History and Government Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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Answer all questions in this section in the foolscaps provided

  1. Identify two written sources of history and government (2mks)
  2. Give one importance of the development of the thumb to the early man (1mk)
  3. State two methods of trade (2mks)
  4. State one negative effects of road transport (2mk)
  5. Identify two fastest devices of sending messages to distant places (2mks)
  6. Name the person who invented the electric dynamo (1mk)
  7. State two reasons why urban towns in Egypt grew along the Nile river (2mks)
  8. State two economic activities of the Shona in the 19h century (2mks) 
  9. Identify two main methods used by the Europeans to acquire colonies in the second half of the 19th century (2mks) 
  10. State one reason why African communities collaborated with the Europeans (1mk)
  11. Identify one administrative system the French used in West Africa (1mk)
  12. State one economic factor which led to nationalism in Ghana (1mk)
  13. State one main reason why the Americans joined the first world war 1914-1919 (1mk) 
  14. Give the main reason why the League of Nations was established (1mk)
  15. Name one United Nations specialized agency that promote world health (1mk)
  16. Name two west African countries that are members of the British commonwealth (2mks) 
  17. Identify two types of elections held in the United States of America (2mks)

Answer any three questions from this section

    1. Identify three things that archaeologists use to reconstruct the activities of early man (3mks)
    2. Explain six limitations of archaeology as a source of history and government (12mks)
    1. State three advantages of animal transport (3mks) 
    2. Explain six effects of the railway transport in Europe in the 19h century (12mks)
    1. State five factors that led to the growth of the Buganda kingdom (5mks)
    2. Describe the social organization of the Shona people in the 19 century (10mks)
    1. State five factors that led to the growth of nationalism in Mozambique (5mks) 
    2. Explain five problems that nationalists in Mozambique faced in their war against the Portugue (10mks)

Answer any two questions from this section

    1. State three reasons why the British used direct rule in Zimbabwe (3mks)
    2. Explain six effects of direct rule in Zimbabwe (12mks) 
    1. State three objectives of Pan-Africanism 3ks)
    2. Explain six achievements of Pan-Africanism (12mks)
    1. State three qualification that one must fulfill to be a member of the Lower House/Rok Sabha in India.(3mks) 
    2. Explain six functions of the President of India (12mks)
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