English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Achievers Joint Mock Exams 2023

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Instructions to candidates

  • Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words.
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English.


    1. Write a story ending with the following words. (20 Marks)
      ...................... when I look back at the events of that day, I thank God that I am still alive
    2. Write a composition to illustrate the saying
      “Honesty is the best policy.” (20 Marks)
  2. Compulsory Set Text (20marks)
    Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R. Ole Kulet
    “Women empowerment is something that can be best achieved by women themselves.” Write an essay that examines the role of women in their own liberation basing your arguments on the novel.
    1. A silent song and other stories, (20 marks)
      People with admirable traits stand out. Basing your illustrations on Vrenika Pather’S Ninema,write an essay to validate this assertion.
    2.  “Inheritance” by David Mulwa. (20 marks)
      Ordinary citizens are the ones who bear the blunt of poor leadership. Write an essay showing the truth of this statement while closely referring to the events in ‘inheritance’ by David Mulwa.
    3.  An artist of the floating world by Ishiguru.20marks.
      Discuss the use of Noriko’s marriage negotiation as a means to drive this novel’s plot forward while revealing Ono’s past.



  • Points of interpretation
  • Must be a story if not deduct AD 4 marks
  • Must end with the given words if not deduct (2mks)
  • The story must demonstrate a situation where the events that took place made the narrator to struggle for survival.
  • Deduct marks 2 AD if story exceeds two pages (NB) check on the font.
  • Must be a story if not deduct 4 marks
  • The story must be relevant to the saying if not relevant deduct upto 4 mks.

2. Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R. Ole Kulet (20 marks)
“Women empowerment is something that can be best achieved by women themselves.” Write an essay that examines the role of women in their own liberation basing your arguments on the novel.

  • In the Olarinkoi legend, the women decided to circumcise themselves to curtail excessive sexual urge that led to their being sexually abused. The likes of Minik en Nkoitoi, Resian and Taiyo are the ones to bring it to an end.
  • It is Resian who fights off rape by biting Olarinkoi’s thumb.
  • It is Nabaru, a woman, who plans and executes Resian’s escape from a trap in Olarinkoi’s house.
  • t is the educated women like Minik who find old practices of F.G.M and forced marriages repugnant and are rescuing girls from them.
  • Minik is ready to empower Resian and Taiyo further by enrolling them at Egerton University. They look to a future that is economically stable that their father failed to give them.
    And any other relevant point with illustrations.
  • Conclusion: Men are beneficiaries of the status quo- customary practices that oppress women- and cannot liberate them.


  1. A silent song and other stories
    • Introduction2marks
    • Ninema is industrious. She rises early at 4:oo AM to reap her herbs from her garden .she has green finger and her crops are healthy. To earn a living ,she has a business that makes good profit.
    • Ninema is resilient. She is a tough girl as old boots. She faces many challenges and wins.
    • Ninema is focused. She does not pay heed to the trifles when people admire her for her physical beauty.
    • Ninema is good natured and she treats her customers well. She is wise enough to provide genial customer service.
    • Ninema is prudent .she is a poor girl living a modest lifestyle but she has big plans.
      And any other relevant point
      Conclusion 2marks

      Expect four points 3;3;3;3
      Introduction 2 marks
      Conclusion 2 marks
      Language 4 marks
  2. Inheritance By David Mulwa
    • Consider points based on the governor’s behavior eg. Whipping the natives which is dehumanizing to them, exploitation of their resources eg. Minerals, natives living in servitude ( prologue).
    • Lacuna is nepotistic - he sacks all employees and employs those from his tribe when he is confronted with protests and rebels against his leadership
    • Displacement - He orders the removal of inhabitants of the valley so that the foreigners would occupy it. He orders the killing of deserters (pg 91 )
    • Lacuna is inefficient ( mis-management of public resources eg. Banking abroad, buying a personal plane.)
    • He detains Lulu against her will at the palace, wants to rape her
    • He gives all services for free to the Kutula people to endear himself. He wastes a lot of money in subsidiary and offering of free health, infrastructure, free health etc (pg 73)
    • Chipande uses his influence as a councilor to buy Tamina’s land cheaply.
    • Those in power use their position to kick Judah Zen Melo out of his work.
    • Women and children are forced to eat bones, entrails and backbone as the elders eat delicacies.
      NB Accept any other relevant point.
      Expect four points 3;3;3
      Introduction 2 marks
      Conclusion 2 marks
      Language 4 marks
    • Introduction
    • Nariko marries through a tradition arranged marriage, even while japan goes through a period of rapid economic growth and westernation.
    • The negotiations ,are useful way to show how japan has remained familiar to Ono in certain ways while transforming with the overwhelming speed in others.
    • Engagements ,marriages and the subsequent starting of a household and family are a familiar and fairly linear pattern, which makes this sequence useful as the book’s main plotline.
    • While Ono’s tumultuous past appears in bits and pieces ,this marriage help one to familiarize with Japanese norms and traditions surrounding marriage.
    • The negotiation nesseciates interviews with people from Ono’s past so that even as if moves forward it helps cast the novel backward.
    • When Ono visits kuroda and Matsuda ,the plot can seamlessly transition into conversations about and descriptions of his younger days.
    • Conclusion 2marks
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