Art and Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Lainaku II Joint Mock Examination 2023

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  • This paper contains two alternatives A and B. Each alternative has two options.
  • Choose only one equation from the alternatives.
  • This paper will be given to you ONE HOUR before the start of the examination to enable you make your choice from the alternatives.
  • During this one hour you are to make sketches on A4 papers provided to make a choice, in the examination room
  • You are reminded that emphasis should be laid on quality of imagination rather than the literal interpretation of the question.
  • The use of geometrical instruments and tracing paper is forbidden in alternative A but is allowed in alternative B.
  • The use of computers, coloured pencils, crayons, luminous pens or marker pens is not allowed in any alternative
  • This paper is marked out of 100 marks



    Create a close up composition of a woman winnowing grains,
    The composition should be within an area of 35 cm x 42 cm.
    Create a composition from imagination depicting a wedding ceremony.
    Thee composition should be in an area measuring 35 cmx 42 cm.

You are instructed that the use of rulers and other mechanical devices as well as tracing paper is allowed. The colour of the working surface (paper) will not be considered as one of the colours required in any question.


  1. A new company “MAZIWA” want to introduce a new product in the market called “banana milk”. Design a package for the milk flavor in four colours in an area measuring 25 cm x 15 cm.
    It should include;
    1. An appropriate slogan
    2. An appropriate illustration
  2. A new hotel in town ‘PARADISE HOTEL’ wants to advertise their services to the public. Design a brochure in four colours in an area measuring 30 cm x 15 cm.
    The design should include;
    1. An illustration
    2. Different services offered
    3. The address of the hotel
    4. The front and back of the brochure.


  1. Interpretation
    1. Theme and subject matter                                4
    2. Dimensions                                                       4
    3. Appropriate format                                            4
    4. Mood                                                                 6
  2. Creativity
    1. Originality/Imagination                                      10
  3. Composition
    1. Use of given space                                            4
    2. Suitability of form to format                                4
  4. Form/structure
    1. Definition of forms                                             10
    2. Textural and tonal effects                                   5
    3. Appropriateness of forms                                   4
    4. Proportion                                                           4
    5. Dominance                                                         4
    6. Rhythm and movement                                      4
  5. Colour/Tone
    1. Appropriate colour                                              4
    2. Rendition of value                                               5
    3. Harmony/contrast                                                5
  6. Craftsmanship
    1. Competence in handling media 12
    2. Precision and Neatness 6
                                                                 TOTAL   100 marks
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