Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Cekenas Mock Exams 2022

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  1. State three advantages of using wood panels as well covering (3mks)
  2. Give two reasons for smoking a latrine (2mks) 
  3. Name two type of flour made from wheat (2mks) 
  4. Give two reason for preheating an oven to the correct temperature before putting the food item in the oven (2mks)
  5. Name any four soft furnishing used in the toilet (2mks) 
  6. What is the role of VCT in sate parenthood (2mks)
  7. Define the term kitchen hygiene (1mk) 
  8. State classification of kitchen equipment and give two example in each case (3mks)
  9. Give the principle used in bottling of fruit juices (2mks)
  10. Highlight two uses of a colander as a kitchen equipment (2mks)
  11. Name four types of fuel used when ironing clothes (2mk)
  12. Why is synthetic filament commonly used to make brushes for scrubbing the toilet (2mks)
  13. State three ways of minimizing wastage of detergent during washing (3mks)
  14. Give other names of the following nutrients (2mks)
    Vitamin E……………………………………………………..
    Vitamin B2……………………………………………………………………………….
    Vitamin B12……………………………………………………………………………
    Vitamin C…………………………………………………….
  15. List two permanent stiches used to neaten open seam (2mks)
  16. Give two qualities of a good baby bed. 2mrks
  17. Name three ways in which ignorance may lead to malnutrition (3mks)
  18. Define the term fuel as used in seams (1mk)
  19. State two characteristics expected of a first Aider (2mks) 


  1. Analyse how to carry out the following activities at home during the holidays.
    1. Describe how to clean your school synthetic bag (10mks)
    2. Describe how you will arrange flowers during your birthday party (10mks)


  1. Answer any two questions from this section
    1. State four signs of a child suffering from Kwashiorkor (4mks) 
    2. Explain four points to consider when buying a washing machine (8mks)
    3. Explain how the following  measurements are taken in a garment construction (3mks
      1. Hip
      2. Waist
      3. Bust
    4. State five reasons that has made convenience food quite popular today in the market (5mks)
    1. State four ways of coping with inflation in today’s society (4mks)
    2. Explain four precautions to take when handling yeast mixtures (8mks)
    3. State six roles of a swing needle machine apart from straight stitch (6mks)
    4. State two qualities to look for when buying a toy for a six month old baby (2mks)
    1. State five determinants of safe parenthood (5mks)
    2. Differentiate between persuasive and competitive advertisement (4mks)
    3. Explain four methods used in flour mixtures to introduce the raising agents (8mks)
    4. State six possible causes of a machine needle breaking during stitching (3mks)


    • They are durable
    • They are attractive due to natural wood grain and colours
    • They can be given an easy care finish
    • They add warmth to the room
    • To kill flies and maggots
    • To reduce bad smell
    • Whole meal flour
    • White / plain flour
    • Germ flour
    • Self-raising flour
    • Starch reduced flour
    • To ensure baking at the right temperature
    • To facilitate correct timing required for baking
    • To obtain even rising and cooking
    • Tissue holders
    • Curtain 
    • Toilet covers/ cistern covers
    • Parents know their status so as to take care of themselves
    • In case a  mother is HIV positive she is given the ARV’s to prevent transmission to the child
    • ARV’s are administered on child during delivery to prevent transmission
  7. This is cleanliness of surfaces and equipment in the kitchen and proper disposal of reuse
    • Small e.g. spoon, knives
    • Large e.g. cooker refrigerator
    • Time and labour saving e.g. micro wave blender
    • Heating to kill micro-organism
    • Removing of air to prevent development of bacteria
    • To drain  food
    • Steaming food
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Kerosene
    • charcoal
    • Do not absorb odor
    • They dry quickly
    • They are strong and resilient
    • Use sufficient amount of water for the washing
    • Use just enough detergent
    • Start with less soiled clothes
    • Avoid leaving bar soap in the water during washing
  14. Vitamin E – tocopherols ( ½ )
    Vitamin B2 -  Riboflavin ( ½)
    Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin ( ½ )
    Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid ( ½ )
  15. Overlock
    • Be kept off the ground  floor so that it does not become damp
    • Have bars that are close together to ensure the baby’s head is not caught in between  the bars and the baby cannot fall off .
    • Be protected from insects and small animal
    • Strongly joined and firm
    • Wrong combinations resulting from ignorance on nutrients found in different food
    • Loss of nutrient during food preparation, cooking and storage due to poor handling
    • People ;selling foods to buy less nutritive foods for example selling eggs and milk to bread
  18. Enclosed raw edges through making / working of a seam e.g. in French in seam
    • Be calm when handling causality
    • Be able to calm the causality
    • Be quick to  make decision on the best way to help
      • Collect all ½  the equipment and material needed. Remove items ½  remove loose dirt ½  by wiping with a dry ½  cloth½  /shaking
      • Clean½   using a cloth½  / sponge wrung from warm ½  soapy½   water and clean both inside½   and out side½  
      • Rinse½   using clean warm½   water
      • Finally rinse½   the bag cold½   water to freshen
      • Drip dry½   from the wrong side½  outside under shade½   with opening½   facing downwards½   and well secured½   store approximately½  
      • Collect equipment½  and materials
      • Cut fresh½   flowers
      • Protect the½   working surface
      • Trim½   to remove leaves
      • Cut slanting½   the stem with a sharp knife½  
      • Place a wire mesh½   in the vase
      • Arrange½   flowers in the vase½   appropriately½
      • Start½   with the tallest½   followed by the shorter½  
      • Add water½   then check½   for suitable arrangement½  
      • Avoid overcrowding½  
      • Trim½   to adjust½  
      • Clear the working area ½  
      • Clean the equipment ½  and store
      • Oedema/ swelling of stomach face, hands and feet
      • The child is dull and inactive
      • Skin is pale
      • Hair is scanty, silky, brown and thin
      • Child becomes anaemic
      • Buy the best quality out of the money one has / cost to be within the financial means of the buyers
      • Should made of the rust proof material not to stain clothes
      • Buy from reputable dealer able provide  services and spare parts when need arise
      • Adequate space for storage and operating in
      • Size .should correspond to the washing
      • Easy to operate so to be simple
      • Hips : Is taken around the fullest part of the hips, located 15 to 18 cm below the waistline
      • Waist : It’s taken around the natural waistline
      • Bust : Is taken around the fullest part of the burst with addition of 2.5 – 3.5 cm for ease
      • Some convenience foods are cheap and therefore affordable 
      • The increased availability and accessibility of convenience foods
      • Ignorance by  consumers on  nutritional value of food
      • Change of  lifestyle where consumer are moving from traditional lifestyle to western kind life
      • Due to increased technology  variety of foods are available and produced 
      • Consumer are too busy with life to concentrate of food preparation
      • Inadequate time to prepare and cook food / busy schedules
      • Buying food in season
      • Using cheaper substitutes
      • Doing comparative shopping
      • Priorities needs /  buy necessities only
      • Look for other ways of generating income / engage in income generating activates
      • Avoid adding too much fat it sows yeast action
      • Weigh sugar accurately, too much sugar retards yeast action
      • Do not prolong proving periods too much acid and fermentation will occur making the product to have unpleasant taste
      • Allow adequate proving time to prevent poor rising
      • Knead the dough thoroughly to distribute yeast cells evenly
      • The liquid should be Luke warm, hot liquid will kill the yeast and cold liquid will slow down the yeast action
      • Do not add salt directly to the yeast, it will  kill it
      • Making buttonholes
      • Attaching buttons
      • Embroidery
      • Blind hemming
      • Finishing edges e,g. Overlock
      • Darning
      • Piping
      • Ruffling
      • Firmly constructed for the child not to dismantle
      • Not poisonous/ painted not to harm the child
      • Big in size for the child not to swallow
      • Smooth to avoid hurting the  child
      • Does not break easily or chip
      • Appropriate in weight for comfort
      • Should be easy to clean
      • A should be attractive
      • Meeting the nutritional needs of the mother
      • Social preparation of the expectant mother
      • Psychological preparation of the expectant mother 
      • Voluntary counselling and testing of  HIV of the parent
      • Correct age
      • Persuasive the advertisement seeks the product is better than similar brands by outlining  qualities of a product in order to conceive the product is of high quality
      • Competitive is beyond persuading where the advertiser is promoting a [product against a similar one by outlining the weakness of the competitors brand
      • Mechanical Methods : Air is introduced in the flour mixtures through sieving, rubbing and creaming
      • Physical Methods: The water in the mixture reaches boiling point, it produces steams which forces its way up the mixture making the food set and raise
      • Chemical Methods : Chemicals e.g. baking powder when introduced to the flour mixture carbon (iv) oxide is produced raising the dough
      • Biological Methods : When yeast is kept under favorable conditions in the flour mixture it produced carbon (iv) oxide through fermentation process
      • Machining over pins
      • Needle is bent
      • Machinery close to zip teeth
      • Needle too fine for the work
      • Fabric too thick for the needle 
      • Straight stitch foot used for zigzag stitching
      • When the presser foot is loose and the needle hits it
      • Needle not firmly fixed in place
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