judah. Bengo is sent to prison for not supporting Lacuna's rule. His brother Judah is exiled after he is almost killed when he refuses to assassinate his brother Bengo for not supporting him. This is true dictatorship where a leader does not want to be opposed and even kills those who dare.

      L(V)Lacuna knows the people do not like him but he imposes himself on them. During the Commemoration ceremony, he gives a lavish banquet for the colonialists so that they can lend him more money .It is Ironical, most of the food is imported. Lacuna does not develop the economy but continues to impoverish his people. This is what the colonialists want — to make profit and enslave the natives as they pay the hefty loans. 'the people live in poverty. Tamina lives in a grass thatched house and cannot pay fees for Lulu. She picks coffee on a farm for very little money and cannot make ends meet. This reveals that dictatorship has oppressed then just like the colonialists intended by helping Lacuna impoverish the people.

      L (VI) Lacuna orders that those who resist be shot on sight. Furthermore, he can have anyone he wants. He keeps her confined for a month when she does not accept him for marriage.(Accept any 4 developed points, 12 marks)
      Dictatorship by Lacuna is propelled by the imperialists.' They give Lacuna money and then help him to impoverish the people. Lacuna introduces martial law which is authoritarian and which makes Lacuna do as he pleases.

      Introduction   2                     
      Body   12
      Any 4 well illustrated points. (3:3:3:3) = 20
      Conclusion     2
      Language       4
      Total               20
    2. Short stories
      In a war, the people who suffer and lose the most are the civilians. Some even never know what they are fighting for or what the fight is for. The narrator loses her hands to the rebels who tell her to go and ask the president to give her new ones. She does not even know what a president is.

      W(I) In any war, it is civilians who lose most. The rebels give the civilians a choice of losing which hand first. They say the reason is that the civilians will not vote for the president. The narrator does not even know what a president is yet she loses her hands.

      The narrator is pregnant, on top of losing her hands. She had been raped by Salieu, a man who wants her for a second wife. The rebels shoot him and he will never know the narrator is having his baby.

      The rebels want to overthrow the government which they accuse of being corrupt. The civilians suffer for a war they know nothing about. Many are killed in cold blood and others are maimed. The narrator and her cousins are reunited in Freetown and they have to beg on the streets. At the camp life is hard and the living conditions are pathetic. There is filth, rubbish and the smell of dead bodies.

      The amputees learn to do things for themselves like cooking, tying shoelaces and brushing their teeth. The narrator gets a baby and she goes through a caesarian section as her birth canal is too small. Some of the people in the camp are adopted but no one adopts the narrator.

      W (V)
      The narrator leaves for Canada and is adopted by a Sierra Leonean couple. She still has to support her family back in Sierra Leone. they share a room with three girls. She is fearful about starting school and does not know how to write without her In high school it is hard and the narrator fails her exams. When she gets a computer, she is able to write her name. Eventually, she enrolls and graduates with a diploma in English as a Second Language. The United Nations sends soldiers to initiate peace. The narrator notices that nothing is said by the culprits of the war and thus it is the citizens who suffer
      In a war, the civilians die, lose their limbs, are displaced and some are raped. Most of them usually have no idea why there is a war.

      Introduction   2                     
      Body   12
      Any 4 well illustrated points. (3:3:3:3) = 12
      Conclusion     2
      Language       4
      Total               20
    3. The Pearl
      Man is helpless at the hand of fate. There are things that happen to Kino that he cannot control. people in La Paz believe in the power of the gods that one cannot control, they believe that it is the gods who punish them when they choose to follow their hearts and not the way of the gods.

      F( I)Juana prays for Kino to stumble upon a pearl as it was very rare for a man to get a pearl that was worth much. And as fate would have it, Kino finds the greatest pearl in the world. Kino who was a poor man and who had never stumbled on a pearl of value is now a rich man.

      Fate has it that one should remain in the state he or she is born in. Father preaches to the people that they should not try to change their state of poverty. One would lose the pearl if they tried to leave the stations God had positioned them in.

      Kino knows that the gods are never happy with the plans of a man. Juana also says that it is wrong to want something too much as it would bring bad luck. In a way as fate would have it, Kino and Juana lose their child and end up throwing the pearl back into the sea.

      The neighbors think that Kino should take the thousand pesos he is given as he did not have the money the previous day and he might never come across such money again, Fate plays a role in the death of Coyotito, Kino kills the three men but one of them has a gun that goes off and kills Kino's only child yet Juana and the child are hiding.
      There are things in life that Kino has no control over. His son dies yet all he wanted in life was to give the boy a better life than he had. In defending the pearl, he loses his house, livelihood and only child.

      Introduction   2                     
      Body   12
      Any 4 well illustrated points. (3:3:3:3) = 20
      Conclusion     2
      Language       4
      Total               20
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