Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Nginda Girls Mock Examination 2023

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  • This paper consists of THREE sections; A, B and C.
  • Answer ALL the questions in section A and B and any TWO questions from section C in the spaces provided.
  • Answers MUST be written in the spaces provided
  • Answer the questions in English.


Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. Define the term Malnutrition (1mk)
  2. Give three reasons for blanching vegetables. (3mks)
  3. State two characteristics of a well made inseam pocket. (2mks)
  4. Mention two nutritional diseases that are common among teenagers. (1mk)
  5. State two methods of cake making. (2mks)
  6. Give two reasons for starching cotton. (2mks)
  7. Mention two factors that determine the efficiency of laundry detergent (2mks)
  8. State three factors that determine safe parenthood. (3mks)
  9. State two points to consider when cutting buttonholes (2mks)
  10. List four diseases that are in the immunization schedule. (2mks)
  11. Complete the table below on primary and secondary colours. (3mks)
    s/n Primary colours Secondary colours 
    1. ……………………. + Red ………………………………….
    2. …………………….. + …………………….. Green
    3. Blue + ……………………….. ……………………………………
  12. Mention two ways of achieving mechanical ventilation in a house. (1mk)
  13. List two methods of lighting in a home. (1mk)
  14. Mention two rights of a consumer. (2mks)
  15. List two examples of conspicuous seams. (1mk)
  16. State three qualities of a well-made stitch. (3mks)
  17. Mention the three layers that make a pleat. (11/2mks)
  18. Name a biological raising agent in flour mixtures. (1/2mk)
  19. State three physical needs of the sick at home (3mks)
  20. Differentiate between pressing and ironing (2mks)
  21. State two reasons why meals should be planned (2mks)


  1. You have gone to visit your grandmother over the half-term break.
    Describe the procedure you would follow to:-
    1. Launder her loose coloured cotton kitenge dress (7mks)
    2. Clean her polished bedroom floor. (7mks)
    3. Daily clean her hurricane lamp. (6mks)

Answer any TWO questions from this section.

    1. Explain four disadvantages of open drainage system (8mks)
    2. Discuss any three danger signs of pregnancy (6mks) c) Explain three activities to undertake before carrying out a family wash (6mks)
    1. Discuss four ways of introducing air into flour mixtures mechanicaly (8mks)
    2. Explain three functions of the counterfeit section in Kenya Bureau of Standards (6mks)
    3. Discuss three qualities to look for when buying a saucepan to use (6mks)
    1. Explain four points to consider when choosing a toothbrush (8mks)
    2. Explain three precautionary measures to take when handling leftover foods (6mks)
    3. Sketch and explain any three pattern symbols likely to be found at the front bodice pattern of a blouse (6mks)



  1. Definitions pf the terms
    1. malnutrition
      • Excessive or inadequate intake of a certain nutrient 1x1 =1mks
  2. Reasons for blanching vegetables
    • to retain the appearance
    • to retain nutrients
    • make enzymes inactive thus preventing them from getting spoiled any 3x1 =3mks
  3. Qualities of a well-made inseam pocket
    • The pocket mouth is well reinforced
    • the pockets seam allowance is well neatened
    • the pocket bag faces the right direction any 2x1=2mks
  4. Nutritional diseases common I teenagers
    • bulimia
    • anorexia nervosa any 2x1/2=1mks
  5. methods of cake making
    • creaming method where fat and sugar are creamed together
    • Rubbing in method where flour and fat are rubbed together any 2x1=2mks
  6. Reasons for starching cotton
    • to make it stiff
    • make it smooth and glossy making it dirt resistant any 2x1=2mks
  7. Factors that determine the efficiency of a detergent
    • The temperature of water used that is whether hot,warm or cold
    • The type of water used that is soft or hard
    • time taken when washing the garment
    • mechanical action applied on the garment the is friction, light rubbing or kneading and squeezing. any2x1=2mks
  8.  Factors that determine safe parenthood
    • correct age of the parents
    • psychological preparation of the mother
    • meeting the nutritional needs of the mother
    • social preparation
    • voluntary counselling and testing of the expectant mother any 3x1=3mks
  9. Points to consider when cutting out buttonhole
    • cut on straight grain of fabric
    • cut in the direction of the strain of the fastening
    • the length of the buttonhole should be equal to the diameter of the button plus 3mm
      any 2x1=2mks
  10. Diseases in the immunization schedule
    • tuberculosis
    • measles
    • poliomyelitis
    • whooping cough
    • Hepatitis B any 4x1/2=2mks
    1. yellow + orange = orange
    2. Blue +yellow = green
    3. Blue +red = violet/purple any 3x1=3mks
  12. Mechanical ventilation in a house
    • use of air fans
    • use of air conditioners any 2x1/2=1mks
  13. Methods of lighting a house
    • natural
    • artificial any 2x1/2 = 1mk
  14. Rights of a consumer
    • right to be heard
    • right for compensation
    • right to safety
    • right to receive correct information any 2x1=2mks
  15. Conspicuous seams
    • overlaid seam
    • double stitched/machine fell seam any 2x1/2=1mk
  16. Qualities of a well-made stitch
    • strengthened at the beginning and at the end
    • evenly distributed foe neatness
    • stitching line is straight
    • firmly stitched to last long any 3x1=3mks
  17. Layers of a pleat
    • underfold
    • base
    • surface any 1x11/2=11/2mks
  18. Biological agent
    • yeast any 1x1/2=1/2mks
  19. Physical needs of the sick at home
    • well groomed to least confidence
    • kept clean all the time to avoid re-infections
    • dressed in clean clothes
    • the beddings should be changed daily, kept dry and disinfected any 3x1=3mks
  20. Difference between ironing and pressing
    • Ironing is moving of a hot or warm iron until creases are removed while pressing is placing of a warm iron on a portio ,lifting and placing on another portion until the whole article is smooth any 1x2=2mks
  21. Reasons for planning a meal
    • to ensure meals are within the food budget
    • provide variety
    • provide a balanced meal
    • provide nutritional needs of special groups
    • to ensure adequate meals any 2x1=2mks


    1. Laundering loose coloured kitenge dress
      • collect equipment and materials required ½
      • do not soak to avoid further loss of colour ½
      • wash ½ quickly ½ in warm soapy water using kneading and squeezing ½ method
      • rinse½ thoroughly using warm ½ clean water to remove soap and dirt
      • final rinse in cold water into which ½salt has been added to fix colour½
      • squeeze out as much½ water as possible
      • dry under a shade½well secured with pegs.
      • iron with a warm iron½ while slightly damp.
      • air to dry completely½
      • fold and store appropriately½
      • clean equipment used ,dry and store appropriately½ any 14x½ =7mks
    2. Cleaning a polished wooden bedroom floor
      • collect equipment and materials required½
      • close½ the windows to prevent dust from being blown about by wind½
      • sweep½ and dispose ½the dirt appropriately
      • wipe½ the floor using a floor½ cloth wrung out of warm½ soapy water ,a section ½at a time overlapping the sections½.
      • rinse½ thoroughly with a cloth wrung out of warm clean water.
      • Final rinse with a cloth wrung out of cold clean water to freshen½
      • Dry½ the floor completely with a clean dry floor cloth
      • apply wood polish½ sparingly
      • allow polish to set½.
      • buff to shine½
      • clean equipment used,dry and store appropriately ½ any 14x1/2=7mks
    3. Daily cleaning of a hurricane lamp
      • collect equipment and materials required to save on time and energy½
      • protect½ the working surface with old newspapers to avoid dirtifying ½it
      • remove the glass½ chimney and wipe ½gently with a tissue paper/soft cloth starting from inside to outside½
      • wipe the inside and outside of the metal ½chimney to remove soot ½using a soft cloth
      • Trim½ the wick if necessary
      • wipe the burner½ and other metal parts using a piece of cloth
      • refill oil tank about 2/3 and wipe½
      • replace ½the glass and keep the lamp ready for use
      • clean equipment used, dry and store appropriately½. Any 12x1/2=6mks


    1. Disadvantages of an open drainage system
      • they pose danger since people can fall into them and get hurt,during heavy rains they can get flooded and people can easily drown especially small children
      • open drains which are not cemented cause soil erosion because the edges continue to wear out.
      • They can become breeding ground for pests especially mosquitoes as they breed in wet areas
      • They can be unsightly and smelly it they are not cleaned constantly. any 4x2 =8mks
    2. Danger signs of pregnancy
      • high blood pressure threatens the life of the mother and the foetus .It can lead to miscarriage
      • Appearance of the amniotic fluid before due date of delivery could be a sign of threatened miscarriage
      • Excessive vomiting that goes beyond four months denies the expectant mother nourishment for her health and that of the baby.It makes the mother unhealthy and the foetus to be physicaaly and mentally retarded.
      • oedema that spreads to the face and hands is a sign of poor blood circulation or presence of bacterial toxins I the blood. any 3x2=6mks
    3. Activities done in preparation of a family wash
      • sorting of clothes and household articles according to degree of soiling, colour and fibre content
      • repairing of any torn clothes, loose buttons and zips so as to avoid further damage
      • shake to remove loose dirt
      • collecting all equipment and materials required to save on time, energy, avoid rush and confusion.
      • emptying the pockets to avoid damage of important documents like receipts/being hurt by sharp objects like razor blades any 3x2=6mks
    1. mechanical ways of introducing air into flour mixtures
      • Sieving flour entraps air into the mixture
      • Rubbing in of fat to flour incorporates air into the mixture as the fingertips are used to rub fat lifting the flour above the bowl.
      • creaming of fat and sugar beaten together to break sugar and mix fat thus cooperating air which makes them light and creamy.
      • Beating of batters introduces air bubbles into the mixture held in by the egg white (albumin) which is capable of entrapping air.
      • during whisking of eggs and sugar the eggs entrap and hold air in the mixture
        any 4x2=8mks
    2. Functions of the counterfeit issues section in Kenya bureau of standards
      • Co-ordinates to fight against the sale of counterfeits in the market
      • Responds to alerts, complains and reports on the counterfeits products that may be in the market
      • Liaising with the government bodies such as weights and measures department to fight against counterfeits.
      • investigates sources of counterfeits carrying out raids and inspecting any suspected sources.
        any 3x2=6mks
    3. Qualities of a saucepan
      • The base of the pan should be thick enough to allow distribution of heat so that food does not burn
      • The handle should be firmly fixed on to the pan to last long
      • Should be made of rustless material to prevent rusting and food contamination
      • The handle should be a poor conductor of heat so as to avoid burns
      • The size should correspond to the purpose its meant for for convenience when using
      • The base should fit on to the burner to avoid loss of heat thus saving on fuel any
        any 3x2=6mks
    1. Qualities to look for in a toothbrush
      • bristles should not be soft or too hard to avoid injuring the gums
      • the handle should be of convenient length for ease when using
      • the shape of the brush should be one that facilitates cleaning all the teeth on the outside, inside and between.
      • the price should be reasonable according to the quality of the brush any3x2=6mks
    2. Precautionary measures to observe when handling leftover foods
      • do not keep the food for too long to prevent it from going bad
      • the food should be stored in clean covered containers to prevent contamination of bacteria and dust.
      • the food should be cooled as quickly as possible then stored in conditions that do not favour the multiplication of micro-organisms.
      • the food to be stored should not show any signs of going bad or have a foul smell. any 4x2=8mks
    3. Pattern symbols and their meaning
      • Stitching line --------------------------------- this is the position where stitching is done
      • Cutting line - this is where the fabric is cutting from before construction is done
      • Seam allowance - this is the space between the stitching lie and the cutting line
      • Dart- this is where the garment fullness is controlled from
        Any 3x2=6mks (well drawn and labeled symbols with a pencil)
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