English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Lanjet Joint Mock Exams 2023

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Instructions to students

  • Answer all questions 
  • Students must answer all questions in English
  1. Creative composition
    1. Write a composition beginning:
      It seemed like a very ordinary day. In fact, I assumed it would be uneventful. But how wrong I was…
    2. Write a story to illustrate the saying:
      Every cloud has a silver lining.
  2. The compulsory Set Text
    Henry Ole Kulet: Blossoms of the Savannah
    In life, one needs to be firm and purposeful in order to succeed. With reference to the life of Resian, write an essay in support of this statement drawing your illustrations from Blossoms of the Savannah.
  3. Optional Set Texts
    Answer any one of the following three questions.
    1. The Short Story
      Godwin Shiundu (Ed): A Silent Song and other Stories
      Drawing illustrations from Leonard Kaberia’s A Silent Song prove that our actions have more impact than what we say.
    2. Drama
      David Mulwa: Inheritance
      The people in leadership determine the nation’s success or failure. Drawing your illustrations from Inheritance discuss the above statement.
    3. The novel
      Kazuo Ishiguro: An Artist of the Floating World
      With illustrations from An Artist of the Floating World, show why Ono is so upset by his grandson’s pretend games and how this proves that there is a generational gap.

                                                                           MARKING SCHEME

  1. Imaginative composition. (20 marks)
    1. Write a composition beginning;
      • It seemed like a very ordinary day, in fact, I assumed it would be uneventful. But how wrong I was.
      • Must be a narrative
      • There must be distinct clarity in contrast of what happened verses the expectations
    2. Write a story to illustrate the saying;
      "Every cloud has a silver lining."
      • Must not define the proverb
      • Should discuss a situation which was bad but had some hope in it.
  2. Compulsory Set Text (20 marks)
    H. R. Ole Kulet
    In life, one needs to be firm and purposeful in order to succeed. With reference to the life of Resian, write an essay in support of this statement drawing your illustrations from Blossoms of the Savannah.
    Many people have defied challenges and life shortcomings to achieve what they set out for. Self drive and unwavering resolve are key to personal advancement in life. Resian, is an embodiment of these qualities as demonstrated below.

    Accept any other good introduction. Do not award marks for introduction that copy paste the question or part of it.

    The candidate should not define terms.
    • Resian stands firm against female genital mutilation, and finally escapes even after an attempt by the brutes Olarinkoi and Oloisudori.
    • Resian fights Oloisudori and her father against early marriage, and she succeeds, and finally goes to university.
    • Olarinkoi dupes Resian with an intention to make her his wife. She fights him physically, and escapes from his house.
    • Resian, unlike Taiyo, stands firm against training on traditional dance . She wonders whether thier father would have hired a girl to train them on the same if they were boys. By this action, she refuses to embrace those cultural practices she considers mundane and male centered to dominate females.
    • Resian has her eyes set on joining university to study veterinary medicine from early age. She is so focused on achieving this that she tells her father that comes what may, she has to go to the university. She also intimates to Taiyo that she wants to study to become Dr. Resian Kaelo. Moreover, when escaping from Olarinkoi, she mocks him that he will be ashamed to see what he attempted to destroy. She finally becomes what she wanted.
    • For one to succeed, firm resolute decisions must be embraced whether hurting for the present or not. Resian epitomizes resolve as key to success.
      Accept any other plausible conclusion.
    1. Short story.
      Humanity is premised on love for one another. When we fail to show love and compassion to the less privileged in society, we act more or less like beasts. On the other hand building a united caring society needs our deliberate, conscious efforts to reach out to those in need.
      • Ezekiel fails to provide proper habitation for his own brother. He is sick and lives in a flea infested hut. The pavement in town may have been better.
      • Though the brother is a preacher, and we expect better from him, he fails to take Mbane to hospital for treatment. His wife, however,tries by giving Mbane some medicine.
      • The gay pedestrians could pass by talking of bright weather, lovely morning....they would sing to the blue sky, whistle to the gay morning as their footsteps sang their way down the pavement and this would taunt him. They offered nothing in spite of his condition.
      • Some gay people, however, would answer to his pleas( give him money)
      • Those working around, though seeing , had an indifferent attitude. They were never touched. Thieves, too, stole from him.
      • " Good men who thronged the brothels were not good enough to him. Moreover, they cursed.
      • Christians who sang praises and hallelujah noticed him but did not care. In fact they considered him an abled bodied person only crippled more everyday by the idleness of of leasurely begging. They failed to show true Christ's love.
      • From the above illustrations it's obvious that omission is a sin just as commission.
        We should show love through our actions.
    2. Drama
      Many nations have become failed states due to bad leadership. Before their total failure, chaotic scenes, loss of life and destruction of property have preceded their fall. Such is the situation in Kutula Republic as demonstrated below.
      1. Lacuna Kasoo decrees farming policies that cause uprising amongst people, he sanctions Chipande as the only coffee farmer.
      2. Lacuna hires his cronies, tribesmen and clan members only. This escalates people's revolt.
      3. Inefficiency is rampant in government as those employed are not necessarily qualified for those positions.
      4. Thorn macay runs down Kutula colony through high handedness. People egitate for freedom as seen through their king, King Kutula XV, " your people will continue to die."
      5. .Leaders look down upon the people, for example, Chipande says of the attendant,"that how we put them in their place," meaning social and economic subjugation.
        From the illustrations above, it is clear that poor leadership brings nations down.

        Artist of the Floating World
        Ichiro enjoys pretending to be a cowboy, specifically the Lone Ranger. While doing so, he pretends to speak English to himself.

        Ono catches him playing this game, and is disturbed when he finds out that Ichiro likes to pretend to be an iconic American figure rather than a Japanese one.

        His seeming overreaction occurs because he feels stifled by the American military occupation in Japan, and, to an even greater extent, by the American cultural influence at play in his country.

        Younger people, including Ichiro's parents, are completely accepting of American influence and even see it as a positive cultural factor.

        Therefore, when he sees his grandson pretending to be a cowboy, Ono fears that his children's generation is corrupting his grandson's generation, reinforcing their own Westernized values and implicitly rejecting Ono's own values.
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