Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Mock Exams Set 2

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  • Indicate your name and Index number at the top right hand corner of each print out
  • Write your Name, and Index Number on the CD / Removable storage medium provided
  • Write the name and the version of each S/W used for each question attempted in the answer sheet provided.
  • Answer all the questions
  • All questions carry equal marks
  • Passwords should not be used while saving in the CD/Removable storage medium
  • All answers must be saved in the CD / Removable storage medium
  • Make a printout of answers on the answer sheet provided.
  • Arrange your printouts and tie/staple them together.
  • hand in all the printout and the CD/removable storage medium used


  1. Jumia sales and marketing company sells products J, K, L. The table below shows an extract of a spreadsheet for the company`s salespersons and their respective sales in shillings for each product.
     1  SALES
     2  Thomas  4000.00   6230.00  7500.00         
     3 Mary  4500.00   6700.00   8000.00         
     4 Cantona  5678.00  10 000.00   7800.00         
     5 Janeth  3200.00  4000.00  9600.00         
     6 Maxwell  8000.00  7005.00  8900.00         
     7 Nambwa  9800.00  9670.00   10000.00         
    8 Kendeki 2700.00 3400.00 2300.00        
    9 TOTAL              

      1. Using a spreadsheet package enter the above information and save it as SALES_TABLE. (13 marks)
      2. Type a formula:
        1. at cell B9 to compute the total sales for product J; (1 mark)
        2. at cell E2 to compute the total sales for Thomas . (1 mark)
      3. Apply the formulae to the appropriate cells. (2 mark)
    2. A Salesperson earns points for the sales of each product based on the following criteria;
      • 1 point for every shs. 50 for product J,
      • 2 points for every shs.65 for product K
      • 3 points for every shs.40 for product L
        1. Type a formula in cell F2 to compute the total points earned by Thomas; (3marks)
        2. Apply the formula in (c) (i) to the rest of the salespersons. (1 mark)
    3. A salesperson is categorized based on points earned as follows.
       Over 1300  Gold
      1101-1300 Silver
      Up to 1100 Bronze
      Those salespersons attaining a Gold category earn a promotion.
      1. Type a formula in G4 to determine Cantona’s category. (4 marks)
      2. Apply the formula in (d) (i) to other appropriate cells. (2 marks)
      3. Type a formula at G10 to determine the number of Sales who will earn a promotion (4 marks)
    4. Each salesperson earns a total pay of Shs 20,000 plus 2% commission of their total sales. Using absolute referencing, determine the total pay for each salesperson if the value 2 is entered in cell B12. (5 marks)
    5. Create a bar chart showing product J and L sales person. Insert appropriate labels on the chart. (9 marks)
    6. Rename the worksheet containing the data as SalesData and the chart sheet as SalesChart. (2 marks)
    7. Print the following: (3 marks)
      1. SalesData;
      2. SalesData showing the formulae;
      3. SalesChart.

  2. Witu Company is an organization that has employed several workers .In order for it to monitor the performance of its workers and the different duties assigned to its workers, the company needs a database to organize the information required.
    1. Create a database file and name it records 2016 (2mks)
      1. Using the table below create the appropriate fields and split the data into two tables ,one for storing employees records and the other for storing employment records and give them appropriate names (8mks)
         2213 JOHN CLAY  TRANSPORT  MARRIED  8000.00  35  D001 
         2214 ROSE JOHNS  CUSTOMER CARE  MARRIED  10000.00  40  D002 
         2215 PETER ROGERS  HEALTH  MARRIED  50000  45  D003 
         2216 JED OTIENO  FINANCE  SINGLE  20000  25  D004 
         2217 VINCENT JED  TRANSPORT  SINGLE  8000.00  20  D001 
         2218 ALLAN LIMO  HEALTH  SINGLE  4000.00  22  D003 
         2219 PETER OLOO  HEALTH  MARRIED  80000  35  D003 
        2220 HUSSEIN KIMAN FINANCE SINGLE 15000.00 26 D004
        2221 ROBERT KIBANI FINANCE SINGLE 5000.00 28 D004
        2222 JANE LESSOS TRANSPORT MARRIED 6000.00 31 D001
        2223 LUCY OJWANG CUSTOMER CARE MARRIED 8000.00 30 D002
      2. Create screens for each table for inputting the data in the table above (12mk)
      3. For each of the tables, choose the most appropriate primary key (2mks)
      4. Create a relationship between the two tables (2mks)
    3. Create a query to display the files Name, Department and Salary for those employees who earn more than 10,000.00.Save as experts (5mks)
      1. Generate a tabular report with landscape orientation from the table to display the fields in the following order (5mks)
      2. Sort records in the report in alphabetical of the name field (2mks)
      3. Compute the total of salary for all the employees and place it below the salary column. Save as Expenses (5mks)
      4. Create a query to display Name, Marital Status, Age and the workers years of birth and save it as YOB (5mks)
    5. Print the two tables, experts, expenses and YOB (2mks)

Marking Scheme

   Column title bold 1       Database name   
   Wraptext 2       Employee record Tbl    
   Border 2       empino  1  
   Entry 4        name  1  
   Saving 1        marital status  1  
   Case 1        salary  1  
   Total bold 1        age  1  
  name title case 1       depcode 1  
b Total Sales for Product 1       Employment Records Tbl    
  Total Sales for Thomas 1       department 1  
  All procucts total 1       depcode 1  
            Table not split deny 6 mrks    
  All persons sales 1     ii Forms created 2  
  Formula for Thomas points =
((B2/50x1) + (C2/65x5)+(D@/4082))
3       all entry uppercase 2  
  Formula copied 1       salary correct format 2  
d Cantona formulas using IF 4       age as number 2  
  Formula copied 2       full entry 2  
  use of of count if 4       Correcr Primary key 4  
e 2 in cell B12 1       relationship 2  
  Absolute cell reference 4     c 3 fields 1.5  
f Chart title 1       Criteria 2  
  Formula copied 1       save 1  
  use of  of count if 1       correct case 0.5  
  2 in cell B12 1     d tabular report 1  
  Absolute cell Reference 4       landscape 1.5  
  Chart title 1       5 correct fields 2.5  
  X- axis 1       Records sort by alphabet 2  
  Y- axis 1       report name expenses 1  
  correct data 3       Total calculation 3  
  Bar chart 2       Below salary 1  
  chart on its page 1       Query YOB 1  
g sheets rename 2       fields 2  
h Printing 3       calculation 2  
            printing @1/2 2  
  TOTAL 50       TOTAL 50  

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